Getting backhaul in sync


Karl Thedéen, Chief Executive Officer, Transmode, spoke to at Broadband World Forum in Amsterdam. He sees mobile backhaul as one of the hottest areas in the market at present and said his company is having many conversations around developments in ethernet and synochronisation capabilities for mobile backhaul as well as SDH migration.

Dileep Agrawal, CEO, WorldLink: “When things don’t happen fast enough it can get frustrating.”

Dileep Agrawal, CEO, WorldLink, Nepal

If you have recently been frustrated by buffering while watching an HD video-on-demand stream, then hold that thought. For those in the less developed parts of the world, watching HD video at all, is, quite literally, something of a pipe dream. In these countries, for those fortunate enough to be able to move past existential concerns such as food and housing, internet connectivity and bandwidth is still a mere fraction of what those in developed countries are used to. It’s a pain point of which Dileep Agrawal, chief executive of Nepalese ISP WorldLink, and a speaker at the Broadband ip&TV Asia conference in May, is only too aware.

Stuart Broome, CEO, Sub 10 Systems


Stuart Broome, CEO, Sub 10 Systems, pitches his UK-based wireless Ethernet bridging company.

Russian carriers shift to all IP backhaul

Mobile operators are moving to IP backhaul to deal with explosive growth in data traffic

Russia’s mobile operators are moving to IP backhaul to deal with explosive growth in data traffic. Leading Russian carrier MTS (Mobile TeleSystems) said this week that it is expecting 86 per cent growth in Russian data traffic by 2015, forcing a strategic focus on network transport.

Connected Verticals: Enterprise or Wholesale Turf?

Working in the telecom industry is a tricky business. Restructuring is a way of life, market consolidation is urgently needed, and margin defence – let alone growth – is a consuming pre-occupation. Then there’s the internal issue of turf: Who owns which customer? For builders and operators of telecom infrastructure, that’s a critical issue to address – right now.

Maximizing LTE Benefits Using True Carrier Ethernet Backhaul


This new report details technological specifics that make Carrier Ethernet ideal for lowering LTE backhaul CAPEX and OPEX. “Backhaul providers can interconnect multiple sites over a single, reliable, and cost-effective network to provide guaranteed, scalable services that are compatible with their growing suite of IP and Ethernet applications.

Nortel delays optical network and Carrier Ethernet auction

Nortel delays optical network and Carrier Ethernet auction

Canadian vendor Nortel has delayed the next stage of its fire sale until later this week, giving potential bidders for its Optical Networking and Carrier Ethernet businesses and extra few days to get bids together.

CEWC Key Theme Viewpoint – Automation in the Packet World

Carrier Ethernet World Congress

Is control plane technology ready for IP & Ethernet?

Hear how Ciena are opening up new options for operators with their upcoming portfolio of control plane based products including the CN 4200 and the CoreDirector Family and Ethernet and OTN functionality.

The evolution of Carrier Ethernet

The evolution of Carrier Ethernet

Carrier Ethernet is no longer the new kid on the block. Its many virtues, from flexibility and scalability to lower operational costs and greater simplicity and interoperability, are now well understood and widely attractive to carriers and, more importantly, their customers.