Australia launches public consultation on delayed NBN transition

Australians are asked to for help in overcoming problems with NBN transition

The Australian government released a Migration Assurance Policy consultation paper yesterday to collect opinion from the public and industry representatives on how to best handle the country’s transition from legacy copper to the National Broadband Network (NBN).

Telstra wins deal to deploy Fibre for NBN

Telstra has won a fibre contract

Australian carrier Telstra and the organisation responsible for the country’s next generation broadband network, NBN Co, on Thursday said they had reached an agreement to pilot the planning, design and construction of 1000 nodes across Queensland and New South Wales, ahead of an anticipated large scale integration of Fibre-to-the-Node (FTTN) technology into the National Broadband Network (NBN).

Vodafone Australia CEO takes reins at NBN

Bill Morrow has been appointed CEO at NBN Co

The CEO at Vodafone Australia will head the country’s National Broadband Network (NBN) project. Bill Morrow has been appointed CEO at NBN Co, the company responsible for delivering Australia’s nationwide fixed-line broadband upgrade. He will assume his role in the new year, based in Sydney,

Australian Minister asks entire NBN board to tender resignations

Communication minister Malcolm Turnbull has asked the entire NBN board to tender their resignations

Australian communications minister Malcolm Turnbull has asked the entire board of the country’s national broadband network (NBN) project to tender in their resignations. Australia’s NBN is a national wholesale network currently being rolled out across the country, but has been hit by multiple delays for various reasons.

Australia’s NBN targets 1.3 million extra premises

Australia's National Broadband Network will eventually cover 93% of the country's population with fibre

An additional 1.3 million Australian households are being added to the country’s ambitious National Broadband Network, bringing the total number of premises where NBN construction will commence or be complete by June 2016 to more than 4.8 million.

Vodafone lends support to Australia NBN, defends Huawei

VHA has said it will enter the fixed line market in Australia thanks to the NBN

Vodafone Hutchinson Australia has said that the NBN fibre to the premises project is vital to support mobile connectivity, the Register has reported. At an open public hearing of the Joint Committee on the National Broadband Network Matthew Lobb, Vodafone’s general manager of public policy, told the committee that the argument that “because consumers love mobile tech they don’t like wires the NBN is not important” was misleading and that “getting fixed line right is absolutely crucial for mobile networks.”

Huawei’s NBN block out raises fundamental questions


For those of us who spend our lives in the bubble of the international telecoms industry it was not exactly a massive surprise to see the news that Chinese vendor Huawei would be blocked from bidding for work on the country’s A$38bn National Broadband Network (NBN).

Huawei blocked from Australian NBN bid

Huawei's involvement in the NBN project has been blocked

Chinese infrastructure vendor Huawei was told not to bid for any contracts relating to the Australian National Broadband Network (NBN) project, it has emerged. Local news agencies have reported that Huawei learned before Christmas last year that any efforts it made to win NBN contracts would be unsuccessful. The reports suggest that government concerns over security lie at the heart of the decision.

Emerson wins AUS$100m deal for Australian NBN

Emerson Power has been awarded a AU$100 million contract to supply infrastructure for the NBN

The Australian government has awarded Emerson Network Power a AUS$100 million contract to supply key infrastructure to the National Broadband Network (NBN) project in Australia. Emerson, said that it will be designing, supplying and installing cooling and infrastructure management systems at ten network centres to support the NBN roll-out across Australia.

Shadow Boxing

Malcolm Turnbull, MP, Australian Shadow Minister for Communications and Broadband

Malcolm Turnbull, the Australian Shadow Minister for Communications on Broadband, tells Telecoms.com why he opposes the current government’s plans for deploying the much-anticipated National Broadband Network. Turnbull argues that existing technologies still have plenty to offer, and explains how his party, if elected, would do things differently.

NBN Co confirms multicast for Oz network

IPTV is coming to Australia's new National Broadband Network

NBN Co, the firm mandated by the Australian government to design, build and operate the country’s new fibre-based broadband network, has confirmed that it will offer multicast capabilities to service providers using the network that wish to deliver television services to their end-customers.

Australian ISP chief criticises NBN over pricing

Australian ISP Internode claims that the NBNCo's wholesale pricing is pushing retail prices too high

The head of Australian ISP Internode has criticised the NBN Co. for its pricing model. Internode chief executive Simon Hackett said in a blog post that despite government promises that Australian consumers would pay similar prices for access to the fibre-optic based NBN as they do for xDSL, in practice it would cost considerably more.

NBN gets warning over broadband speed advertising

The NBN has been warned that companies using its network should be careful how they advertise speeds to consumers

Australian retail and wholesale ISPs offering services over the National Broadband Network (NBN) have been advised by the country’s Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) to take care over how they advertise the speeds available.

Australia NBN uptake dependent on adult content says developer

Permitting adult content will be necessary to ensure take up of Australian NBN claims developer

While eHealth, government services and remote working are the main proposed benefits of the NBN for Australian users, adult content could be the main driver for uptake,according to a content and apps provider.

Telstra and SingTel signs key NBN deals worth $11.8bn

Australia's NBN looks on track as the country's two largest telcos agree major deals

Australia’s National Broadband Network received a significant boost with the news that the operators Telsta and SingTel have agreed major deals to transfer parts of their networks to the NBN. As part of the deal, the state owned NBN will pay Telsta $11bn for its copper network, while the SingTel owned Optus network will receive $800m to move customers from its fibre optic network, freeing up its infrastructre for the NBN.

Rural Australia to get Ericsson LTE broadband network


Ericsson has been appointed by Australia’s National Broadband Network to build and operate a fixed wireless LTE network to service the country’s rural areas. Rural households will gain access to the service from mid 2012 with the project to be completed by 2015.

NBN the key to power after Australia’s dead-heat election

Telstra agrees with government on fibre upgrade

When Australia’s Labor Party-led government announced in April 2009 that it was planning to build a National Broadband Network – at a time when the party was still massively favored to win re-election this year – party members could scarcely have dreamt that the NBN would end up being the slender thread that might just help them retain power.

Telstra signs deal with NBN… so now what?

Telstra agrees with government on fibre upgrade

The announcement from Canberra came on a lazy Sunday afternoon when most of Australia’s movers and shakers were away from their desks – all except Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Telstra Chairwoman Catherine Livingstone, who emerged from Parliament House to announce that they had finally struck a deal for Telstra to sell its fixed-line assets to the National Broadband Network Company (NBN Co.).