LTE: Bill Payne, Motorola

Bill Payne, vice president of mobile broadband at Motorola, talks with about the maturity of the LTE ecosystem and expected commercial deployments of the technology on a wider scale in late 2011.

The LTE Supplement

Now in it’s third year the LTE Special is established as the primary magazine for the Informa series of market-leading LTE events.

TD-LTE gathers momentum

TD-LTE is gathering momentum in China

The next generation of China’s homegrown mobile technology, TD-LTE, is gathering momentum among the vendor community, as a public demonstration of the platform starts up at the World Expo in Shanghai.

WiMAX not dead, says Motorola

WiMAX is not dead, it's just on holiday

There may be some debate about the future of WiMAX in the telecoms market, but Motorola’s still flying the flag for the technology. The US firm said this week that it has shipped its two millionth WiMAX device, just five months after shipping its one millionth.

Motorola taps Microsoft for Android apps

Motorola taps Microsoft for Android apps

All’s fair in love and war, and Motorola may owe its recent upswing to the Google-backed Android platform, but this week the resurgent handset vendor hopped into bed with Microsoft, to deploy Bing on Android devices.

Motorola loses set top box chief

Dan Moloney, president of Motorola's Home business, quits

Dan Moloney, president of Motorola’s Home business, which makes set top boxes, quit the firm this week to head up a small, Philadelphia-based electronics firm.

Motorola splits

Motorola splits handsets and infrastructure divisions

US vendor Motorola plans to split up in early 2011, spinning off its handsets and set top box unit into one entity and its enterprise and networks arm into another.

Handset vendors show signs of growth

Handset vendors show signs of growth

Leading handset vendor Nokia had a bumper quarter at the end of 2009, with profits climbing to €882m in the fourth quarter from €551 in the same period in 2008.

Motorola opens Chinese app store

Motorola's Chinese app store will cater to Android users

Resurgent vendor Motorola opened the doors of its Android focused app store in China on Friday, paving the way for the company’s assault on the burgeoning Chinese mobile market.

LG, Motorola to do battle with Android devices

The MotoRoi

As Android continues to gather momentum across a broad spectrum of the devices space, handset vendors reveal their high hopes for the platform.

Adobe, Motorola bring Flash Player to Android

The Motorola Backflip

US vendor Motorola is set to beef up the arsenal available to its Android-based devices by bringing Adobe’s Flash Player to the platform.

New leaders could emerge in handset market

The traditional market leaders are under threat from manufacturers with shiny, new devices

In the mobile handset space, volume market leaders like Nokia, Samsung, LG, Motorola and Sony Ericsson are being challenged by RIM, Apple, HTC and Palm, which are significantly eroding their market share with an assault in the smartphone market.

You’re never too old to start

It used to be that a man was defined by his actions. Well, in Motorola’s world view, this is no longer the case. The US vendor this week proclaimed that man is instead defined by his technology choices.

Clearwire launches in the Windy City

Clearwire launches in the Windy City

US WiMAX poster child Clearwire made its debut in the city of Chicago this week as the service provider expands its nationwide footprint.

Droid may save Motorola

Droid may save Motorola

Motorola’s big bet on the Android-powered Droid device may just pay off and help the reinvented company turn its fortunes around.

Orange UK reveals iPhone data limit

Orange UK reveals iPhone data limit

UK mobile operator Orange is attracting criticism this week as it prepares to go up against O2 with its own iPhone offer.

Droid hits European Milestone

The Droid will be known as the Milestone in Europe

The Motorola Droid, unveiled last week as the first Android-powered handset to use the version 2.0 firmware, is on its way to Europe under the guise of the Motorola Milestone.

It came from the stars

Earlier this week, scientists and military personnel gathered in a Latvian meadow somewhere near the Estonian border and gazed in awe at a ten metre wide crater thought to have been caused by a meteor strike.

Motorola swings back into black

Motorola swings back into black

It’s been a good week for struggling vendor Motorola so far, with the company reporting its second helping of good news in as many days.

Motorola Droid lands on Earth

The Droid runs Android 2.0

Struggling handset vendor Motorola put an end to the rumours on Wednesday, finally releasing more information on its Droid device – its first such handset to run Android 2.0.