FCC slaps T-Mobile US’s wrists over speed transparency

The FCC wants T-Mobile US to open up

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has announced that T-Mobile US has agreed to be more transparent over speeds its customers experience, particularly when it imposes speed restrictions and reductions.

Verizon aims legal threat at FCC over net neutrality

Verizon warns FCC against imposing more red tape

Verizon has aimed the threat of litigation against the FCC if it fails to correctly position its next move in the perennial debate of net neutrality. On its policy blog page, Randal Milch, Verizon’s General Counsel said: “whatever the FCC decides about new Net Neutrality rules, the whole thing is headed for another round in court.”

FCC delays US broadcast spectrum auction

US operators will have to wait a bit longer to get their hands on fresh TV spectrum

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) had revealed it expects the reallocation, via auction, of broadcast spectrum for mobile use will be delayed until early 2016. The FCC had originally hoped to conduct the auctions in mid-2015, but pointed to uncertainty generated by court challenges to the rules of the auctions from some broadcasters as a reason for the delay.

Microsoft urges FCC to approve AT&T DirecTV bid

AT&T deal is facing strong opposition

Microsoft has written to the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) urging for its approval of AT&T’s bid for US and Latin American pay TV provider DirecTV.

Comcast-Time Warner merger faces opposition

The proposed merger between US cable firms Comcast and Time Warner Cable has been criticised by Netflix and the Writer’s Guild of America, East

The potential merger between US cable firms Comcast and Time Warner Cable has been criticised by both video on demand service provider Netflix and the Writer’s Guild of America, East (WGAE).

FCC moves to beef up US wifi

Wifi problems due to baby monitors, audio video kit

US regulator the Federal Communications Commission voted Monday to free up more spectrum for wifi usage in a bid to help nudge the capabilities of typical installations of the technology over the 1Gbps mark.

Leaving Las Vegas


All eyes were on the US of A this week as 2014 began in earnest with annual gadget fest CES. The consumer show is famed for transforming Las Vegas into a futuristic wonderland, but this year wasn’t just about robot butlers and TV screens that are larger than your living room; the nation’s operators also used the show as a platform to announce new initiatives, stirring controversy in the process.

FCC moves to fix interoperability issues in lower 700MHz

The FCC has endorsed a voluntary industry agreement to establish interoperable LTE service in the Lower 700 MHz band

US telecoms regulator The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has endorsed a voluntary industry agreement to establish interoperable LTE service in the Lower 700MHz band. The move should give smaller US players access to a wider range of devices and increase competition.

FCC approves SoftBank’s Sprint offer

The FCC has approved SoftBank's proposed takeover of Sprint

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has approved Japanese operator SoftBank’s proposed takeover of US operator Sprint. The Commission decided that the transaction will serve public interest.

US DoJ calls on FCC to limit spectrum to big players

The DoJ fears that in the meantime, the spectrum shortage could lead to operators being incentivised to acquire spectrum for the wrong reasons

The US Department of Justice’s (DoJ) Antitrust Division has called on telecoms regulator the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to more aggressively regulate the amount of spectrum that the country’s larger operators are able to own.

FCC approves T-Mobile/MetroPCS merger

The FCC has approved the potential merger between operators T-Mobile USA and MetroPCS

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has approved the potential merger between operators T-Mobile USA and MetroPCS.

AT&T to pay $700,000 fine for overcharging customers

AT&T has agreed to pay the FCC a $700,000 fine for overcharging customers

US operator AT&T has agreed to pay regulator FCC a fine of $700,000 for overcharging its customers. The regulator ruled that the operator had unlawfully moved subscribers to more expensive data plans and must also refund affected customers.

LightSquared files for bankruptcy protection

LightSquared has filed for bankruptcy protection in the US

US wholesale player LightSquared has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection amid efforts to resolve regulatory issues that have prevented it from launching its satellite service.

LightSquared hires Bush lawyer to take on FCC

LightSquared is taking its fight with the FCC to the court room

LightSquared, the embattled LTE 4G US player, has hired well-known solicitor Theodore Olsen in a final bid to save its seemingly doomed terrestrial LTE network project. Olsen’s main claim to fame was helping George W. Bush claim a victory in the 2000 US election in the Bush v. Gore Supreme Court case.

FCC grounds LightSquared’s plans

LightSquared's plans to use satellite spectrum would interfere with GPS services, the FCC has ruled

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has said that it plans to indefinitely suspend a conditional waiver that would permit LightSquared to build a ground-based LTE network using satellite spectrum. The decision was made following a recommendation from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), which said that it performed a “substantial amount of testing and analysis” regarding LightSquare’s plans and the impact they would have on GPS services.

LightSquared and GPS will never work together says report

GPS issues mean that LightSquared's satellite and ground-station based network may never get of the ground

LightSquared, the aspiring US LTE carrier, has received a hammer blow to its hopes of shaking up the US market with a wholesale LTE network from a damning report released last week by the executive committee for Space-based Positioning Navigation & Timing (PNT).

AT&T/T-Mobile merger “not of public interest” says FCC


The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has said that AT&T must face an extra review next year, putting a significant hurdle in the way of its planned merger with T-Mobile USA.

US spectrum is in wrong hands, but no shortage

There is no spectrum shortae in the USA, but too much of it is in the wrong hands

Contrary to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) warning of a “looming spectrum crisis”, there is no shortage of radio spectrum in the USA, according to an analyst note from Citi Investment Research & Analysis. However, too much of the spectrum is in the wrong hands, it warned.

Falcone blames existing GPS players for LightSquared interference issues

Philip Falcone says existing GPS players are to blame for intereference

Philip Falcone, manager of hedge fund Harbinger Investments, which funds US wholesale LTE/satellite player LightSquared, has hit back at the US interest group the Coalition to Save our GPS, claiming that interference problems are the fault of incumbent GPS users, and not of LightSquared. In an interview with US broadcaster CNBC, Falcone said that existing GPS users did not apply the “proper filtering” to their devices and that “we’re not interfering with them; they’re interfering with us.”

Territorial Boundaries


Whichever way you cut it, it’s not been a good week for US LTE-satellite mash-up LightSquared. The firm has been under pressure over the likelihood that the satellite element of its game will interfere with GPS systems. Early in the week LightSquared announced its intention to switch spectrum bands so that its operations would be “further away from the GPS frequencies, greatly reducing the risk for interference.”