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FCC slaps T-Mobile US’s wrists over speed transparency

The FCC wants T-Mobile US to open up

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has announced that T-Mobile US has agreed to be more transparent over speeds its customers experience, particularly when it imposes speed restrictions and reductions.

Swiss telcos form net neutrality agreement

Net neutrality is a hotly debated and controversial issue

The four leading Swiss service providers, as well as the country’s cable operator association Swisscable, have joined forces to formulate an official code of conduct on net neutrality. Swisscom, Sunrise, UPC Cablecom and Orange, as well as Swisscable, are working to keep the internet open in Switzerland, according to an official statement from Swisscom.

Verizon aims legal threat at FCC over net neutrality

Verizon warns FCC against imposing more red tape

Verizon has aimed the threat of litigation against the FCC if it fails to correctly position its next move in the perennial debate of net neutrality. On its policy blog page, Randal Milch, Verizon’s General Counsel said: “whatever the FCC decides about new Net Neutrality rules, the whole thing is headed for another round in court.”

Netflix paying AT&T for interconnect

Netflix is paying US carriers for service quality

Internet video player Netflix has struck yet another peering agreement with a US carrier, this time AT&T, essentially paying for better quality of service for customers using the provider’s network. The deal was confirmed by AT&T and sits against a background of uproar over network neutrality debate in the US.

Netflix CEO: “Cost sharing makes no sense”

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has claimed that sharing costs with internet services providers “makes no sense”

The co-founder and CEO of video service Netflix, Reed Hastings, has said that sharing costs with internet services providers “makes no sense” for the firm.

AT&T patent controls bandwidth usage

AT&T has filed a patent to prevent its customers from consuming “an excessive amount of channel bandwidth”

US operator AT&T has filed a patent to prevent its customers from consuming “an excessive amount of channel bandwidth”.

European Commission outlines single telecoms market package


The European Commission has outlined its plan for a single EU telecoms market. The package calls for the abolition of roaming rates within the EU, spectrum assignment to be coordinated across the continent, consumer rights to be harmonised across Europe, EU-wide protection of net neutrality and simpler rules across the EU to enable companies invest more and cross borders with their offerings.

Google’s apparent U-turn on net neutrality raises definition issues

What is a 'server'?

In a move that appears to fly in the face of its support for net neutrality, Google this week filed a document with US regulator the FCC stating that customers of its fibre to the home network were limited in what kind of devices or applications they could attach to those connections. But is the situation as clear cut as it seems?

BBC web traffic hit 700Gbps during Olympics

Bradley Wiggins

UK broadcaster the BBC delivered a staggering 2.8Pb (petabytes) of content in a single day during its coverage of the Olympics, peaking at a rate of 700Gbps as cyclist Bradley Wiggins took gold.

UK operators split over net neutrality code of practice

UK fixed and mobile operators are divided over whether to sign up to a voluntary code of practice in support of net neutrality. While ten service providers have signed up, Vodafone, Everything Everywhere and Virgin Media have so far refused.

Dutch take European lead with net neutrality

The Netherlands is the first European country to adopt a net neutrality law

The Dutch senate has passed a net neutrality law that makes it illegal for ISPs in the country to filter the internet. The laws, which were passed unanimously earlier this week, means that all traffic must be treated equally and may not be blocked or throttled. The Netherlands is the first European country to adopt such a law, and the second country in the world to do so after Chile.
The move ensures that end users have

EU to investigate traffic throttling and blocking allegations against telcos

The EU has ordered a probe into allegations of data throttling by telcos

The European Commission on Tuesday launched an investigation into telecoms providers’ traffic management and competition practices. Responding to allegations that some service providers were effectively blocking over-the-top (OTT) VoIP services such as Skype, telecoms commissioner Neelie Kroes has asked members to probe fixed and wireless operators for evidence of anti-competitive behaviour.

UK warms to tiered internet

Service providers should be free to favour traffic from one content provider over another as long as they keep users informed, Vaizey said

UK minister for culture, communications and creative industries, Ed Vaizey, delivered a bit of a shocker at the FT World Telecoms conference in London on Wednesday, calling for a tiered internet, where paid for traffic is prioritised.

Demon UK to offer priority service for gamers

Demon has launched a broadband package targeted specifically at gamers

UK ISP Demon, run by Thus and owned by Cable & Wireless seems to be a first mover in embracing the concept of a tiered internet service.

Google and Verizon try to decide future of internet

Does the joint proposal pave the way for a private internet?

Turns out Google and Verizon were up to something after all. Behind the scenes the two companies have been doing what the FCC failed to do – forge a compromise agreement on net neutrality. The only thing is that the wording of the agreement raises some of the same concerns that emerged last week when word of the deal was first heard.

Concern grows over net neutrality compromise

Google is a long time campaigner for net neutrality and any such deal with Verizon would be seen as Google switching allegiance

The internet was humming on Thursday night and Friday morning with rampant speculation over a supposed deal between web giant Google and US carrier Verizon that many industry watchers fear as the end of the internet as we know it.

FCC has teeth pulled in net neutrality debate

FCC has teeth pulled in net neutrality debate

The ongoing dispute over net neutrality was dealt a serious blow this week as a US federal court ruled that the FCC does not have the authority to force all service providers to treat internet traffic the same.

Ofcom to investigate net neutrality

Ofcom to investigate net neutrality

The chief of UK telecoms regulator Ofcom has said the authority will investigate web traffic control measures later this year as the net neutrality debate rumbles on.

Vodafone and Telefonica are overplaying their hand with Google

It’s unlikely that any senior Google executive will take very seriously Vodafone and Telefonica’s recent statements that they are thinking of charging search engines to use their networks.

Politics will drive many of 2010’s mobile developments

Political posturing, macroeconomics and technological advances will, as always, have considerable impacts on the North American mobile industry in 2010. Because there are so many variables, there’s not much of a sure thing in the industry, but several trends bear watching.