Big exit


The end of the year is fast approaching and the world is full of people who have just about had enough. Some are choosing to make their own exit, looking for greener pastures in the New Year, while others are having the door help open for them by judgmental colleagues, investors or even the government.

Carriers losing tens of millions of Euro to “grey routes”

H.265 is twice as efficient as its predecessor H.264

Grey routes, or international links that can be used by unscrupulous operators to avoid paying local interconnect fees to their peers, are costing carriers tens of millions in lost revenue.

HAUD Systems: Reclaiming revenue from grey routes


Claire Cassar, Chief Executive Officer, HAUD Systems, talks to Telecoms.com about revenue leakage and the use of profiling techniques as a means to recover significant losses.

Assuring the future of SMS


On 3 December 2012 the mobile industry marked the twentieth anniversary of what is widely regarded as the birth of SMS – the sending of a message from a PC to a mobile phone on the Vodafone network by engineer Neil Papworth. Two years after that milestone, Nokia released the first phone that allowed users [...]

A Unified Network Solution in Mobile Communications – A need or a nice to have?


Keeping track of multiple co-existing technologies is already a necessity, but the need for greater degree of abstraction and control will continue to grow. Smartphones are already capable of several levels of communication using voice call, text messaging and data traffic over the internet. With more and more services becoming available and competing technologies overlapping [...]

M-Spam: From Network Protection to Revenue Assurance


SMS messaging is the most widely used application worldwide for the 5.9 billion mobile subscribers around the world. SMS remains one of the main contributors to the mobile operator’s non-voice revenue stream. However, the mobile industry lost up to $58.4 billion last year due to revenue leakage, which accounted for over 6% of a mobile operator’s total revenues and could grow to 23% by 2016 if not addressed urgently. SMS spam and fraud remain one of the main contributors to this revenue leakage scenario.