Consumers “don’t care about privacy”, survey finds

The survey suggests consumers are happy to share personal data under the right circumstances.

Almost two thirds’ of consumers aged between 18 and 34 “don’t care about privacy”, with 59 per cent of those aged between 35 and 44 equally unconcerned, according to a report published today.

Ad-supported mobile broadband service launched in UK

Samba Mobile runs on 3UK's network

An MVNO that offers free mobile data in return for viewing adverts has launched in the UK. Samba Mobile is available for tablet and laptop owners and offers users a range of interactive adverts to drive engagement.

US operators to introduce shared data pricing plans

US operators are gearing up to launch shared data price plans

Operators in the US are preparing to launch shared data plans, allowing multiple devices owned by an individual or members of a family to draw data from a single monthly allotment. The move is one of the first examples of innovation in data pricing, as operators struggle to reap dividends from an increase in consumer data usage.

Telefónica offers EU-wide data roaming for €2 a day

Telefonica is offering 25MB of data usage for €2 to customers roaming within the EU

Telefónica has announced a new pan-European data roaming tariff for customers, which it claims is up to ten times cheaper than the new price caps approved by the European Parliament this week.

Customers on the Movistar and O2 networks will be able to use up to 25MB of data whilst abroad, anywhere across the 27 European Union member states, for just €2 per day.

Why Wi-Fi offload and roaming are key to meeting growing data demands


Data traffic demand is growing rapidly in the wake of operator strategies to encourage mobile broadband adoption. As a result, the industry is talking about offload as a solution but one which takes many forms, leaving many operators unsure of which path to take. The business case for Wi-Fi is evolving, and not just for data offload but also voice and messaging, offering an opportunity for the deeper integration of Wi-Fi with the operator’s service portfolio. However, what are the issues and friction points that operators might envisage, and how might they be overcome?

3UK says 97 per cent of the traffic on its network is data

3UK says 97 per cent of all of the traffic on its network is data

Mobile operator 3UK has announced that 97 per cent of all the traffic travelling through its network today is data. The carrier added that in the 14 months between June 2010 and September 201, it has seen a 427 per cent increase in data usage for smartphone customers.

KPN joins flat rate data revolt

Data pricing needs to be more closely linked to the cost of delivering the service, KPN said

Dutch carrier KPN is the latest operator to join the revolt against flat rate data charges and is likely to introduce usage-based tariffs by the end of the year.

Time for greater reporting transparency in the mobile industry


I was reading an article this morning that talked about the need for greater consistency in global financial-reporting standards, and it had a particular slant on the need for transparency regarding companies’ sustainability performance. It wasn’t focused directly on the sector I cover, but it did get me thinking about how stale reporting standards in telecoms have become.

The robots are coming!

Next week, robots and people will flock to the UK’s De Montfort University in Leicester for the thirty-sixth annual convention for the Study of Artificial Intelligence and Simulation of Behaviour (AISB 2010). Alas, the Informer won’t be going, but he thinks it sounds like a fascinating programme, with more than a touch of science fiction about it, aiming to discuss innovations that people will think of as commonplace in 50 years time.

NSN throws down gauntlet on smartphone signalling burden

NSN has accused its competitors of overlooking the signalling burden on 3G networks

Most infrastructure vendors are failing to address the signalling burden placed on 3G mobile networks by high end smartphones, according to Nokia Siemens Networks.

Increasing mobile network capacity without the technology upgrade

Increasing mobile network capacity without the technology upgrade

As use of mobile internet devices such as smartphones and 3G dongles continues to grow, more mobile subscribers want to access high data volume internet applications such as video. This is leading to an unprecedented increase in traffic on the mobile networks.

Orange UK reveals iPhone data limit

Orange UK reveals iPhone data limit

UK mobile operator Orange is attracting criticism this week as it prepares to go up against O2 with its own iPhone offer.

From Bit Pipe to Intelligent Pipe

Policy Management is an emerging area with great promise in meeting operators’ requirements for dynamic, intelligent, and granular control of subscribers, services and networks.

UK mobile broadband measurements

Sponsored by Bytemobile

An extensive measurement campaign was carried out between June and August 2009 to assess the effect of mobile broadband optimisation on Internet access through notebook/netbook computers. Measurements were performed in and around London on all UK mobile networks offering mobile broadband products and conducted so that the results were comparable, regardless of the surrounding environment and traffic in the measured cell.

EU Data Roaming Regulations

This autumn the EU Data Roaming regulation is top of mind for many operators, with a looming 2010 deadline for roll-out.

European roamers get cheaper calls, data

European roamers get cheaper calls, data

As of Wednesday, European consumers will see the cost of making a call, sending a text message, or downloading data while overseas slashed.

Mobile data delivering a quarter of revenues

Mobile data delivering the goods

Global revenues from mobile data services increased 24 per cent year on year in 2008, delivering around 15 per cent of all revenues generated by mobile operators worldwide.

Europe cuts costs of SMS, data roaming charges

Europe cuts costs of SMS, data roaming charges

European consumers will see the cost of sending a text message or downloading data while overseas slashed by mid-summer.

LTE, WiMAX to boost stickiness, stop churn, save revenues

LTE, WiMAX to save mobile world

Next generation wireless technologies such as 3G LTE and Mobile WiMAX will prompt operators to adopt an ‘open access’ mentality, allowing any client device to connect to the network. This will lead to higher service stickiness and reduced churn, analysts say.

Emerging markets and data form silver lining

Despite the economic gloom, which is expected to bite harder in 2009, the telecoms industry may take refuge in forecasts that emerging market growth and the development of mobile data services will push the sector to ever greater heights. Figures released by industry analyst Ovum this week predict 5.63 billion mobile connections by 2013, up [...]