Dell unveils scalable NFV platform and starter kit

Dell is offering the NFV infrastucture and orchestration layers

IT giant Dell is seeking to apply its infrastructure and virtualization knowledge to the telco vertical with the launch of its NFV platform and accompanying operator starter kit. Dell intends to differentiate its offering by using open standards and ecosystem partners to maximise the platform’s scalability and flexibility.

NFV should be about ‘Open IT with choices’

The road to the cloud

With long proprietary product cycles and tight regulatory standards restricting innovation and modernisation in the industry, the telecoms service provider model is at severe threat from agile internet-based service providers. Able to leverage new optimised processes and flexible infrastructure to provide similar services at a lower cost, these organisations can adapt to market demands and deliver new services rapidly.

Vendors develop open source framework for Internet of Things

Vodafone puts faith in machines

A collaboration of industry vendors took form on Tuesday with the inauguration of a consortium focused on improving interoperability and defining connectivity requirements for the billions of devices that will make up the Internet of Things (IoT).

Dell and Microsoft sign patent agreements

Microsoft and Dell have announced a patent licensing agreement that allows the two to license each other’s intellectual property related to Android and Chrome OS devices and Xbox gaming consoles

Tech giants Microsoft and Dell have this week announced a patent licensing agreement that allows the two to license each other’s intellectual property related to Android and Chrome OS devices and Xbox gaming consoles.

Telefónica signs M2M deal with Dell

Telefónica has signed a Europe-wide M2M deal with PC maker Dell

Spanish operator group Telefónica has signed a Europe-wide M2M deal with PC maker Dell, as the two set out to deliver pay-as-you-go mobile broadband services for notebooks and tablets.

Dell to enhance mobile portfolio with Wyse acquisition

Dell recently launched Android-based devices in its efforts to tap the mobile space

Dell has announced its intention to acquire cloud client computing provider Wyse Technologies for an undisclosed fee. Dell said that the addition of Wyse will expand its desktop virtualisation capabilities and provide new solutions and services opportunities for the full range of its enterprise offerings. The move also suggests a renewed effort from the PC maker to expand its mobile business.

Sprint unveils 4G netbook

The Dell Inspiron Mini 10 has embedded WiMAX

US operator Sprint has unveiled what it claims is the world’s first 3G/4G (CDMA/WiMAX) embedded netbook to spur adoption of its WiMAX network.

Windows Phone 7 devices available in October

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, unveiled Windows Mobile 7

So Windows Phone 7 is out there and pretty slick it looks too. Even Stephen Fry, a long time critic of Microsoft’s mobile strategy was present at the launch event in London to say, ”Microsoft finally gets it”.

Android Streaks into UK as Dell pops tablet

The Android-based Dell Streak

Electronics manufacturer Dell continues its love affair with Android, lifting the curtain on a five inch tablet to be made available on the O2 UK network in early June.

Dell Android-based device launches in China

Dell Android-based device launches in China

Electronics manufacturer Dell will make its official foray into the mobile handset space this month with the launch of its Android-based Mini 3i device, developed in conjunction with China Mobile.

ST-Ericsson shrinks loss in third quarter

ST-Ericsson shrinks losses

Swedish vendor Ericsson’s other joint venture, chip firm ST-Ericsson, continues to drag on the company’s earnings, but like Sony-Ericsson’s losses, at least they’re moving in the right direction.

May I interest you in the parts of my body?

Canadian vendor Nortel continued its impersonation of the cow in Douglas Adams’ Restaurant at the End of the Universe this week, offering up for consumption various bits and pieces of its anatomy with a pacific smile and a batting of its long eyelashes.

Dell debuts wireless charging in laptop model

The Dell Latitude Z features an inductive charging system

Computer manufacturer Dell, which is pushing into the mobile handset and netbook space, expanded its mobile computing line on Tuesday with a device boasting wireless docking and inductive charging.

The shape of things to come

The shape of things to come

It seems that every vendor is getting on the netbook bandwagon-and if they’re not, they’re trying to get their own bandwagon rolling with a raft of similar form factor devices. Consumers love netbooks as a cheap, internet-enabled PC substitute and carriers seem happy to subsidise them in order to drive mobile broadband subscriptions.

Dell confirms plans to go mobile

Dell confirms plans to go mobile, but with what kind of device?

PC manufacturer Dell has finally confirmed plans to make a play for the mobile space, although the focus might be more on mobile devices than mobile handsets.

Google starts white spaces database

Several big names in the technology space, including web giant Google, have started work on a database to track the location and availability of white spaces – the vacant buffer spectrum between television channels. The White Spaces Database Group, which includes include Comsearch, Dell, Google, HP, Microsoft Corporation, Motorola, and NeuStar, is championing the right [...]

Voda to bundle Dell notebook

UK-based mobile operator Vodafone said Thursday it will be bundling Dell’s ultra mobile device with a mobile broadband subscription from mid-October. Big Red will be the first carrier to get it mitts on the Inspiron Mini 9 unit, which will be bundled in for ‘nothing’ with a 24 month contract at £25 per month. But [...]

Ericsson, Dell to offer HSPA laptops

Swedish kit vendor Ericsson said Tuesday that it has struck a deal with PC manufacturer Dell, to supply mobile broadband modules for next generation laptops. Dell said it will offer built in HSPA as part of its laptop portfolio from the second quarter. The module Ericsson is supplying also has a GPS receiver, which could [...]

Microsoft calls for white space validation

Proponents of so called ‘white space’ broadband, Microsoft and Philips, are pushing US communications agency the FCC to acknowledge their tests proving that the technology does not interfere with TV broadcasts. In August, a collaboration of tech firms headed up by Google, Intel, HP, Microsoft, Philips and Dell, known as the White Space Coalition, submitted [...]

White space net box was broken

Microsoft has resubmitted its ‘white space’ broadband device to the FCC for testing, claiming that the original, which failed the test, was broken. Last week, a collaboration of tech firms headed up by Google, Intel, HP, Microsoft and Dell, and known as the White Space Coalition, submitted a gadget that can be used to receive [...]