The Key Notes

Matthew Key, CEO of Telefónica Europe, talks exclusively to telecoms.com about the challenges faced across his portfolio, his future plans and the new shape of the mobile industry.

iPhone comes to the UK masses

Vodafone to launch iPhone in UK January 14

Mobile carrier Vodafone UK will begin selling the Apple iPhone on January 14, making it the third carrier out of the big five to offer the device.

Tesco iPhone undercuts on price

Tesco iPhone undercuts on price

UK supermarket Tesco began selling the Apple iPhone on Monday, at the lowest monthly contract price in the UK market.

From one extreme to the other

There was a time, not so long ago, when the iPhone was a byword for exclusivity. Carriers fought for the right to offer it and queues formed outside the small number of shops which shone with its presence. Now you can buy the thing in Tesco. The UK’s largest supermarket, which pockets something like one of every seven pounds spent in Britain, will soon be making the latest versions of Apple’s iconic handset available on its MVNO, Tesco Mobile.

Industry fumbles to find light in shadow of the iPhone

Almost three years after the launch of the iPhone, it was clear at the recent FT World Telecoms conference that the mobile industry is still catching-up with the new paradigm the device has created.

iPhone to hit Tesco shelves

The iPhone will be available in Tesco

iPhone exclusivity is well and truly over, in the UK at least, with the news that supermarket Tesco is to stock the device and might even do so in time for Christmas.

iPhone a winner for mobile advertising

iPhone a winner for mobile advertising

The iPhone’s screen still appears to be the most prominent real estate for mobile advertising according to figures released this week.

O2 UK beefs up its data network

O2 UK beefs up its data network

Anticipating increased demand for mobile data services, and perhaps seeking to offset criticism over congestion, O2 UK has announced plans build out 1,500 new network sites in 2010.

Droid may save Motorola

Droid may save Motorola

Motorola’s big bet on the Android-powered Droid device may just pay off and help the reinvented company turn its fortunes around.

Orange UK reveals iPhone data limit

Orange UK reveals iPhone data limit

UK mobile operator Orange is attracting criticism this week as it prepares to go up against O2 with its own iPhone offer.

Apple goes Orange in UK November 10

Apple goes Orange in UK November 10

Californian manufacturer Apple is preparing to unleash its iconic handset on the mass market, with UK mobile carrier Orange set to sell the device from November 10.

Verizon pitching Motorola handset against iPhone?

Never mind what Droid does, what will Droid be?

Perhaps a brave move on the part of US carrier Verizon Wireless, which appears to be setting Motorola’s second Android-based handset to go toe-to-toe with the iPhone.

Recession? What Recession? Apple posts “most profitable quarter ever”

Recession? What recession?

The latest bout of financial results give an interesting view on where the power is in the mobile industry. While the traditional telco firms continue to take a battering in the economic storm, everything is coming up roses for Apple and Google.

Palm Pre UK launch may outshine iPhone debut

This week’s launch of the Palm Pre in the UK could far outshine that of the Apple iPhone’s 2007 debut, researchers say

Estimations released Monday suggest that this week’s launch of the Palm Pre in the UK will far outshine that of the Apple iPhone’s 2007 debut.

Keys to success are elusive for iPhone app developers

IPhone application developers don’t need to offer an inexpensive iPhone app in order to make a dent in the marketplace, but, that said, it’s sometimes the simplest applications that derive the most high-profile attention.

AT&T allows cellular VoIP apps on iPhone

AT&T will allow iPhone apps to run VoIP over cellular

US mobile operator AT&T Wireless must be feeling the need to be more open. Not only has it recently enabled MMS on its network, but this week it allowed previously outlawed VoIP apps to run on the iPhone.

Adobe squeezes Flash onto iPhone but not in browser

Adobe squeezes Flash onto iPhone but not in browser

So it looks like Adobe Flash will be coming to the Apple iPhone after all, but as a native application rather than the in-browser player.

Adobe brings Flash to mobile, but not iPhone

Flash - saviour of the mobile universe?

Software firm Adobe announced plans for a full fledged Flash player for mobile devices on Monday, although there is still no sign of a break in the deadlock between it and Apple.

Will iPhone damage Vodafone’s 360 strategy?

Will the iPhone damage Vodafone's 360 strategy?

Does Vodafone UK’s iPhone deal have negative implications for its recently announced 360 platform and serve as an acknowledgement that third parties have the power?

UK iPhone price war expected as Apple signs up Vodafone

Now that Vodafone has got the iPhone a price war is expected in the UK

Californian electronics manufacturer Apple continued its push to get the iPhone out to the mass market on Tuesday, with Vodafone UK and Ireland set to introduce the device in early 2010.