Juniper under investigation for foreign corrupt practice

Juniper is under investigation

Next generation networking specialist Juniper is ill at ease on the stock market this week following the revelation Friday that it is being investigated by the US anti corruption authority.

India sets guidelines for 2G reauction

India flag

India’s Department of Telecom (DoT) has announced guidelines for the reauction of its 2G spectrum, following the Supreme Court’s cancellation of the licences that were awarded in a 2008 spectrum sale, earlier this year.

India and the Spectrum Scandal

BSNL is locked in disputes with operators and has refused to comply with telecoms authorities

India’s 2G spectrum scandal has cast a cloud over the country’s telecoms sector so dark that former Telecoms minister Andimuthu Raja is said to feel safer in prison than he does walking down the street. He has been sat in a cell for over a year, refusing to post bail and stands accused of taking bribes to sell spectrum to firms at discounted rates.

China Mobile exec given death sentence for bribery

Zhang admitted taking more than $1m in bribes over 15 years

A former deputy general manager at China Mobile has been sentenced to death by the Chinese state, having been found guilty of corruption. Zhang Chunjiang, who was detained late in 2009, confessed to having accepted US$1.16m in bribes between 1994 and 2009.