Ukkoverkot CEO explains benefits of 450MHz band

Ukkoverkot CEO Antti Pellinen

As recently reported, Finnish start-up company Ukkoverkot has just launched a data-only LTE network on the 450MHz radio spectrum band. spoke to CEO Antti Pellinen, the man leading the young company to find out more about the network the operator says is the world’s first such service commercially available.

Nokia claims 10 times faster upload with C-RAN for Ooredoo, Elisa

Nokia claims its C-RAN helps spectators at events share more easily

Finnish vendor Nokia Networks and Qatari telco Ooredoo claimed they have made uploading 10 times faster with the Nokia centralised RAN. Demonstrating at the ITU Telecom World event in Doha, Qatar, they said average uplink capacity across a cell was doubled thus extending smartphone battery life because of less interference.

Finnish start-up claims first commercial 450MHz LTE network

Ukko intends to cover nearly all of Finland

Finnish start-up Ukkoverkot has launched what it says is the world’s first commercial 450MHz LTE data network. The mobile operator claimed the Ukko Mobile network covers 99.9% of Finland’s population.

Nokia set to license brand to other handset makers

Nokia has moved on from handsets

Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri put a stop to rumours suggesting it might re-enter the handset business. But speaking in London at the vendor’s first capital markets day in five years, Suri confirmed the Nokia brand is to be re-licensed to appear on other smartphone makers’ devices.

TeliaSonera, DNA to share network in rural Finland

The deal will improve coverage in rural Finland

The Finnish operation of Scandinavian operator TeliaSonera has agreed a deal with local Finnish carrier DNA that will see the two share network resources and spectrum in the sparsely populated Northern and Eastern regions of Finland.

TDC offloads Finnish operations to DNA

Finland's capital, Helsinki

Danish incumbent operator TDC has struck a deal with Finnish player DNA that will see DNA acquire TDC’s Finnish operations for €154m. The deal covers both TDC Finland and TDC Hosting—which provide communications and IT solutions to public and private enterprises and wholesale services—and their associated customers. TDC and DNA will co-operate on enterprise and international wholesale services in Finland after the deal’s conclusion.

Sonera to acquire AinaCom’s consumer and fixed network business

Arteris has sold some of its  IP assets to Qualcomm

Sonera, the Finnish arm of operator group TeliaSonera, has agreed to acquire the consumer operations and fixed network business of Finnish communications provider AinaCom for €47m.

Sailfish OS to run Android apps

Jolla's firest Sailfish device

Finnish start up handset manufacturer Jolla has announced that its Sailfish mobile operating system is now compatible with the Android ecosystem, in terms of application and hardware compatibility. Android applications can now run directly on Sailfish OS without any modifications, the firm said.

Huawei sets up in Helsinki

Huawei aims to employ 100 people in the Finnish capital

Chinese infrastructure and device vendor Huawei has announced plans to establish a research and development facility in Helsinki, investing €70m and hiring 100 people over the next five years. The new R&D facility will be a “key driver” in Huawei’s device development work, the firm said.

Jolla revives Meego with Sailfish OS

Jolla revives Meego with Sailfish OS

Finnish start up Jolla Mobile has unveiled its Sailfish OS; a Linux mobile operating system based on the the abandoned MeeGo project. In a show of support for domestic innovation, Finland’s third largest operator DNA has said that it will distribute handsets using the OS upon its commercial launch.

Finland begins 800MHz auction process

Finland has invited applicants to bid for licences on the 800Mhz frequency band

The Finnish Government has begun the registration process for the country’s auction of the 800Mhz frequency band. Finland’s Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC) will hold an auction to sell operating licences in early 2013.

TeliaSonera LTE network “significantly better than 3G” early testing reveals

The UK government has announced plans to release public-service-held spectrum

Early testing on TeliSonera’s LTE network in Finland saw maximum download speeds hitting 48Mbps with an average of 36.1Mbps. This compared with average 3G speeds of 4.1Mbps. Meanwhile LTE network latency averaged 23ms, some five times faster than the average 3G latency of 117ms.

Ericsson wins LTE deal from DNA

Swedish vendor Ericsson has won a deal with Finnish carrier DNA for the expansion and upgrade of its 3G network and the introduction of LTE in major Finnish cities. The three-year deal covers network management products and radio access, packet core and backhaul infrastructure.

TeliaSonera launches 4G in Finland

Coverage will be extended throughout Helsinki in the Spring

LTE pioneer TeliaSonera has launched Finland’s first commercial LTE service, in the cities of Turku and Helsinki. The Nordic and Baltic specialist activated the world’s first LTE service in Stockholm and Oslo a year ago.As in the Swedish and Norwegian deployments, service will be limited to dongle-enabled laptop access, with Korean vendor Samsung supplying the dongles.

Sonera to launch LTE in Finland by year end

Finnish operator Sonera will launch LTE services by the end of the year. The operator has announced that services will first be launched in the city of Turku, before being expanded to Helsinki, which are also the two cities where Sonera has been conducting trials since June 2010.

Broadband a legal right in Finland

Broadband becomes a legal right in Finland

With effect from July 1, Finnish citizens will have a legal right to fixed line broadband with a connection speed of at least 1Mbps.

Finland blazes UMTS900 trail

Finland blazes UMTS900 trail

The Finns have long been at the forefront of the spectrum refarming movement, and the deployment of 3G in the 900MHz band made further headway this week with TeliaSonera.

Finland paves way for 4G rollout

Finland paves way for 4G evolution

Finnish carriers TeliaSonera, Elisa and DNA have all been allocated additional wireless spectrum, potentially allowing them to start building out 4G mobile networks immediately.