White space spectrum gets coexistence standard

White space networks are key to the IoT

Standards body the IEEE this week released documentation on TV white space coexistence methods. Specifically, the IEEE 802.19.1 standard is intended to play to the cognitive radio capabilities of TV white space devices, including geolocation awareness and access to information databases.

The ‘i’s have it


As is usual on the morning of the launch of an iPhone, there were queues outside Apple retail stores so long that even the Parisian paparazzi struggled to capture the scenes with their hi-tech lenses. But although the majority of those sleeping rough for several nights to be among the first to own the slightly thinner, slightly taller and slightly faster version of last year’s phone were hardcore Apple fans, an increasing proportion were opportunists, lining up to be caught on camera in their promotional t-shirts or selling their space in line for four figure sums.

802.11 standards revised due to growth of wifi

New standards define the technology for wifi applications

The IEEE Standards Association has published new revisions to the standards defining wireless local area network (LAN) products. The new IEEE 802.11 standards already underpin wifi applications globally, but the standards have now been expanded, due to the increasing relevance of new applications, such as the smart grid, the IEEE 802.11 working group explained.

802.11n ratified at last

802.11n - seven years in the making

Despite it being available in networking kit and laptops for years already, standards body the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) has only just ratified the 802.11n wifi standard.

802.11n clears another hurdle

The latest incarnation of the wifi platform, 802.11n, is on something of a roll at the moment, after the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) working group this week unanimously approved draft 2.0 of the specification. Following early rumours of in-fighting and failed ballots, the draft specification has leapt from version 1.10 to version [...]

IEEE raises the bar on 802.16 [

The IEEE has opened a new working group in the 802.16 standard, best known as WiMAX. The group’s aim is nothing to develop a new version of the technology capable of gigabit speeds. This would, if successful, put the LTE and EV-DO Revision C communities’ feet to the fire in terms of 4G. WiMAX was [...]

802.11n draft 1.10 signed off

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) said this week the 802.11 working group has unanimously approved draft 1.10 for the 802.11n specification. All that is left now is for the IEEE to sign off the draft, which will be the final specification for the technology. However, the draft is not expected to be [...]