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Head of customer experience, Virgin Media, UK: “Big data can help better explore vast opportunities the digital world creates”

Paul Elworthy, head of customer experience for Virgin Media, UK

Paul Elworthy, head of customer experience for Virgin Media, UK is speaking at the Broadband World Forum, taking place on the 22nd – 24th October 2013 at the RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre, Amsterdam. Ahead of the show we speak to him about how Virgin Media is looking to enhance the customer experience of its Broadband customers.

How can customer experience make a difference?


The management of the customer experience is becoming increasingly important to mobile operators as they look to streamline their businesses. Management of the network functions is being outsourced to vendors, while over the top providers and content specialists take leadership of the application and content space. As a result, operators are repositioning themselves primarily as service organisations, and by excelling in the management of customer relationships they can maintain relevance and leverage in the value chain.

Battery life complaints causing operator headaches

Unrepresentative data on battery life is leading to operator customer service departments fielding four times as many calls on the issue than in 2008

Smartphone manufacturers are leaving customers disappointed by not quoting battery performance in a way that reflects day-to-day use, according to a study published today. Customer experience specialist WDS analysed the battery life of 50 of the top smartphones launched over the past year and compared them alongside two million technical support calls taken on behalf of global mobile network operators and handset manufacturers.

Don’t talk to me about customer experience until you stop taking me for a fool


I always vowed never to write a piece based on my own personal experience as a telecoms consumer. But I am excusing myself just this once because two things happened to me in the last week that have caused me to question whether operators really are committed to improving the customer experience. And just to be clear, I am adopting a broad definition here of customer experience rather than the narrow big data and analytics part of the equation.

Any flavor of CEM or Cloud you want


This year’s TM Forum’s Management World in Dublin had this much in common with last year’s event that it focused heavily on CEM and Cloud. A big difference though, twelve months on, was the increasing number of new product announcements and commercial implementations …and of course the sunny weather. It was a relief that this year the only clouds in evidence were inside the conference hall.

The long goodbye

Churn retention is something that’s only really addressed at the last minute

Keeping hold of your customers in a hyper-competitive marketplace is notoriously difficult and requires a strategy that goes way beyond unsophisticated loyalty programs.

LogMeIn: Boosting customer satisfaction


Lee Weiner, VP Support Products at LogMeIn, talks to about driving efficiencies in customer experience management while at the same time improving customer satisfaction.

MWC: Customer Experience and this year’s award for most over-used quote

Sowing the seed of loyalty

Was there a press release or presentation at this year’s Mobile World Congress that didn’t mention customer experience at some point if only in passing? Of course the problem with customer experience – or CX seeing as we all love an acronym in this business – is that it can mean everything or nothing at all. Even slapping management on the end to give you Customer Experience Management (CEM) leaves you with a pretty slippery term.

The lives of others

To deliver an unrivalled customer experience during the lifespan of the customer relationship, an operator must prioritise the needs of that customer throughout the organisation

The 18 or 24 months in between the key touch points of acquisition and retention is where operators have to deliver on the customer experience promises that were made at the point of sale.

Sowing the seed of loyalty


February’s issue takes a look at how customer experience management is being used as the new competitive differentiator.

Have you ever been experienced?

David Ffoulkes-Jones, CEO of CEM solutions provider WDS

David Ffoulkes-Jones, CEO of CEM solutions provider WDS, shares his views on how operators can develop customer experience management into a true competitive differentiator.

Customer experience revealed as Alcatel-Lucent’s next frontier

Greg Owens, Alcatel-Lucent

Equipment vendor Alcatel-Lucent has launched an extended portfolio of software and services designed to ameliorate customer experiences on both fixed and wireless networks.

Protecting your Customer Base by Ensuring the Best Customer Experience


The Telecom environment is ever changing. Demand for smartphones and tablets continues to increase, more people become more mobile and telecom service providers are under pressure to grow revenue, customers and market share. This whitepaper will explore the changing landscape for devices and platforms, the evolution of support desk metrics from efficiency measurements to customer satisfaction ratings, and how incorporating remote support tools into a telecommunications organisation can improve the customer experience and increase customer satisfaction.

The customer experience in 2012

The customer experience will be a major area of focus for operators in 2012

The customer experience will be a major area of focus for operators in 2012, following a dawning realisation that those companies that do not give their customers the time, investment and focus they require will see them defect to rivals in an increasingly competitive market.

Consumers willing to pay premium for improved service, survey finds

basic network performance is still the biggest problem for consumers

European mobile subscribers rank improved network quality as the service for which they would be happiest to pay a premium and view more widespread connectivity as the most important industry development over the next decade, according to new research from Amdocs.