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Inventing the future

Contemplating the future

With 4G only just reaching commercial maturity 5G is still very much something that remains to be defined. But in this glimpse of the future MCI looks at the access and core technologies that may shape the industry of tomorrow.

Global mobile traffic to grow 11 fold by 2018, says Cisco

Cisco expects global mobile data traffic to grow 11-fold by 2018

Global mobile traffic is expected to grow nearly 11-fold over the next four years, according to research conducted by networking kit vendor Cisco.

Streaming audio 12% of US mobile data traffic

Audio is an increasingly popular mobile data form in the US

Streaming audio now accounts for 12 per cent of mobile data volume in North America, with internet radio particularly popular, according to a report issued by Citrix ByteMobile.

China Unicom grows data usage with low-cost devices

Unicom said that it improved smartphone quality to price ratio in 2012

Chinese operator China Unicom has announced a 92 per cent year on year increase in mobile data usage, attributing the growth in part to the availability of low-cost smarpthones. In an earnings release posted late last week, Unicom referenced an improvement in its smartphone “quality to price ratio”.

Comviva’s Mobile Data Platform Spurs Mobile Data Traffic Growth in Emerging Markets


Comviva’s Mobile Data Platform Spurs Mobile Data Traffic Growth in Emerging Markets

Introduces its unique data packages for operators to bolster data traffic towards increased ARPU

- Enables 70% improvement in download speed
- 50% reduction in Total Cost to Operator through MDP

Managing, Optimizing and Monetizing Mobile Data


In the last 48 hours that I have been in Dubai with the purpose of attending the ME Telco event, I am hearing a lot, I must say overloaded on the topic “Mobile Data”. It’s Data, Data, everywhere, a hot topic globally more so in the MENA region, given the proliferation of smart devices, smart networks and a smart subscriber base that is looking for change. I hosted a closed door seminar yesterday wherein my close engagement with the Mobile Operator community has resulted in me sharing the thoughts below.

Mobile data peak demand is an all-day phenomenon

Mobile video is driving data traffic on an almost all-day basis

There’s no rest for a busy network. With video now accounting for the lion’s share of mobile data traffic on wireless networks, peak demand has become an almost all-day phenomenon, running from noon to midnight daily.

O2 data cap protest will help out O2

O2 data cap protest will help out O2

The word on the wires Tuesday morning is of growing support for a consumer protest against O2 UK’s recent decision to introduce tiered data tariffs and do away with unlimited offerings.

O2′s revised data pricing model is no surprise

The all you can eat data buffet is closing down

O2’s decision to switch from an unlimited model to one tiered based on usage is of no surprise to those that have studied mobile data usage patterns. Just like AT&T in the US, O2 UK had become the industry poster-child of the capacity crunch era.

Tiers start flowing at O2 UK

O2 has switched off the unlimited data tap

The floodgates have opened, as UK carrier O2 becomes the latest operator to put an end to all you can eat data. New and upgrading smartphone users will be affected, making the move rather timely in light of the imminent launch of the iPhone 4.

O2 beefs up network to meet smartphone demand

O2 upgrades London network to meet iPhone demand

Good news for existing smartphone users on the O2 UK network, but it’s more likely the impending arrival of the iPhone 4 later this month was the kick the carrier needed to improve its data network in the capital.

No more gluttony… And donuts

Maybe the Informer’s just getting old and the revisiting of his former beliefs is all a part of that process. But he’s sometimes astonished to discover that things he firmly supported around 15 – 20 years ago (tie dye, gypsies, the Levellers, etc…) no longer have his backing. Take the internet for example. For much of that last 15 – 20 years, the Informer, in various incarnations, has been fed and sheltered by producing content for the tubes. And the vast majority of that content has been given away for free.

AT&T clears away all you can eat data buffet

The all you can eat data buffet is closing down

The unlimited data cull continues, with US carrier AT&T calling time on its flat rate all you can eat offering from June 7.

Operator backlash against fair usage policies begins

Vodafone is scrapping its fair usage policy from June 1

It’s an often heard observation in the industry that mobile data has become a victim of its own success. The unlimited data offerings used to drive 3G adoption have resulted in an unsustainable business model, with the result that operators are now scrambling to revise their usage terms and introduce new billing schemes. Vodafone UK issued one such warning to its consumers this week.

Why optimisation matters

The mobile data boom has caused a traffic jam

Dr. Constantine Polychronopoulos, founder and chief technology officer of mobile internet infrastructure specialist Bytemobile talks about the extent of the problem caused by the mobile data boom and the solutions available to operators.

Capping of wireless broadband plans poses many questions

As more 3G and WiMAX wireless broadband services are deployed across Asia Pacific a clear trend is emerging of operators ditching all-you-can-eat plans in order to protect the performance levels of their networks, but how will this trend affect the shape of the broadband market?

Mobile data surpasses voice

Mobile data surpasses voice

Global mobile data traffic surpassed voice during December of 2009, after growing 280 per cent during each of the last two years. According to Swedish vendor Ericsson, which published the figures, global mobile data traffic is forecast to double annually over the next five years.

Tight squeeze

The data boom has caused a traffic jam

The surge in mobile data and broadband traffic in advanced markets over the last couple of years is something of a double-edged sword. While it has finally validated carriers’ long-held strategic thinking, it has exposed gaps in their network performance.

Acision, CEO, Rory Buckley

Rory Buckley, CEO of mobile data services firm Acision,talks about how operators make money from data, the explosive growth of mobile data services and the importance of flat rate data pricing.

Realising the full potential of the mobile internet

Realising the full potential of the mobile internet

The Holy Grail for analytics will be its ability to form predictions of what is likely to happen in the near future, based on historical and circumstantial facts.