Another one bites the dust


For all the industry’s current focus on virtualization there are some things, it would seem, that you still have to do in the realms of the physical world. One of these, according to more than 85,000 industry folk, at least, is Mobile World Congress. This was the attendance figure published by GSMA at the end of the show and it’s an awful lot of bodies.

Elitecore announces successful LTE rollout at MWC


Elitecore Technologies, a leading provider of Integrated Policy, Charging and Revenue Management solutions today announced that its LTE Revenue and Customer Management platform has been deployed by Lanka Bell – Sri Lanka to roll out next-generation services like prepaid-postpaid broadband, broadband data burst (LTE + Wi-Fi), VOIP, Wi-Fi Hotspot, ILL, SIP & VPN.

SK Telecom platform knows what subscribers are doing

South Korean operator SK Telecom has launched a platform that it says will provide real time information on what its customers are doing. The Context Platform uses data collected by a customer’s smartphone, if it is embedded with the platform, via its camera, GPS, sensors and wifi to discover contextual information about that subscriber.

Deutsche Telekom pilots Smart City project in Pisa

Deutsche Telekom has announced a Smart City pilot project in the Italian city of Pisa

Operator group Deutsche Telekom has announced a Smart City pilot project in the Italian city of Pisa. The project sees the operator integrating a number of parking spaces in Piazza Carrara, in the city centre, within a sensor-based parking management system.

Unisys: Virtualising the network


Steven Chuey, VP Telecommunications Industry, Unisys Corporation and Robert Johnson, Distinguished Engineer, talk to at MWC2013 about the implications of tens of billions of interconnected devices driving several billion terabytes of data over the next several years. What goes on behind the scenes and how can service providers be prepared?

7Layers: Connecting the world


Dr Hans- Jürgen Meckelburg, President & CEO, 7Layers, talks to at MWC 2013 about serving the M2M space and connecting millions of devices across many different sectors.

Qualcomm Atheros: Demonstrating next generation wifi

qualcomm demo

Qualcomm’s Senior Director of Product Management Tim Peters demonstrates the capabilities of 802.11ac wifi

MWC: Size isn’t everything

Consumers complained that they were not warned about possible price rises

OSS/BSS vendors both large and not so large used the opportunity afforded by the 2013 Mobile World Congress to make some very strategic announcements. The majority of these announcements reflected very closely what is about to happen in the sector as demand for greater complexity rises with the roll-out of LTE and the need for a solution to the seemingly eternal problem of software interfacing grows ever more pressing.

Everyone who’s anyone is doing SDN

SDN is many things to many people

Software Defined Networks (SDN) for telecom networks are the next big thing and MWC was not short of announcements and new marketing campaigns from big vendors. It comes at the right time too, when LTE and data awareness now require greater network flexibility, scalability and cost performance. The difference with earlier technologies is that IT vendors are now entering the telecoms market since SDN (or virtualization) is a concept widely used in the IT market.

MWC: “It’s the network, stupid!”

Global broadband revenues to continue rising

If there is one broad theme that sums up this year’s Mobile World Congress for me it is the idea of ‘the network as asset’, and the perception that CSPs could and should be doing a great deal more to leverage this their prime asset.

Customer experience also figured highly in the briefings and presentations I attended, but by contrast with last year’s heavy CEM-software product focus, this year customer experience was discussed just as much in the context of network performance and the need to make more effective use of network intelligence.

The third man


When the Informer switched on his PC this morning and fired up his web browser he was greeted by the message “We’re sorry but this application has crashed. Would you like to restart?” No amount of clicking would achieve the desired result so he tried an alternative browser. Same deal. Perhaps the computer felt like many of the MWC attendees after four days of pounding the floors of the Fira Gran Via: crashed – unable to restart.

Huawei launches products at MWC


Chinese infrastructure vendor Huawei made a host of new product announcements at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week. The firm launched a SingleEPC solution, which it said enables a smooth evolution to cloud-based telecom networks.

LTE to repair customer loyalty disconnect


There is a significant disconnect between what drives loyalty among mobile consumers and what mobile operators believe drives loyalty as well as churn. Research released at MWC this week suggests that consumers in general will focus on a single aspect of their mobile service – such as device, tariff, or coverage – whereas operators tend to believe that a collection of issues drive positives and negatives in churn and loyalty.

Firefox mobile OS draws significant operator backing

Handsets running Firefox OS are expected on the market in early 2013

The chief executives of Telecom Italia, Telenor, Telefónica, America Movil and Deutsche Telekom were all on hand at a Mozilla press conference on Sunday evening in Barcelona to voice their enthusiasm for the Firefox browser developer’s new HTML5-based smartphone OS.

MWC: all about networking?

Synchronica will buy Nokia's messaging business

It’s that time of year again. The time that industry professionals know only too well, as we see our schedules for the final week in February rapidly running out of space – we’re all preparing ourselves for the exhausting experience that is Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Well, unless you work at Microsoft or RIM, it seems.

MWC 2012: “Handset software is a commodity”


MWC 2012 provided further evidence of an escalating war between operators and device manufacturers, according to analysts at Informa Telecoms & Media. Apart from those launched by Nokia, there was only one device unveiled that ran on the Microsoft Windows Phone platform, which was one of the many launched by ZTE. Meanwhile, one of the announcements that caused waves in the industry was Telefónica’s news that it has teamed up with Firefox browser-maker Mozilla to create a new mobile platform, B2K.

Orange threatens to pull out of emerging markets

Orange is considering its options in emerging markets

Orange has threatened to pull out of the emerging markets it operates in unless it can become a market leader in those countries. Marc Rennard, Orange’s executive VP for Africa, Middle East and Asia, said that Orange is looking to increase revenues from its emerging markets to €7bn by 2015, compared with €3.4bn today.

Industry heroes


There aren’t really words to describe that feeling when you’ve boarded one of the final EasyJet flights out of Barcelona on the Thursday evening. As the Informer looked down the row of heads in front, every one listing to the left and leaning up against the window or resting on its neighbour’s shoulder, he couldn’t help but feel like part of a platoon being shipped out after an arduous tour of duty. Industry heroes to a (wo)man.

Ford explains connected cars future

Connected cars could be a huge market for operators

Automotive firm Ford’s executive chairman Bill Ford outlined a plan for connected cars to help avoid a potential future of crippling congestion at Mobile World Congress this week. Ford told delegates at the show that the number of cars on the world’s roads is forecast to grow from one billion now to up to four billion by 2050. And he proposed that one way of avoiding the potentially global problem of overcrowded roads is to create a global transportation network that utilises communication between vehicles, transport infrastructure and individual mobile devices.

Looking back at my first MWC


My first Mobile World Congress is almost over and it has been one that I won´t forget any time soon. It has been hectic, and on Day 1, I was wondering what I had let myself in for. Now though, I´m looking back at the week gone by, and it has been absolutely fantastic.