EE exclusive distributor of iZettle card reader for UK

iZettle is currently available for iOS and Android devices

Everything Everywhere, the UK operator owned by Orange and Deutsche Telekom, is to be the exclusive distributor of the iZettle card reader in the UK. Swedish mobile payment provider iZettle combines card reader hardware and a downloadable app, to enable smartphones and tablets to take debit or credit card payments.

iZettle launches in Germany

iZettle launches in Germany

Swedish firm iZettle has launched its mobile payment card reader service in Germany. The payment solutions provider has teamed up with financial institutions DZ Bank and Deutsche Telekom to provide small businesses with the ability to accept payments via Android and iOS smartphones.

Starbucks throws weight behind Square

Starbucks has given its financial and strategic backing to mobile payment firm Square

US mobile payment firm Square has received a $25m investment from global coffee chain Starbucks, and the two firms have announced a partnership to accelerate usage of Square’s payment technology. Under the terms of their partnership, Starbucks customers will be able to pay for goods using Pay with Square, the payment firm’s app that allows iPhone and Android users to process transactions from their debit or credit card without the need for any additional hardware add-on.

iZettle forced to stop processing Visa payments in three European markets

iZettle turns smartphones into payment card readers

Mobile payment firm iZettle has been forced to stop processing Visa card transactions in three European markets. The firm provides apps and hardware to transform iOS and Android devices into payment card readers, using a small hardware unit.

Mobilising the market place

The most significant developments are being driven by the occasional merchants

The biggest innovations in m-payment mechanisms among merchants seem to be at the lower end of the market. But Big Retail is still in the running and everyone is seeking to influence a change in behaviour.