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EE activates LTE-A in Central London

EE launches 4G+ in Central London

EE has launched LTE-Advanced, which it is branding ’4G+’, at some 150 sites across London, declaring the UK has “gone from a laggard back to being a leader.” As reported previously by, the new faster speeds are facilitated by carrier aggregation (CA) over the combination of 20MHz of 1800MHz and 20MHzof 2.6GHz spectrum.

Carrier aggregation or carrier aggravation?

The concept of carrier aggregation is getting a lot attention

Carrier Aggregation – one of most popular features of LTE-Advanced – is currently in the innovator and early-adopter stages of the technology lifecycle. As such it is still relatively immature and complex to implement with the risk of disappointing early consumers.

SK Telecom demos 200MHz combined FDD-TDD bandwidth

I'll see your five carriers and double it

South Korean carrier SK Telecom claims to have broken mobile download speed records again using carrier aggregation technologies in partnership with infrastructure supplier Nokia. By converging both FDD and TDD spectrum the operator was able to demonstrate throughput of 3.78Gbps, downloading a 5GB HD movie in just 11 seconds.

Sprint adds 20 new LTE markets

Sprint's LTE service will begin in 2012, with Network Vision to be launched shortly after

US mobile network Sprint has extended its LTE coverage to 20 new markets, taking the total number of cities in which the service is available to 402, the firm said. It also introduced its Spark service, which takes advantage of LTE-Advanced techniques including carrier aggregation, in two new markets. Sprint said that it expects to have LTE coverage of more than 250 million people by the mid point of 2014.

Standard Bearer

Dino Flore

Dino Flore was elected to the chair of 3GPP’s TSG RAN in February 2013. A director of technical standards at Qualcomm, Flore succeeded NTT DoCoMo’s Takehiro Nakamura in May and chaired his fi rst RAN Plenary in June this year. Here he talks about the challenges of his new role.

SK Telecom launches commercial LTE Advanced service

SK Telecom has introduced LTE-A services in South Korea

South Korean operator SK Telecom has launched what it says is the world’s first commercially available LTE-Advanced service. The operator said it is offering LTE-Advanced at standard LTE prices.

Aussie Rules

Mike Wright, executive director of networks & access technologies at Telstra

It is testament to Telstra’s aggressive approach to mobile broadband that an operator in a country of just over 23 million people should rank in the top ten operators worldwide in terms of LTE subscriber numbers. Mike Wright, Telstra’s executive director for networks and access technologies talks to about the firm’s plans for further enhancing its LTE operation with fresh spectrum and LTE-Advanced capabilities.

Mobile video offers key opportunity says Clearwire CTO

Clearwire's spectrum depth will let it lower cost per bit greater than its rivals, its CTO has claimed

The ability to deliver a superior experience for mobile video will be key to Clearwire’s success, its CTO John Saw has said. Speaking at the LTE North America conference, Saw described video as “the closest thing for a potential killer app for 4G”, due to viewing via LTE being quantitatively better than 3G.

Dish Networks trademarks planned wireless video and LTE services as ‘Ollo’

Dish Networks could be bringing and LTE Advanced service to the US under the brand name 'Ollo'

US satellite pay TV broadcaster Dish networks has applied for the trademark ‘Ollo’ as a brand name for its planned wireless LTE-Advanced based services.

AT&T reveals LTE Advanced plans

AT&T has said it will launch LTE Advanced in 2013

AT&T, the US operator, will introduce LTE Advanced in 2013, according to AT&T Labs president and chief executive, Krish Prabhu. Prabhu made the revelation earlier this week at the LTE North America conference, held in Dallas, Texas, the home city of the US carrier. However, no further details were announced by the company.

Ericsson demos LTE Advanced in Sweden

Ericsson has demoed an LTE Advanced network running ten times the speed of standard LTE

While many countries LTE plans are still at the drawing board stage the ever eager Swedish are already getting a taste of its successor, LTE Advanced. This week Ericsson demonstrated LTE Advanced running over a test network in Kista, Sweden.

Rohde & Schwarz and Synopsys form LTE testing alliance

Rohde & Schwarz and Synopsys are getting together to form an LTE testing strategic alliance

Rohde & Schwarz, a supplier of test and measurement solutions, and Synopsys, which owns telecoms IP and libraries, have announced a collaboration that should accelerate the design and verification of LTE-related equipment.

DoCoMo eyes up blazing speeds on LTE Advanced trials

DoCoMo said it has achieved transmission data rates of approximately 1Gbps in the downlink and 200Mbps in the uplink

Japan’s leading carrier, NTT DoCoMo, said Monday that it is gearing up to test LTE Advanced with an eye to racking up speeds of 1Gbps on the downlink.