NFV: Insight from a systems integrator


The fundamental architectural changes introduced by Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) essentially propose the meshing of the telecom and IT functions and a welcome move away from bespoke hardware. Although this development will have a world-changing effect on the telecoms ecosystem and the way network equipment is bought and sold, this effect is secondary to the economic and operational benefits NFV is set to bring.

Systems integration: from tax to benefit, the importance of the right-sized systems integrator

kapsch march 2013

This white paper describes the current drivers and demand for telecoms equipment systems integration, and outlines the options for selecting a suitable systems integrator partner.

Kapsch: Experience and expertise in networks

kapsch thumb1

Kapsch Carriercom’s COO Thomas Schöpf tells Telecoms.com about the experience and technical expertise the systems integrator brings to the table, at MWC 2013.

Use your Brain: Making the most of network capacity


This white paper – produced by Telecoms.com and sponsored by Kapsch – argues that many mobile operators are not using the whole of their network capacity, often because they don’t have the time or aren’t being given the right advice—or simply because don’t yet know how. But the knowledge exists and, when applied, it can deliver valuable improvements and efficiencies.