Sailfish OS to run Android apps

Jolla's firest Sailfish device

Finnish start up handset manufacturer Jolla has announced that its Sailfish mobile operating system is now compatible with the Android ecosystem, in terms of application and hardware compatibility. Android applications can now run directly on Sailfish OS without any modifications, the firm said.

Jolla revives Meego with Sailfish OS

Jolla revives Meego with Sailfish OS

Finnish start up Jolla Mobile has unveiled its Sailfish OS; a Linux mobile operating system based on the the abandoned MeeGo project. In a show of support for domestic innovation, Finland’s third largest operator DNA has said that it will distribute handsets using the OS upon its commercial launch.

HP hires MeeGo chief to develop consumer tablets

There’s clearly a leak at HP with another internal memo hitting the wires on Tuesday morning, revealing the company’s plans to resurrect its interest in the mobility space. The memo outlines the creation of HP Mobility, a business unit that will focus on the creation of “consumer tablets”.

Nokia worries deepen ahead of quarterly results


Finnish phone manufacturer Nokia will shut down two of its four regional sales offices in China as part of its restructuring plans. The news comes in the same week that the firm has slashed the price of its flagship Lumia handset, and the news does not bode well for the company’s 2Q12 earnings announcement, due to be held on Thursday.

Ex-Nokia execs to resurrect MeeGo

The short-lived Nokia N9

A group of ex-Nokia executives has set up a start-up firm aiming to design, develop and sell MeeGo based smartphones. MeeGo is a free Linux-based mobile operating system project that was first announced at Mobile World Congress 2010 by Intel and Nokia. It was designed to go toe to toe with Android and iOS in the top end smartphone space.

Nokia’s strategic focus starting to take shape

Symbian isn’t supposed to compete with iOS and Windows — that will be MeeGo’s job. Instead, Symbian is now firmly aimed at the mid-range market. It must compete against BlackBerry and bada

Only two months after announcing a new smartphone strategy to phase out Symbian OS and focus on Microsoft’s Windows Phone, Nokia today announced plans for a strategic collaboration with Accenture in which Nokia would outsource its Symbian software activities and transition about 3,000 employees to Accenture. At the same time, Accenture would provide mobility software services to Nokia for future smartphones, including business and operational services around the Windows Phone platform, as well as to other ecosystem participants.

Should Nokia adopt Microsoft Windows Phone and/or Android sooner rather than later?

Symbian isn’t supposed to compete with iOS and Windows — that will be MeeGo’s job. Instead, Symbian is now firmly aimed at the mid-range market. It must compete against BlackBerry and bada

Will Nokia’s new CEO push the company to adopt a multiple OS strategy? The answer to this question could be revealed on February 11th during Nokia’s Strategy and Financial Briefing.

Nokia, Intel create 3D lab

The Intel and Nokia Joint Research Center will focus on graphics for mobile devices based on MeeGo

Nokia and Intel have been getting friendly for some time and now the two companies are taking their relationship to the next level with the opening of a jointly owned and run laboratory in Finland.

The way that you hold me


You may or may not know, readers, that there is an album that falls into the easy listening musical category by a lady called Robin Avery entitled: ‘The way that you hold me.’ It is described thus: “[The record] is a smooth jazz album that expresses love in many ways, at times adding pop, Caribbean, and R&B flavours.” It sounds like a dreadful prospect and, the Informer can confirm based on a quick online sampler, lives down to all expectations.

Orange backs Intel, Nokia Linux platform

Orange backs the Intel, Nokia, Linux platform, MeeGo

Mobile operator Orange got behind the Nokia-Intel founded Linux initiative MeeGo on Wednesday, anticipating the creation of a new channel for the delivery of consumer multimedia services.