Nokia HERE to power maps for Baidu outside China

HERE for Android now available on Google Play

It has been announced Nokia’s HERE mapping solutions will be powering search engine Baidu outside its home country China. Nokia said the search giant, which already uses HERE for its desktop version of its location and mapping services, will add the solution to its map apps for Android and iOS.

Apple ditches Google Maps, cosies up to Facebook

Apple has unveiled iOS6

Apple has unveiled a new operating system for mobile devices, iOS6, which sees the firm ending its reliance on Google’s mapping software. Instead Apple has created its own mapping application in a move to take more control of the assets on its devices. One analyst warned that this announcement could have a negative knock-on effect on the operator community.

Ovi Maps racks up almost 1.5 million downloads

Nokia's free Ovi Maps racks up almost 1.5 million downloads

Since making its Ovi Maps navigation service available free to the masses in late January, Finnish handset vendor Nokia has racked up 1.4 million downloads.