Google buys satellite specialist; but for connectivity or cars?

Avonline to deliver 20 Mbps satellite broadband

Towards the end of last week, Google quietly dropped $500m on a satellite company that specialises in super high quality imaging. Now that the market has had a few days to digest the purchase, it seems the possibilities for Google are several – including connected car applications and connectivity for remote regions.

The case for rural data services and satellite backhaul


Mobile operators are now facing a plethora of challenges to maintain the high levels of profitability they are accustomed to. Issues including increased regulation, heightened competition from the traditional mobile value chain and new competitors from the Internet world are starting to seriously challenge operators.

Google satellites to reach orbit in 2013

O3B announced this week that it had secured more funding

Google-backed satellite operator O3b Networks, which stands for “the Other 3 billion”, is set to launch services in 2013 after this week securing its final round of funding. The company has raised a total of $1.2bn from a group of investors and banks.

Delivering data by air and sea

Delivering data by air and sea

During the keynotes and panel sessions on the morning of the first day of the Africa Com event in Cape Town, it became clear that non voice services hold much potential not just as a revenue generator, but also as a customer retention tool in Africa.

Heads up

The Informer keeps hearing that the worst of the recession is over. Well, in vendor-land it isn’t. There’s the terrible sound of an axe being ground at Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) HQ, and almost 6,000 more heads are on the block.

O3b appoints new chief to steer course in emerging markets

O3b is targeting "the other 3 billion"

Google-backed satellite operator O3b Networks has hired a telecoms veteran to steer it on its course to bring internet connectivity to emerging markets.

Google sets up satellite network in emerging markets

It emerged this week that web giant Google is sinking cash into a satellite operator to bring high speed, low cost internet connectivity to emerging markets. The brainchild of American entrepreneur Greg Wyler, who recently rolled out fibre networks in Rwanda with his company Terracom, O3b Networks proposes to wirelessly connect markets in Asia, Africa, [...]