Samsung looks to cut out chipmakers with CSR acquisition

Samsung has acquired UK chipmaker CSR's handset business

Handset giant Samsung has acquired UK chipmaker CSR’s handset technology development business in a deal worth $310m. The acquisition is part of Samsung’s “complete platform strategy”, according to analysts, as the Korean vendor looks to cut its dependency on external silicon suppliers.

We finally understand operators, says Intel

Intel executive Herbert Weber says the chip maker now better understands the mobile market

An Intel executive has admitted that the company’s historical inability to win a share of the mobile space stemmed from its failure to properly understand the operator community. Herbert Weber, EMEA marketing director for mobile and communications at Intel, told Telecoms.com that the firm has since taken the time to understand the nuances between the PC and mobile business models and has adjusted its offerings and features accordingly to appeal to operators and consumers alike.

MWC: ZTE to challenge global handsets leaders


ZTE hopes to help pave the way to becoming third largest handset vendor by 2015 with an array of eight new devices launched at MWC 2012. Although a global aspiration, the new devices will mainly target users in Europe, Japan, the USA and China.

Touchless gesture-based phones and flexible screens on the horizon

The Pantech Vega LTE smartphone uses touchless gesture-based technology

The new innovations that could revolutionise handsets are making their way to the market after a Korean handset manufacturer announced it is launching an Android handset equipped with touchless hand gesture recognition technology, while Samsung has confirmed it will be launching devices next year that will have flexible display screens.

Sony Ericsson reshuffles top brass

Bert Nordberg is currently executive vice president of Ericsson

Struggling handset vendor Sony Ericsson on Monday announced a change of leadership that will see chief executive Dick Komiyama step down at the end of the year, to be replaced by Bert Nordberg, currently executive vice president of Ericsson.

Shipment growth reassures handset industry

The recent 2Q09 earnings results of the world’s top five handset vendors by volume showed a quarter-on-quarter growth of 12.1% in shipment numbers, led by LG, Samsung and Nokia. With channel inventory reduced to more normal levels, prospects for continued quarterly growth in 2H09 have improved. However, challengers such as ZTE could displace Motorola or Sony Ericsson while they restructure.

Online mobile phone retail on the increase

Online becoming a popular outlet for handsets

Consumers are increasingly drawn to online purchasing for new mobile phones in Europe’s largest markets, with Amazon and eBay taking the lion’s share of business, according to new findings from the TNS ComTech research project.

Handset shipments to drop by 9% in 2009

Handset shipments to drop by 9%

Mobile phone shipments in 2009 are forecast to be down globally by about 9.1 per cent, according to analyst figures released this week, as economic gloom continues to cloud the horizon.

Take care of the pennies

Take care of the pennies

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