Nest developer programme connects to wider Internet of Things

Nest is getting connected

On the eve of the Google I/O conference, the company’s annual developer shindig, home automation pioneer Nest Labs launched a developer programme to connect its thermostat and smoke alarm devices to the wider Internet of Things.

Mozilla makes Firefox apps available on Android

Firefox OS apps now run on Android

Software developer Mozilla began repackaging Firefox OS applications for the Android OS this week as it continues to champion open web technologies. Android users can now install apps designed and built for Firefox OS from the Firefox Marketplace and have them behave as they would on Mozilla’s platform.

Amazon beefs up mobile offering with cloud notifications

Application developers can send notifications to Apple iOS, Google Android and Kindle Fire devices

Amazon has built up its presence in the mobile space this week with the launch of a cloud-based, cross platform push notification service, making large scale notifications more accessible to developers.

Using the Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) API, application developers can send notifications to Apple iOS, Google Android and Kindle Fire devices.

Growing Facebook


Colm Long, director of operations for Facebook EMEA, talks about the origins of the social networking service and its adoption by people age 35+.

HTC launches developer centre and SDK for Sense

HTC is on the hunt for device-specific Android apps

As Android’s march towards mobile OS domination appears to continue unchecked, device manufacturers are joining the scrum to differentiate themselves from the competition. HTC has joined the ranks of manufacturers increasingly looking to pull in the developers to create device-specific apps, announcing a dev-friendly programme to be launched in parallel with an SDK for its Sense user interface.

Developing relationships


With the developer community becoming more important than ever, many carriers are faced with the same issue as consumers taking their first plunge into the world of apps – how to find the gems of quality amid the worthless stones. Vodafone’s answer is an annual competition, Mobile Clicks, which aims to identify and develop the best, most innovative mobile internet start ups. caught up with Hemant Madan, Vodafone’s head of developer marketing and the company’s Android app store, ahead of this year’s event.

Paying Rent: A Developer Manifesto on Pricing

Developers are big boys and girls. Let developers set their own price.

There’s been a flurry of tweets and posts recently regarding some of the terms of conditions imposed on developers to commercialize their Android apps. As one of the oldest app stores around (.est. 2005) it never ceases to surprise us how people fawn on developers to get their content and then impose draconian terms on them that make monetizing their excruciatingly painful.

Telefonica joins with Microsoft to woo developers

Telefónica admitted that operators had not had the best relationship with developers in the past

European carrier Telefónica joined forces with Microsoft on Monday, in a bid to make developers feel more love from the carrier camp. José Valles, head of Telefónica’s BlueVia developer programme, openly admitted that operators had not had the best relationship with developers in the past before proclaiming that all that is about to change.

Microsoft improves developer services for WP7

Developers are registering for WP7 at a rate of 1,000 a week, Microsoft said

Microsoft has revealed a number of improvements to its developer relationship for Windows Phone 7, the platform that marks its latest assault on the smartphone market. The firm said that the first payments to developers would be made a little ahead of schedule, and it is now able to offer feedback to developers on the performance of their apps within the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Orange unveils new developer interface

Orange promised developers a faster route to its global subscriber base

International carrier Orange has announced an overhaul of its own-branded application store that it said will dramatically cut the time it takes for developers to get their apps to Orange customers.

WAC expands memberships, launches first spec.

The WAC has announced the availability of the WAC 1.0 specification

The Wholesale Applications Community (WAC), the alliance designed to build an open platform for delivering applications to all mobile phone users, has expanded its member base with the addition of 32 new organisations from across the industry. The body also announced the availability of the WAC 1.0 specification on Monday.

Verizon opens up with developer APIs

Verizon Wireless made a total of 20 different APIs (application programming interfaces) available to developers

US telco Verizon Wireless on Wednesday made a total of 20 different APIs (application programming interfaces) available to developers, opening up its network to new messaging and location-based services.

Alcatel-Lucent picks up OpenPlug

Alcatel-Lucent will get its hands on OpenPlug’s ELIPS Studio - an open software development environment

Infrastructure vendor Alcatel-Lucent on Wednesday announced the acquisition of mobile application tools developer OpenPlug, giving it a strong presence in the developer space.

Festival toilets

The Informer is beginning to feel that, for him, the days of going to music festivals might be over (festival sponsors, please note: this does NOT apply to VIP freebies). But he was taken back to his long-hair days (The Orb, Glastonbury ’93. Amaaaaaazing…) by an email from Orange this morning about a competition that it ran in the UK to suggest the best mobile application for a music festival.

Operator APIs left in dust as Google sweeps up

Operator APIs left in dust as Google sweeps up

Almost two thirds of mobile application developers are using or planning to use Google’s server side APIs when building apps, with only a quarter using those provided by mobile operators.

Apple’s secret iPhone developer contract revealed

Apple’s secret iPhone developer contract revealed

Apple is at the centre of controversy in the developer community this week, as its über secret Developer Program License agreement is published for all to see. Well, almost.

Adobe demos Flash on Android, blasts Apple

During Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last week, we caught up with Mark Doherty, Adobe’s mobile evangelist for the Flash platform, who gave us a demonstration of Flash Player and Adobe Air running on Android.

Vodafone cheers on developers with 360 vision

Vodafone cheers on developers with 360 vision

Vodafone 360, the UK operator’s social media interface and aggregation platform is making some headway. The UK firm said Tuesday that more than 7,000 apps have been made available to customers across eight European markets in the three months since the service launched.

Developers shun Nokia in rush for seasonal app store trade

I won’t be breaking any news by regaling you with tales of the success of Apple’s App Store. This is due in no small part to Apple opening its software developer kit (SDK) and offering application developers high levels of support and unparalleled access to a mass market.

Keys to success are elusive for iPhone app developers

IPhone application developers don’t need to offer an inexpensive iPhone app in order to make a dent in the marketplace, but, that said, it’s sometimes the simplest applications that derive the most high-profile attention.