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3 UK tries to spark price war over iPhone 4

3 UK tries to spark price war over iPhone 4

Trust the UK’s smallest mobile operator, 3 UK, to try to start a price war over the latest Apple device to hit the shelves. We say ‘try’ to start a price war because it’s become apparent that the UK has sold out of iPhone 4s, at least for now anyway.

The way that you hold me


You may or may not know, readers, that there is an album that falls into the easy listening musical category by a lady called Robin Avery entitled: ‘The way that you hold me.’ It is described thus: “[The record] is a smooth jazz album that expresses love in many ways, at times adding pop, Caribbean, and R&B flavours.” It sounds like a dreadful prospect and, the Informer can confirm based on a quick online sampler, lives down to all expectations.

The God delusion


So the new iPhone is here—the iPhone 4. It’s a thing of beauty, no doubt about it—and it has behind it a short but very impressive line of forbears. The iPhone lineage has changed the way that people perceive, define and use mobile phones. It has had more positive impact than any other device on consumer enthusiasm for mobile data. And it has been the interface for one of the most important and influential developments the industry has seen in recent times; the App Store.