Telefonica O2 UK to support national M2M network

O2 UK will provide M2M technology to connect smart meters across the UK

Telefónica’s UK operation, O2, on Wednesday struck a deal with security and smart metering firm G4S to deploy a remote management and monitoring system for a national smart meter network.

3UK calls for LTE spectrum caps

3UK Kevin Russell has called for caps in next year's spectrum auction

The UK’s smallest operator, 3UK, is urging Ofcom to impose caps on spectrum allocation below 1GHz of bandwidth in order to prevent it from being squeezed out of the market.

Sky fills out with Cloud

Sky said it would use the acquisition to support its mobile activities

Perhaps traffic offload is not the only motivation for O2 UK to roll out its own wifi network. On Thursday British broadcaster BSkyB confirmed its acquisition of the Cloud, giving the firm ownership of over 5,000 public wifi locations across the UK and one of O2’s wifi partners. While it does not operate a mobile network, Sky, in some respects is a competing service provider, especially when it comes to content.

O2 pitches free wifi to UK

O2 Wifi will extend through partnerships with strategic venues, such as restuarants

UK mobile operator O2 made a bold move on Wednesday, promising free wifi for UK users, regardless of the provider they are with.

O2 claims success from mobile ad unit

More than one million customers have signed up to the O2 More service in the first year of launch

UK mobile operator O2 said it is seeing traction for mobile marketing, with more than one million customers signing up to the O2 More service in the first year of its launch.

A healthy outlook

Keith Nurcombe, head of O2 Health

In February of this year Keith Nurcombe took the helm of Telefónica UK’s first foray into the field of medicine as head of O2 Health. He joined the telecoms industry after 18 years in the health sector, saying that he was attracted to the role by the idea of helping a mobile brand move into the health market and make health services a key operator offering.

Keeping the doctor away

It is fast becoming evident that national health services cannot deliver all the care that is needed

The subject of health is never far from the headlines both in the emerging markets, where services and infrastructure can be dangerously scarce, and in developed nations where resources are increasingly overstretched. In many countries it is a sector for which the future does not hold much promise in terms of additional funding and resources—and for many people it is fast becoming evident that national health services cannot deliver all the care that’s needed.

ZTE, NSN win European LTE deals

TeliaSonera sees price as the only differentiator to LTE deployments

Nordic carrier TeliaSonera continued to spearhead the adoption of LTE, with an announcement on Monday that the company’s Uzbekistan subsidiary, UCell, has constructed a 4G network.

Telefónica launches mobile VoIP in Europe

Telefónica launches mobile VoIP services in Europe

Spain-based carrier Telefonica has revealed plans to introduce mobile internet telephony services, following the acquisition of VoIP startup Jajah.

Tiered services are a step backward

Telekom Austria looks to LTE to divert data flood

The dominoes are beginning to tumble. The move toward tiered pricing for mobile data services started by AT&T is spreading, with the news that O2 UK is also abandoning flat-rate subscriptions in favor of tiered services, and more are bound to follow. However, in an age and an industry in which the new focus is on what customers want, rather than what their service providers think they want, it seems incongruous for operators to offer services based on their own needs rather than those of their customers.

European carriers explore mobile TV in TDD

O2, Vodafone, Orange to trial TDD-based mobile TV in UK

The wireless operator community is taking another crack at mobile TV, with a technology that also holds promise for the little used TDD spectrum, which most operators have left gathering spectral dust.

O2 data cap protest will help out O2

O2 data cap protest will help out O2

The word on the wires Tuesday morning is of growing support for a consumer protest against O2 UK’s recent decision to introduce tiered data tariffs and do away with unlimited offerings.

O2′s revised data pricing model is no surprise

The all you can eat data buffet is closing down

O2’s decision to switch from an unlimited model to one tiered based on usage is of no surprise to those that have studied mobile data usage patterns. Just like AT&T in the US, O2 UK had become the industry poster-child of the capacity crunch era.

Tiers start flowing at O2 UK

O2 has switched off the unlimited data tap

The floodgates have opened, as UK carrier O2 becomes the latest operator to put an end to all you can eat data. New and upgrading smartphone users will be affected, making the move rather timely in light of the imminent launch of the iPhone 4.

O2 beefs up network to meet smartphone demand

O2 upgrades London network to meet iPhone demand

Good news for existing smartphone users on the O2 UK network, but it’s more likely the impending arrival of the iPhone 4 later this month was the kick the carrier needed to improve its data network in the capital.

Operators lose battle against roaming price caps

Operators lose battle against roaming price caps

Four of Europe’s largest mobile operators – Vodafone, Telefónica O2, T-Mobile and Orange – lost their battle with European authorities on Tuesday, after the European Court of Justice ruled that roaming caps can stick.

Healthy opportunities in the m-health sector

Healthy opportunities in the m-health sector

Opportunities in the global mobile healthcare market are estimated to be worth between $50bn and $60bn in 2010, prompting operators to step up their initiatives in this emerging sector.

Telefonica delivers the goods in 2009

Telefonica delivers the goods in 2009

Spanish carrier Telefonica, which owns the O2 mobile brand, reported a solid financial year on Friday.

Mike Short, vice president of public affairs, Telefonica O2

Mike Short, vice president of public affairs at Telefonica O2 Europe talks about the future of the mobile network operator.

The Key Notes

Matthew Key, CEO of Telefónica Europe, talks exclusively to telecoms.com about the challenges faced across his portfolio, his future plans and the new shape of the mobile industry.