NAO claims UK missed out on £160m in 4G spectrum auction

Will LTE deliver?

The UK National Audit Office (NAO) has claimed that the country missed out on an extra £160m in revenue by reserving spectrum during the 4G spectrum auction in February last year.

Spectrum sharing could threaten operator investment says GSMA

Tom Phillips, chief regulatory officer at the GSMA

Telecoms trade body the GSMA has warned that government efforts to share spectrum usage should “complement but in no way replace” the need for exclusive access spectrum when provisioning mobile broadband services. The body issued a report that assesses two potential licensed shared access scenarios; the first being the release of 50MHz in the 2.3GHz band from 2020 in the EU and the second regarding the release of 100MHz in the 3.5GHz band from 2016 in the US.

Vodafone meets Ofcom coverage obligation

Vodafone has now met Ofcom's 3G coverage requirements

After outing mobile operator Vodafone as the only UK operator to have failed to meet telecoms regulator Ofcom’s 3G coverage obligation last year, the regulator has confirmed that Vodafone has now met its requirements.

O2 updates contract terms to sidestep Ofcom ruling

O2 has altered the terms and conditions of its monthly contracts to sidestep rules introduced by regulator Ofcom last week

UK operator O2 has altered the terms and conditions of its subscriber contracts to sidestep rules introduced by regulator Ofcom last week. The regulator had announced that UK consumers and small businesses would be allowed to leave their mobile operator without paying a penalty fee if their service provider increased its prices mid-contract.

UK subscribers allowed to switch without penalty fees

Under Ofcom's new rules, UK consumers and SMBs will be allowed to exit their contracts without paying a penalty if their service provider increases its prices

UK consumers and small businesses will be allowed to exit their mobile, landline and broadband contracts without paying a penalty fee if their service provider increases its prices mid-contract.

UK spectrum crunch likely to lead to “contentious” solutions

O2 will launch LTE services at the end of August 2013

The UK is heading will face a serious spectrum shortage by the end of the decade if 300MHz of cellular spectrum and 350MHz of wifi spectrum are not made available. The warning came this week from Real Wireless, a consultancy that worked with UK regulator Ofcom on this year’s LTE spectrum auctions.

Vodafone fails to meet UK 3G coverage obligation

Vodafone has failed to meet its 90 per cent 3G coverage obligation by 1.4 per cent

UK telecoms regulator Ofcom has said that Vodafone is the nation’s only mobile operator to have failed to meet its 3G coverage obligation. Vodafone has fallen 1.4 per cent short of the 90 per cent coverage requirement.

Google, BT and Microsoft sign up to Ofcom white space trials

Ofcom is carrying out white space trials with the support of companies including BT and Microsoft

UK regulator Ofcom has announced that a group of technology firms, including Google, BT and Microsoft, are taking part in Europe’s first major pilot of white space technology. The regulator said that the UK will be among the first countries in the world to road-test the technology, which could help support the next wave of wireless innovation.

Ofcom appoints UK Broadband CTO as director of spectrum

Philip Marnick has been appointed Ofcom's group director in charge of spectrum

UK telecoms regulator Ofcom has announced the appointment of Philip Marnick as its group director in charge of spectrum. Marnick currently holds the position of CTO at wireless service provider UK Broadband and will move to Ofcom in November. He has 27 years experience in the wireless communications industry, having previously held senior roles at O2, BT, Orange, Softbank Mobile and Nuance.

Ofcom approves 2G and 3G spectrum refarming

Ofcom has granted permission to the UK’s mobile operators to use their existing 2G and 3G radio spectrum for 4G services

The UK’s mobile operators have been granted permission to redeploy their existing 2G and 3G radio spectrum for 4G services.

UK broadband project running two years behind schedule

The NAO believes the rollout  of super fast networks will be completed 22 months later than planned.

The UK government’s attempt to roll out “superfast” broadband across the nation is running two years behind schedule, according to the National Audit Office. The government has pledged to provide super-fast speeds, primarily through the deployment of fibre networks to 90 cent of premises in each area of the UK by May 2015. However, the NAO believes the rollout will be completed 22 months later than planned.

UK nears broadband competition milestone

Copper remains dominant in the UK's broadband network

The UK has passed 9 million unbundled broadband lines, according to new figures from watchdog Ofcom.

Orange tops UK’s broadband complaints

Orange continued to disappoint its broadband subs in Q4

The UK’s communications regulator Ofcom has revealed the telcos with the worst customer experience ratings in the country, with Orange generating the most complaints for broadband in the fourth quarter of 2012 and BT receiving the most pay-TV complaints.

Brits zip along at 12Mbps


Average fixed broadband speeds in the UK are now up to 12 Mbps, compared to 9 Mbps in May 2012, according to new figures from communications regulator Ofcom.

Ofcom considers bill shock legislation

Ofcom has pledged to work with operators to reduce bill shock

Following its review into the causes of bill shock, UK regulator Ofcom has set out an action plan to tackle the problem. The regulator said it will work with the mobile industry on a series of measures to address the main issues identified by the review and if these do not sufficiently reduce damage caused to consumers, Ofcom warned it would consider mandatory options to tackle the problem.

The UK 4G auction: What the industry is saying


The UK’s four mobile network operators have secured 4G spectrum, along with BT subsidiary Niche Spectrum Ventures.However, much of the discussion following regulator Ofcom’s announcement was around the revenue generated for the public purse. Just £2.34bn was raised; Chancellor George Osborne had hoped to secure £3.5bn from the auction.

Operators still not protecting customers from bill shock

Operators worldwide are not doing enough to protect their customers from bill shock

Mobile operators worldwide are still not doing enough to protect customers from bill shock, despite initiatives by trade association the GSMA and national regulators such as Ofcom in the UK and ACMA in Australia to promote transparency in roaming charges. The majority of mobile operators worldwide (62 per cent) have not yet implemented any form of bill-shock prevention, according to research conducted by cloud-based managed communication services provider Mach.

Two-thirds in favour of greater MNO consolidation


Almost two thirds of the industry believes that greater consolidation is needed among mobile operators, with support emerging for the concept of single network markets, according to the latest research from Telecoms.com Intelligence.

Broadband goal should be raised to 10Mb says UK regulator director

The UK's baseline broadband speed ambitions should be higher according to an Ofcom director

The baseline for the UK’s broadband universal service commitment of 2Mb is too low and should be raised to 10Mb, a director of UK regulator Ofcom has said, according to a report from V3.

Vodafone hits back at Ofcom’s price control proposal

Vodafone suggested that Ofcom's proposals could raise the cost of service to consumers

UK operator Vodafone has hit back at regulator Ofcom’s suggestion that UK telecoms operators should not be allowed to raise consumer tariffs mid-way through fixed term contracts. Vodafone said that mobile operators are sometimes forced to adjust their prices to reflect changes in charges set by other operators for services such as premium rate or directory enquiries.