Mary McDowell, head of Mobile Phones, Nokia

Mary McDowell, head of Mobile Phones, Nokia

Mary McDowell has been at Nokia, the world’s largest handset vendor, since 2004. She joined as head of the Finnish firm’s enterprise unit, responsible for the high end E-series handset portfolio and a range of mobility and security solutions targeted at corporate users. In the same year she was appointed a member of the Nokia Group Executive Board.

Safety in numbers

Two of Google’s greatest rivals, Nokia and Yahoo, joined forces in late May

Was it one in the eye for Google when Nokia struck a global deal with Yahoo? Not quite, if only because the search giant refuses to stand still long enough to take a hit.

Nokia restructures for high-end handset battle

Nokia's new organisation structure, effective July 1st 2010

Nokia, the world’s leading handset manufacturer, has announced a structural and managerial shake-up designed to improve its performance in the high end smartphone segment as well as its growing services portfolio.

Nokia snaps up mobile browser firm Novarra

Nokia buys up mobile browser firm Novarra

Perhaps more evidence that Nokia is increasingly going up against Google in the Finnish firm’s traditional domain? Late Friday Nokia announced the acquisition of privately held mobile browser developer Novarra for an undisclosed sum.

Orange backs Intel, Nokia Linux platform

Orange backs the Intel, Nokia, Linux platform, MeeGo

Mobile operator Orange got behind the Nokia-Intel founded Linux initiative MeeGo on Wednesday, anticipating the creation of a new channel for the delivery of consumer multimedia services.

Nokia puts Skype on Symbian

Nokia puts Skype on Symbian

Using the power of brand to reach consumers, Nokia on Wednesday hopped into bed with Skype to make the VoIP client available to some 200 million smartphone users worldwide.

Ovi Maps racks up almost 1.5 million downloads

Nokia's free Ovi Maps racks up almost 1.5 million downloads

Since making its Ovi Maps navigation service available free to the masses in late January, Finnish handset vendor Nokia has racked up 1.4 million downloads.

Handset vendors show signs of growth

Handset vendors show signs of growth

Leading handset vendor Nokia had a bumper quarter at the end of 2009, with profits climbing to €882m in the fourth quarter from €551 in the same period in 2008.

Nokia makes navigation free for the masses

An innovative feature of Ovi Maps is the inclusion of 3D landmarks, to better help the user with orientation

Finnish handset vendor Nokia revealed what it’s been up to with location and mapping firm Navteq which it bought in 2008 for $8.1bn. The monster handset vendor is shaking up the mobile space by making mapping and turn by turn navigation available for free to a potential 83 million users.

Nokia taps up ST-Ericsson for TD-SCDMA chips

Nokia taps up ST-Ericsson for TD-SCDMA chips

Handset behemoth Nokia extended its relationship with chip shop ST-Ericsson on Friday, announcing a long term partnership over China’s homebrew TD-SCDMA platform.

New leaders could emerge in handset market

The traditional market leaders are under threat from manufacturers with shiny, new devices

In the mobile handset space, volume market leaders like Nokia, Samsung, LG, Motorola and Sony Ericsson are being challenged by RIM, Apple, HTC and Palm, which are significantly eroding their market share with an assault in the smartphone market.

Nokia hedges bets on DVB-H and DVB-T

Nokia publicly underlined its commitment to broadcast-mobile-TV standard DVB-H with the recent unveiling of the mobile TV edition of the Nokia 5330 and its pretax, presubsidy price tag of €155 (US$230), after some in the industry had questioned its enthusiasm for launching new DVB-H devices.

Nokia to overhaul Symbian UI, invest in Maemo

Handset giant Nokia is planning an overhaul of its Symbian user interface in 2010, and will also bring out a flagship device powered by the Maemo Linux-based operating system the same year.

Siemens still feeling pain of NSN venture

Siemens still feeling pain of NSN venture

It’s not often we write about German vendor Siemens anymore, given its departure from the telecoms space. But the firm is still paying for its joint venture with Nokia, on Thursday announcing an impairment charge of €1.634bn on its partnership in Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN).

Nokia brings Qt to Symbian, Maemo

Nokia brings Qt to Symbian, Maemo

Finnish handset vendor Nokia on Tuesday unveiled the latest version of Qt, its cross platform application and user interface framework, providing support for more platforms including Symbian, Windows 7, Mac OS 10.6 and the upcoming Maemo 6.

Nokia lifts curtain on TD-SCDMA device for China

The Nokia 6788 TD-SCDMA device is tailored for China

Finnish handset vendor Nokia launched its assault on China’s 3G market this week, introducing its first device built for China’s homegrown TD-SCDMA technology.

Nokia takes Apple to court over patent claims

Nokia takes Apple to court over patent claims

Big shot IP lawyers must have been rubbing their hands greedily this week when leading handset vendor Nokia filed suit against Apple for infringing on its patents for GSM, UMTS 3G and wifi.

These are the droids you are looking for

Android picks up momentum

The driving forces behind Google’s foray into the mobile platform space – The Open Handset Alliance and the Android Open Source Project – have shown off developments for the operating system which will allow handset builders to deploy the platform on yet more devices, even as it is gaining some significant traction in the market.

Developers shun Nokia in rush for seasonal app store trade

I won’t be breaking any news by regaling you with tales of the success of Apple’s App Store. This is due in no small part to Apple opening its software developer kit (SDK) and offering application developers high levels of support and unparalleled access to a mass market.

As Nokia takes big hit on NSN, Google says recession is over

As Nokia takes big hit on NSN, Google says recession is over

Finnish vendor Nokia shook the market on Thursday, announcing a surprise loss of €913m for the third quarter of 2009, compared to a profit of €1bn in the same period last year. The hit was due to a €908m impairment charge against goodwill associated with infrastructure unit Nokia Siemens Networks.