Samsung gets cosy with Kindle, Tizen

Samsung is bringing the Kindle experience to its handsets

Amazon has partnered with Samsung to launch a custom ebook service, bundling a content subscription with the device.

Amazon launches Fire TV set-top box

Amazon has launched its TV streaming device, Amazon Fire TV

Amazon has launched its much-anticipated TV streaming device, Amazon Fire TV, taking on the likes of Apple TV and Roku with its own internet-connect set-top.

Is there space for the Nexus 8, Kindle Fire HD and iPad mini?

The Google Nexus 7

The much vaunted battle between the Nexus 7, Kindle Fire (HD) and iPad Mini in the sub 8inch tablet market has been ongoing in the press with a number of impassioned views expressed for each side – although the zealot quotient is particularly strong in the iPad corner.

Amazon updates tablets and e-reader

The new Kindle Fire HD

Online bookstore Amazon is stepping up its efforts in the hardware market by launching a suite of Kindle Fire tablets and a new e-reader. The firm revealed four new versions of the Kindle Fire tablet including three Kindle Fire HD versions in two format sizes; 7in for $199 and 8.9-in for $299 ($499 with LTE). In addition it launched an updated non-HD version of the tablet.

Amazon can no longer compete with only annual updates


At its press conference, Amazon emphasized the unique nature of its business model – “We want to make money when people use our devices, not when they buy our devices” – by announcing a flurry of new valued-priced products and updates to its growing line of tablets and e-readers.

Come on Amazon light my Fire


When it comes to the relationship between the devices and content they offer Amazon and Apple are two very different companies. Apple’s App Store was created to act as a differentiating feature that is available only to their end users, in order to compel consumers to purchase Apple devices rather than those of their rivals. While for Amazon it is the reverse, their devices exist to encourage the growth of the market for the sale of the digital content that is available on their online store.

Future for e-reader market is a sad story

By 2014 the e-reader may have had its day in the sun

The nascent e-reader market may be on a strong growth curve at present, but the sector’s days are numbered with strong competition coming from a wide range of consumer devices.

Amazon opens app store of sorts

The Amazon Kindle e-reader

Social network cum online retailer Amazon expanded its empire with the launch of an app store of sorts for the e-reader market.

Kindle opens new chapter, goes global

Kindle opens new chapter, goes global

Online retailer Amazon went some way towards validating the Kindle e-book reader’s nascent business model this week, when it announced plans to launch the device in 100 countries outside the US.

E-book readers Kindle new interest

E-book readers Kindle new interest

While analysts expect e-book readers to become a new competition arena for device manufacturers, content producers like News Corp. threaten to derail the model with new pricing schemes.

Invisible network concept helping Zeebo make a serious business out of wireless games

Following the business model popularized by Amazon’s Kindle electronic reader, startup Zeebo is a trailblazer in distributing mobile games transparently to end-users via 3G networks.

Amazon intros next generation Kindle

Amazon intros next generation Kindle

Online retailer Amazon is seeking to shake up the wireless consumer electronics space with a revamped version of its Kindle electronic book.

Back to the future

With December almost upon us and Thanksgiving taking place in the US, you can already feel the telecoms industry settling down to hibernate until January. With not an awful lot else going on Amazon managed to grab good coverage for the launch of its Kindle electronic book thingy. Given the science fiction heritage of the [...]

Amazon Kindles a wireless plan

The mobile services market is turning into a free for all at the moment, with online retailer Amazon announcing an innovative assault on the mobile content space this week. From November 29, the internet book shop will start selling ‘Kindle’, a wireless-enabled electronic book, in the US. The gadget is basically an internet terminal with [...]