Orange gets its cloud game on with G-cluster investment

Orange has invested in G-cluster

Orange on Thursday acquired a minority stake in Japanese cloud-based gaming specialist G-cluster for an undisclosed sum. The service provider said that cloud gaming represents an important opportunity and will expand upon an existing agreement whereby G-Cluster provides software services to Orange.

Sony to tackle cloud-based gaming

Sony is getting into cloud gaming

Electronics giant Sony this week revealed its plans for cloud gaming company Gaikai, which it acquired in 2012. The technology has been used to build PlayStation Now – a game streaming service that will launch in the US in the summer.

Softbank invests $1.5bn in tablet gaming company

SoftBank/GungHo will assume control of Supercell with 51 per cent ownership

Finnish tablet gaming developer Supercell has announced investment to the tune of $1.5bn from Japanese carrier SoftBank and its mobile gaming vehicle GungHo.

Chipping away at the old block


Don’t take this the wrong way but the Informer is sure some of the regular readers of AWIW are familiar with Peter Molyneux. As a youngster the Informer whiled away many hours himself on games such as Populous, Dungeon Keeper, Black & White and Fable, all of which were brainchildren of Molyneux.

Chieftain, Tribe Studios: “Tablets are a huge market for games”


Elina Arponen is Chieftain at Tribe Studios, a Finland-based games developer, and is speaking in the Innovate! Track on Day Three of the Broadband World Forum 2012, taking place on the 16 – 18 October 2012 at the RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We speak to her about fixed and wireless broadband connectivity is changing the gaming landscape.

Chief revenue officer, OMGPOP: “Content is king and so is the customer”

Wilson Kriegel is chief revenue officer for OMGPOP

Wilson Kriegel is chief revenue officer for OMGPOP, the developer and publisher of multiplayer, social and mobile games. He is delivering a keynote speech on Day Three of the Broadband World Forum 2102 taking place on the 16 – 18 October 2012 at the RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Ahead of the conference we speak to him about how increasing broadband connectivity is changing the market for gaming.

CEO Gbanga “The player’s experience is affected by the speeds of different network technologies”

Matthias Sala, CEO of gaming app Gbanga will be attending the Broadband World Forum 2012

Matthias Sala is the CEO of Gbanga, a location aware gaming experience for smartphones. He will attending the Broadband World Forum 2012 as part of a panel discussing “The Ascendance of the App – Uncovering the Successes and Opportunities for Growth.” We catch up with him to discuss he views on how improved mobile broadband will enhance applications such as Gbanga.

Ian Livingstone: “The move to multiplayer online is unstoppable”


According to recent figures, the video game industry is a big deal, bringing in $65m in 2011 – more than the DVD, movies and music industries combined, and it is set to reach over $90bn in value by 2015. A man who was there right at the beginning of it all, and a keynote speaker on Day Two of the Broadband World Forum 2012, is Ian Livingstone, a name that will have great resonance for those gamers of a certain age.

Angry Birds makes new nest at Electronic Arts

Angry Birds has been downloaded more than 20 million times.

Mobile games publisher Chillingo, best known for the smash hit Angry Birds, has been acquired by Electronic Arts to boost the gaming giant’s presence in the mobile space and on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch platfroms in particular.

Cloud-based gaming service to hit networks in June

OnLive will launch services in the US on June 17

There’s been lots of talk recently about how network infrastructure, particularly in the mobile sector, is creaking under the weight of data traffic. Come June, traffic may increase significantly with the launch of a service that promises to revolutionise the gaming experience.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming has been held up as a natural revenue spinner for operators. But while the demand is there, it’s not developing quite as expected.

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