Ubuntu seeks crowdfunding support to make Linux phone


Open source developer and Linux house Ubuntu has turned to crowdfunding to get its latest mobile project off the ground. Parent company Canonical is hoping to raise $32m by August 21 to kick start manufacture of a high end smartphone that doubles as a desktop PC.

China Unicom supports Ubuntu smartphone OS


The mobile OS made by Linux house Ubuntu received a significant boost this week as China Unicom signed up to the Ubuntu Carrier Advisory Group and potentially add its 300 million subscribers to the user pool.

Ubuntu Linux comes to smartphones

Ubuntu on smartphones

Android may well be storming the mobile OS charts, but there are still plenty of Linux software developers intent on fragmenting the ecosystem with their own flavours of Linux for mobile devices.

Canonical, the developer behind the popular and user friendly Ubuntu Linux distribution said this week that it has a version of its operating system for smartphones now ready to deploy.

Facebook backs project to develop ARM servers

The project could have an impact on datacentres

An organisation founded in 2010 to define the future of Linux on low power mobile chips from ARM has won support from social networking giant Facebook.

Another mobile Linux is born; Meego comes and goes

The short-lived Nokia N9

While long suspected, the reasons for ex-CTO Rich Green’s departure from Nokia have this week become clear. The Finnish firm’s first and last Meego-based handset was released Tuesday, while the OS itself was formally executed with a view to what’s left being assimilated by the LiMo and Linux Foundations.

China Unicom announces ‘Wophone’ OS

China Unicom says the launch of its new cellular OS is "imminent"

China Unicom has announced the development of its own smartphone operating system built on a Linux core. The ‘Wophone’ OS, which reports claim will not be based on Android, will run on a new brand of devices which, it is hoped, will help China Unicom expand its handset offering in order to grow demand for its 3G services.

The way that you hold me


You may or may not know, readers, that there is an album that falls into the easy listening musical category by a lady called Robin Avery entitled: ‘The way that you hold me.’ It is described thus: “[The record] is a smooth jazz album that expresses love in many ways, at times adding pop, Caribbean, and R&B flavours.” It sounds like a dreadful prospect and, the Informer can confirm based on a quick online sampler, lives down to all expectations.

Orange backs Intel, Nokia Linux platform

Orange backs the Intel, Nokia, Linux platform, MeeGo

Mobile operator Orange got behind the Nokia-Intel founded Linux initiative MeeGo on Wednesday, anticipating the creation of a new channel for the delivery of consumer multimedia services.

LiMo builds bridges to operator community

LiMo Foundation builds bridges to Wholesale Applications Community

Keen to increase its relevancy across all industry areas, mobile Linux evangelist group the LiMo Foundation is looking to build bridges with the recently formed Wholesale Applications Community.

Vodafone cheers on developers with 360 vision

Vodafone cheers on developers with 360 vision

Vodafone 360, the UK operator’s social media interface and aggregation platform is making some headway. The UK firm said Tuesday that more than 7,000 apps have been made available to customers across eight European markets in the three months since the service launched.

The open road

At the recent Symbian Exchange and Expo (SEE) held in London, talked to John Forsyth, leadership team, Symbian Foundation, about the organisation’s new direction and the threat from Linux and Android.

The future’s bright, the future’s open

The future’s bright, the future’s open

Open source specialist, consultant and Harvard fellow David “Doc” Searls writes about why he believes openness has to be the future for mobile.

Qualcomm sets out open source unit

The Qualcomm Innovation Center (QuIC) is dedicated to open source development

US chip shop Qualcomm has caught the open source bug as well, on Monday announcing a separate wholly-owned subsidiary focused on mobile open source platforms.

These are the droids you are looking for

Android picks up momentum

The driving forces behind Google’s foray into the mobile platform space – The Open Handset Alliance and the Android Open Source Project – have shown off developments for the operating system which will allow handset builders to deploy the platform on yet more devices, even as it is gaining some significant traction in the market.

Nokia bolsters Maemo Linux OS with Qt port

Nokia bolsters Memo Linux OS with Qt port bringing the platform to the forthcoming N900

Finnish handset vendor Nokia pressed on with development of its in house Linux platform on Friday, porting its cross platform application and user interface framework – Qt – to Maemo 5.

Come into my parlour, said the spider to the fly

There was a report on the news in the UK this morning that this autumn will be a bumper season for spiders in this country. This is terrible news for just about everybody, because spiders are horrible. The Informer once spent a month in Costa Rica, a glorious country, and encountered some of the biggest spiders in the world. But that hasn’t helped him overcome the panic he experiences when even the most unprepossessing common-or-garden UK spider scampers into view.

Vodafone intros LiMo R2 handsets for social aggregation platform

Vodafone 360 is a social network aggregator built on LiMo

Wireless behemoth Vodafone on Thursday announced an aggregation platform that brings a user’s contacts, social networks and messages together in one place.

Myriad takes Nokia’s Schillings

Benoit Schillings quits Nokia for Myriad

The chief technology officer of leading handset vendor Nokia made an interesting career move on Wednesday, when it was announced that he is to take a similar position at mobile middleware developer Myriad.

Intel targets mobile devices market with Linux and app store

Intel demos Moblin 2.1 running on a mobile handset

It’s looking more and more like Intel has designs on the mobile handset space, with the chip giant this week demonstrating a version of its Linux-based Moblin platform for handsets.

Nokia lifts curtain on Linux-based device

The N900 runs Nokia's Linux-based Maemo operating system

Nokia has given yet more indication that it is to reduce its reliance on Symbian with an announcement that it is to introduce more high end devices on the Linux-based Maemo platform.