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LG launches cellular wearable for kids

Orwellian fun for all the family

LG Electronics has launched a wearable device designed specifically to help parents track their young children. In order to do this the KizON has a 2G/3G cellular modem, which sets a key precedent in the evolution of the nascent wearables category.

Samsung pockets 95% of Android profits

Samsung's Galaxy brand is "nearly a synonym for Android", Gartner said

Industry Analyst Strategy Analytics has released estimates for the size of the Android smartphone market during the first quarter of 2013, declaring that Korean device vendor Samsung captured 95 per cent of profits from Android devices in the period.

Ups and downs

The Informer keeps seeing these financial crisis-induced marketing emails that say things like: “Now is the perfect time to innovate!” or “Now is the perfect time to implement this cost management solution!”. But it strikes the Informer that what now is really the perfect time for is to be a Chinese equipment vendor. While all the other vendors are loosening their collars and tightening their belts, and shedding staff like a dog sheds hair (unless it’s a Portuguese Water Dog, of course), the Chinese vendors are having a right old knees-up.

US fallout from Qualcomm chip ban

South Korean handset manufacturers LG Electronics and Samsung are understood to be lobbying for a suspension on the International Trade Commission’s (ITC) ban of 3G phones using Qualcomm chips. The ban came into force on Friday after the ITC found Qualcomm guilty of infringing patents held by rival Broadcom. Both LG and Samsung are expected [...]

Google and LG team up

Internet search giant, Google said Wednesday that it has inked a deal with Korean electronics firm, LG Electronics, to put its software on LG’s mobile phones. The move comes days after Yahoo announced its ‘oneSearch’ service – widely hailed by analysts and industry observers as a significant leap over Google’s existing mobile technology. LG, maker [...]

LG wins 3G handset supply deal

South Korean handset vendor LG Electronics is to provide the low cost WCDMA handset with which the GSMA and its members will spearhead the 3G for All campaign. An evolution of the trade body’s Emerging Market Handset project, 3G for All is designed to accelerate uptake of WCDMA services around the world through the distribution [...]

LG polishes up Shine

South Korean vendor LG Electronics launched the second device in its Black Label portfolio on Wednesday, the ‘Shine’. Flushed from the success of its Chocolate phone, which launched almost one year ago and has so far sold 7.5 million units worldwide, LG hopes the second in the series can follow the same path. LG will [...]

LG to ship cheap 3G devices?

South Korean handset manufacturer firm LG Electronics is expected to be named as the winner of the GSM Association’s “3G for All” tender next week. As another pre-3GSM World Congress rumour hits the wires, LG is understood to have won a tender to produce an affordable, mass market 3G handset. The GSMA announced the 3G [...]

LG launches iPhone-like Prada phone

Hot on the heels of Apple’s iPhone, South Korean vendor LG Electronics officially unveiled the distinctly similar looking KE850 on Thursday. LG has teamed up with fashion house Prada on the branding of the device, which looks to be an evolution of its highly successful Chocolate phone. Images of the KE850 had been leaked prior [...]