Apple SIM could accelerate wireless industry disruption

Apple SIM will allow easier operator switching for users

A multi-operator capable SIM card included in Apple’s latest iPad range will give consumers the flexibility to switch between short-term plans with operators in the UK and USA. So far, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and UK operator EE have confirmed participation with the initiative.

Microsoft’s enterprise mobility strategy: too little too late?

Satya Nadella, CEO at Microsoft

Microsoft officially announced Thursday what most have anticipated for some time, Office 365 for iOS, and an enterprise mobility management suite tying many of the company’s existing elements – Active Directory, Intune, etc. – together. But while finally surrendering old world Microsoft thinking is certainly something to commend, in addition to a notable update on the back-end, it’s worth asking whether Microsoft can regain lost ground in the mobile enterprise.

Apple revisits NFC implementation with patent application

Apple has applied to patent a gifting system using near field communication (NFC) technology

iPhone maker Apple looks to be considering adopting NFC as details of a patent application emerge for gifting media files from one iOS user to another.

Apple calls for counterfeit and third party charger trade-in

Vodafone to launch iPhone in UK January 14

Apple is asking its customers to hand in their counterfeit and third party device chargers in return for an official one for the price of $10, or the equivalent in local currency. The replacement USB power adapters will be available in retail stores starting August 16.

Obama overturns US ban on Apple devices

Obama's administration has overturned a ban on the sale of iPhones

US president Barack Obama’s administration has stepped in at the last minute and overturned a ban on the sale of older models of Apple’s iPhone and iPad in the country. Initially, the US International Trade Commission (ITC) had ruled that the devices in question infringed upon 3G patents owned by Korean device maker Samsung.

Is there space for the Nexus 8, Kindle Fire HD and iPad mini?

The Google Nexus 7

The much vaunted battle between the Nexus 7, Kindle Fire (HD) and iPad Mini in the sub 8inch tablet market has been ongoing in the press with a number of impassioned views expressed for each side – although the zealot quotient is particularly strong in the iPad corner.

Apple fined in Australia over 4G iPad claims

Apple has been fined US$2 million for deliberately misleading Australian iPad buyers

Apple has been fined AU$2 million for deliberately misleading Australian consumers over the 4G status of its third-gen iPad. Action was brought against the tablet manufacturer by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) after Australian consumers complained that they had bought the device on the understanding that it was compatible with Telstra’s LTE networks, only later to discover that it was not.

Apple’s profit surges at operators’ expense

2Q12 was the first full quarter that the iPhone 4S was on the market

Despite operator frustrations at the huge markups they have to pay on iPhone devices, Apple’s momentum has not been suppressed and it has once again posted sharp year-on-year increases in revenue and profit in its latest quarterly earnings.

German court rules to ban sale of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab

Samsung has been told it can no longer sell the Galaxy tablet in Germany

Apple has won a case in Germany to prohibit the sale of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet device in the country.

The Düsseldorf court upheld the preliminary injunction secured by Apple, which claims that Samsung had infringed its intellectual property and copied the iPad.

FT app gets pulled from iTunes

The FT has pulled its app from the App Store

The Financial Times (FT) has had its iPad app removed from iTunes following a dispute with Apple.

The decision was made after the FT refused to comply with Apple’s demand that is collects a 30 per cent cut from all in-app payments and subscriptions, and has ownership of all customer data that is collected.

Samsung Galaxy Tab ban lifted

The Galaxy Tab 10.1, get it while you can

A ban on the sale of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab in Europe that was put in place earlier this month has been lifted already, albeit temporarily, while authorities investigate the legitimacy of the original ruling. A German court instigated the EU-wide ban (excluding the Netherlands) on the import and sale of the tablet device, after complaints from Apple that the Galaxy imitated its iPad product.

Samsung seeks to ban Apple from US market

Samsung is seeking a ban on the import of Apple products into the US

The patent dispute between Apple and Samsung has escalated another few notches with Samsung’s announcement Wednesday that it will seek to ban imports of Apple’s devices into the United States.

Tablets to help carriers regain ground in the enterprise market

Tablet devices could help carriers regain ground in the enterprise market

The boom in popularity of tablets represents an opportunity for carriers to trawl back some ground in the enterprise markets, according to John Giere, SVP at Openwave. Giere told Telecoms.com that the tablet market is shaking up the enterprise space far more than it will the consumer one – at least in the US.

iPad to be subsidised in Europe

The device will go on sale in December in Orange stores in Europe from €279

The Apple iPad will be subsidised in Europe by mobile operators Orange and T-Mobile, in a bid to boost the postpaid user base.

3 pushing tablets to UK users

A tablet a day keeps churn at bay

The UK’s mobile underdog and most disruptive wireless player, 3, has unveiled its own tariffs for the Apple iPad, which lands in the UK on Friday, and they’re pretty competitive.

HTC calls for Apple ban

HTC's complaint comes in response to an Apple lawsuit filed in March this year

Taiwanese handset vendor HTC, the first company to release an Android handset, has taken legal action against Apple for patent infringement, filing a complaint with the US International Trade Commission, asking it to “halt the importation and sale of the iPhone, iPad and iPod in the United States.”

iPad available elsewhere; Android offers more tablet options

The Apple iPad will be available in nine countries beyond the US from May 28

The Apple iPad will be available in nine countries beyond the US from the end of this month, with pre-ordering starting from today, May 10.

Magic iPad shifts 300,000 units in first weekend

Magic iPad shifts 300,000 units in first weekend

Apple’s latest market disruptor, the iPad, launched in the US on April 3 and promptly sold over 300,000 units in the first weekend.

Android e-reader to land mid-April

Android-based e-reader the Alex to launch April 14

The makers of the Alex, an Android-based dual screen e-reader, showcasing the adaptability of the Android platform, have solved their technical hiccups and will be shipping devices just weeks after the Apple iPad hits shelves.

‘Magical’ iPad arrives April 3

The iPad arrives in the US on April 3

Apple’s crack at the e-reader market, the iPad, will become available in the US on April 3 as a wifi only version, and then in late April for the wifi and 3G model.