A quick chat with Daniel Sieberg, host of the Broadband Infovision Awards 2012

Daniel Sieberg, author of 'The Digital Diet'

Hosting this year’s Broadband Infovision Awards ceremony is Emmy-nominated former TV correspondent and tech expert Daniel Sieberg.

Director of product management YouTube: “YouTube has become a global living room”


Hunter Walk is director of product management at YouTube and is delivering an opening day Keynote at the Broadband World Forum 2012, taking place on the 16 – 18 October 2012 at the RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We speak to him on what has made YouTube the global success it has become and how he sees the video platform evolving in the future.

90% of Kansas City neighbourhoods qualify for Google Fiber

Google's first fiber city is now ready for customers to sign up

Interest in Google’s fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) project in Kansas City is now running high enough for at least 180 of the city’s 202 neighbourhoods to qualify for deployment of the network.

UK aiming to lead European broadband speeds by 2015

Jeremy Hunt, culture secretary for the UK

The UK’s culture secretary Jeremy Hunt has confirmed his intentions to provide citizens with the fastest broadband network of any major European country by 2015, delivering speeds of more than 24 Mbps to over 90% of the country.

Google prepares for phase two of fibre experiment in Kansas City

Google's Fiber Space

Less than a week after inaugurating its fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) network in Kansas City, Google has confirmed that it is now preparing a second pre-registration phase for homes in North and South Kansas City (Missouri).

Google’s Fiber City project goes live in Kansas City

Google's first fiber city is now ready for customers to sign up

Google has launched its long awaited Google Fiber project in Kansas City, offering a broadband service that it says is 100 times faster the average speed currently available in the US. It has also launched an interactive TV service dubbed Google Fiber TV.

Vodafone down, Verizon up, Microsoft makes loss, Google strong as usual

Vodafone, Verizon, Microsoft and Google posted quarterly results

It’s quarterly results time again, with Vodafone, Verizon, Microsoft and Google reporting varying degrees of success for the quarter ended June 30.

Operator group Vodafone reported almost flat revenues for the quarter, climbing by just one per cent, to reach £10.8bn ($17bn).

Yahoo appoints Google’s Marissa Mayer as CEO

Marissa Mayer, Yahoo's new CEO

Web search firm Yahoo has appointed former Google executive Marissa Mayer as its new CEO. Mayer joined Google in 1999 as the firm’s 20th employee. Her most recent role was to oversee the web giant’s Local, Maps, and Location Services for Google; a suite of products that includes Google Maps, Google Earth, Street View, and local search, for desktop and mobile.

Google Fiber project to expand beyond Kansas City?

optic fibre

As the long-awaited fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) network that Google has busily been building in Kansas City nears completion, rumours have surfaced that the tech giant may be planning to build similar networks in other locations across the US.

Telstar and the Bell System’s Forgotten Anniversary


If you watched Wimbledon’s epic showdown live on television, then you have Telstar to thank. Launched 50 years ago, the Telstar-1 satellite, brainchild of Bell Labs, made international live broadcasts possible. On July 10, 1962, the age of global communications truly began.

Apple ditches Google Maps, cosies up to Facebook

Apple has unveiled iOS6

Apple has unveiled a new operating system for mobile devices, iOS6, which sees the firm ending its reliance on Google’s mapping software. Instead Apple has created its own mapping application in a move to take more control of the assets on its devices. One analyst warned that this announcement could have a negative knock-on effect on the operator community.

Google integrates AdMob into AdWords

Google has integrated AdMob into its AdWords platform

Web and advertising giant Google has finally integrated its AdMob mobile technology into the AdWords system, two years after the AdMob acquisition.

Operators and the Cars of the Future

Connected cars have been getting a lot of attention in 2012 so far

Connected cars are fast becoming the topic that has the telecoms industry’s tongues wagging excitedly. This year, Ford’s chairman gave a keynote presentation at Mobile World Congress, RIM showcased a connected Porsche at its BlackBerry World 2012 event, and Google secured the first ever self-driving car licence in the US. And as the connected car market continues to evolve, mobile operators are finding that they have a key part to play in the ecosystem, and are having to invest time and resources to ensure they are not overlooked as the connected car market matures.

Jha replaced as Google overhauls Motorola management

Sanjay Jha, former CEO of Motorola Mobility

Sanjay Jha, who revived Motorola’s devices business and led the company through its acquisition, has been replaced as CEO, after Google finalised its takeover of the firm.

Microsoft launches social learning network

Microsoft launches, a social networking site for students

Microsoft has attempted to get into the social networking space by launching its own social network, which is specifically targeted at students.

Google: “Malaysia is on the cusp of something big”

Google's Sajith Sivanandan sees great potential in Malaysia's broadband market

We speak to Sajith Sivanandan, Country Head at Google Malaysia, about the growth he has witnessed in Malaysia’s broadband scene, and the opportunities he sees for Google as a result of this growth

Dileep Agrawal, CEO, WorldLink: “When things don’t happen fast enough it can get frustrating.”

Dileep Agrawal, CEO, WorldLink, Nepal

If you have recently been frustrated by buffering while watching an HD video-on-demand stream, then hold that thought. For those in the less developed parts of the world, watching HD video at all, is, quite literally, something of a pipe dream. In these countries, for those fortunate enough to be able to move past existential concerns such as food and housing, internet connectivity and bandwidth is still a mere fraction of what those in developed countries are used to. It’s a pain point of which Dileep Agrawal, chief executive of Nepalese ISP WorldLink, and a speaker at the Broadband ip&TV Asia conference in May, is only too aware.

Google’s Eric Schmidt wants “an Android in every pocket”

Eric Schmidt wants to put a Android phone in your pocket. Though not personally and not for free

Google’s chairman Eric Schmidt has said that there will be an Android device in every pocket if the search and advertising company “gets it right”. Delivering a keynote speech at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Schmidt said that this would be accomplished through significant cost reductions, as this year’s US$400 phone would be next year’s US$100 phone. The aim he said was a US$70 smartphone as this was an inflection point where a new market of opportunity arose.

Google ready to start laying fibre

Google is bringing fibre to Kansas

Google has confirmed that it is ready to start building its Google Fibre network in Kansas City (Kansas) and Kansas City (Missouri).

Google launches Chrome browser for Android with no Flash

Google launches Chrome for Android

Google has announced the availability of a beta version of its Chrome web browser for its Android platform. The browser is available on handsets and tablets running the 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS, and is downloadable via Android Market in select countries and languages.