Informa’s MWC Round Up – Day Two


Neelie Kroes today issued a stern warning to Vittorio Colao, Vodafone and the wider European operator community with an unexpectedly personal riposte to Vodafone complaints about “auto-pilot regulation” in the European telecoms marketplace.

Telefónica teams up with Mozilla to create open HTML 5 mobile platform

OWD is a new open standards HTML 5-based platform

Telefónica Digital has announced a new deal with Firefox browser-maker Mozilla on the first day of Mobile World Congress 2012. The two firms have collaborated to create a new mobile platform, which will see a host of HTML 5 based devices running on the open web entering the market.

My first MWC


I’m gearing up for my first-ever visit to the illustrious Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week, and I’m wondering what my debut appearance at the event will have in store. Should I be excited to be reporting from one of the world’s largest and most reputable trade events in the calendar, or, as some have warned, will I find it long, exhausting and very tough-going?

MWC: 2012 will be the do-or-die year for RCSe services


2012 will be the do-or-die year for RCSe services and, quite possibly, for mobile operators’ chances to ensure that they secure their role in providing IP-based communications services to their subscribers.

Ovum analysts on what to expect at MWC 2012

MWC 2012 set to begin on Monday

With Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2012 set to kick off in Barcelona on Monday, analyst firm Ovum has collated the views of some of its analysts to reveal what they expect to see at this year’s event. The progress made by operators in responding to the increase in mobile data traffic will be interesting to note at this year’s event, according to Steven Hartley, analyst for telco strategy. He said that operators are beginning to set aside old assumptions, prejudices, and ways of doing business.

NSN claims it can “double data speeds” at cell edge

NSN  and Qualcomm to demonstrate HSPA+ Multiflow at MWC

Operators will soon be able double mobile broadband speeds for consumers at the edge of a base station cell, by allowing devices to connect with a second base station that serves a neighbouring cell. Nokia Siemens Networks and Qualcomm will be jointly demonstrating the HSPA+ Multiflow feature at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Here we go again…


Well, readers, here we all are again. The seasonal holidays disappeared in the blink of an eye and we’re all back at the industry coal face, chipping away at great lumps of progress. The Informer feels like something of a great lump himself after the morbid overeating that remains one of the few Christmas traditions to which he still adheres.

Openwave launches mobile data mediation and analytics solution

Data analytics solution launched to help operators gain insight into network usage patterns and prevent downtime at peak traffic times: The solution predicts trends in data usage, so operators can alleviate bandwidth problems caused by high traffic volumes in advance, while the information can also be used to help identify new revenue streams.

Nomor Research demonstrates LTE eNB protocol stack interoperability with 4M Wireless at the MWC’10

Nomor Research demonstrates LTE eNB protocol stack interoperability with 4M Wireless at the MWC’10 Munich, Germany, Feb. 12, 2010 – Munich, Germany, Feb. 12, 2010 – Nomor Research GmbH, a leading provider of LTE protocol stack solutions, today announced that interoperability tests of its LTE base station implementation have been successfully completed and will be [...]

CTI Group provides telcos with tools to unify and control global telecoms costs

CTI Group’s MNC Reporting Module is the newest addition to Analysis 7 and offers multinationals the latest billing analysis technology to unify and control global telecoms costs.   CTI Group’s market leading Analysis 7 e-billing and analysis solution can now exclusively provide Multinational Corporations (MNCs) with a comprehensive and analytical view into their telecoms usage [...]

Fira and loathing in Barcelona

You know that feeling, readers? The dry mouth. The rapid, shallow breathing. The growing thrill of dread in your stomach. The all but irresistible urge to take flight, to run as fast as your little legs will carry you and not stop until you’re on safe ground, where you can fling yourself down in a heap and pant your way back to normality. It’s what’s known as “getting the Fira” and it occurs in certain species that are indigenous to the Mobile World Congress.

ZTE predicts WiMAX ‘boom’ for 2009

“We anticipate a boom in WiMAX take-up for fixed applications in emerging markets this year,” says Wei Yuan, senior director of global marketing at ZTE’s WiMAX solutions business. Speaking to at the MWC event in Barcelona, Wei Yuan believes that Russia, the CIS, the Middle East and Africa hold out most promise for WiMAX [...]

Mobile data is changing the game for vendors

The explosive growth of wireless broadband is changing the nature of the business for kit makers, the head of mega vendor Alcatel-Lucent said during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week. Speaking at the event, Adolfo Hernandez, president, EMEA, Alcatel-Lucent, said that next generation wireless broadband delivery is currently based on an unstable model which [...]

Nokia and Skype join forces

Disruptive VoIP player Skype has announced at Mobile World Congress that its eponymous VoIP application will be integrated on Nokia N97s from Q309. The application will be integrated into the device’s address book and be visible to users as a mobile widget. Making the announcement both Scott Derchslag, COO, and Josh Silverman, CEO of Skype [...]

Microsoft confirms app store plans

Software giant Microsoft was banging the app store drum at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week, confirming plans to launch a mobile content marketplace of its own in the wake of similar moves by Apple and Nokia. Details of the app shop were thin on the ground however, with the Redmond Giant only revealing [...]

LTE is ‘embryonic’, says Agilent

Despite all the marketing noise that is sure to be generated by LTE supporters during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona this week, Agilent – a test & measurement specialist – believes there is still some way to go before LTE is widely commercially available and delivering the much-touted speeds of 100Mbps and above. [...]

RIM strikes PC deal with Lenovo

RIM, the maker of the Blackberry device, has announced a partnership deal with PC manufacturer Lenovo at the MWC event in Barcelona. Under the terms of the agreement, the two companies will work together so that Blackberry smartphones will be able to synchronise, via a Bluetooth connection, with Lenovo ThinkPad laptop computers. “R&D is coming [...]

Samsung gets touchy-feely, but no Android

JK Shin, the newly-appointed head of Samsung’s mobile communications division, was in bullish mood as he paraded a range of new touch-screen handsets at the company’s press conference at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week. “We are confident that we will grow during 2009,” he said, “despite the economic downturn.” Among the new [...]