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Smartphones, Dongles and the Data Boom

2020 vision: The Decade Ahead

Issue #163 February 2010

2009: Application stores and other trends

Mobile Communications International December 2009

Issue #162

Exclusive interviews with:

Lee Williams, executive director of the Symbian Foundation

Mike Fairman, CEO of crowd sourcing MVNO Giffgaff

Plus the following features: Application Stores, Africa, Android, Network Sharing

In a strong position

Mobile Communications International

Issue 161 October 2009

The increased availablility of GPS in handsets is driving the growth in location services

Dr Hamadoun I.Toure – The Secretary General of the ITU shares his views on the industry

Mobile marketing special – Three of the world’s top brands talk about their mobile strategies

Big Hitters

MCI 160 August 2009

40 leaders who are shaping the industry

Issue 160 August 2009

Top 40 to watch in mobile: MCI presents its list of 40 key industry executives to watch in the mobile sector. Restricting our list to just 40 wasn’t an easy task but we think it gives a good idea of who holds the reins in the mobile communications industry. And it’s not always the CEOs…


Mobile Communications International June 2009

Adverts hidden within applications could be about to leap out at you

Issue 159 June 2009


HSPA: All the speed you need with no forklift required.

Mobile Advertising: Mike Hibberd looks at in-application adevrtising.

Simon Buckingham: The content entrepreneur talks location.

Slicing up the market

Slicing up the market

Issue 158 April 2009


WiMAX – It’s crunch time for the flagship WiMAX carriers, in particular US firm Clearwire.

Chris Bannister: The CEO of Polish operator Play talks to MCI about breaking into a saturated market.

Boris Nemsic: As he moves to Russian carrier Vimpelcom, Boris Nemsic reflects on 13 years at Telekom Austria.

The taste of things to come

The taste of things to come

Issue 157 February 2009

How the mobile industry will be affected by the economic downturn


Mobile payments: Transformational banking is creating opportunities for carriers in emerging markets.

Company profile: Can US carrier and mobile WiMAX standard bearer Sprint Nextel weather the blows?

Get ahead in branding

Get ahead in branding

Issue 156 December 2008

The top 100 most valuable mobile operator brands


Mobile branding: Brand is currency with which operators trade with end users. As networks and services become increasingly difficult to distinguish between, carriers look to brand strategies to gain attention and customers.

The top 100 brands: An exhaustive ranking of brand values in the global mobile operator sector.

Automated response

Automated Response

Machine to machine communications has moved beyond the hype

Issue 155 November 2008

Show me the way

Show me the way


Mobile VoIP: Will the carriers lose their voice?

Barry West: The Xhom chief talks to MCI about the WiMAX future.

Home delivery

Home delivery

Carriers are banking on femtocells to help win the indoor battle

Issue 153 September 2008


Mobile advertising: Operators are looking to define their role in a complex value chain.

David Wood: Symbian’s head of research talks to MCI about the move to open source.

The green issue

Thee green issue

How the mobile industry interacts with the environment

Issue 152 Summer 2008


The Climate Group: Just how green is the ICT sector?

Interview: Chris Burgess, head of CR at Vodafone, talks to MCI.

Take care of the pennies

Take care of the pennies

Ten ways for operators to cut costs

Issue 151 June 2008


Handsets: The arrival of the iPhone has been the catalyst for renewed terminal design everywhere.

India: The fastest growing mobile market in the world.

Piece by piece

Piece by Piece

Emerging markets operators are pressing ahead on new frontiers

Issue 150 May 2008


Enterprise Services: Operators are looking for new ways to differentiate themselves.

America Movil: From emerging market specialist to continental powerhouse.

It’s what’s outside that counts

It's what's outside that counts

It’s what’s outside that counts

Issue 149 April 2008


Backhaul: The capacity crunch for mobile operators is in the backhaul element of the network. What’s being done?

Mika Vehviläinen: The COO of Nokia Siemens Networks talks to MCI about the workings of large scale mergers.

Allow me, sir

Allow me, Sir

Allow me, Sir

Issue 148 March 2008


Fraud and security: How much are you losing?

Zain: The Kuwaiti operator is looking to book itself a place in the top ten



When 4G rolls around, which team will emerge triumphant?

Issue 147 February 2008


Steve Pusey: The Group CTO of Vodafone talks exclusively to MCI

Customer ownership: Can operators and vendors meet in the middle to share the spoils of customer spend?

Out with the old, in with the new

Out with the old, in with the new


Issue 146 December 07/January 08


The key developments of 2007:

Emerging markets
50% global penetration

Burning issue

Burning issue

Mobile payments could change the way the world spends money

Issue 145 November 2007


Location Based Services: Nokia’s acquistion of Navteq caused a stir in the LBS world. But success stories remain elusive

Vitalis Olunga: The head of GSM Africa speaks to MCI ahead of the AfricaCom event

Handset thoroughbreds

Handset thoroughbreds

The handset market looks like a one horse race. But things are getting interesting in the chasing pack.

Issue 144 October 2007


As seen on TV: Mobile TV is coming, but question marks remain

Microsoft & Google: The software giants are gaining ground in the mobile space