Uncertainty and risk: the results of spectrum renewal by auction


The use of auctions for spectrum renewal seems pointless and likely only to create uncertainty and risk for operators, says Graham Friend, managing director at Coleago Consulting. New entrants know they are likely to be outbid by incumbents and the uncertainty generated dampens the desire of those incumbents to invest and innovate, which is not good at a time when governments want to see a rapid and extensive roll-out of LTE.

The mobility opportunity for fixed telephony and TV operators

Stefan Zehle, Coleago CEO

Stefan Zehle, CEO at Coleago Consulting, discusses how the rise of softphone apps means that fixed line players have been presented with an opportunity to get in on mobile telecommunications.

EC “in a muddle” over single market rules


A telecoms consultancy has identified discrepancies in the European Commission’s plans to create a single European telecoms market, lending credence to fears voiced by EU mobile operators.

Australian spectrum auction “damaging to economy”


A consultancy firm specialising in planning national radio spectrum auctions has criticised Australia’s recent digital dividend spectrum for setting reserve prices too high.

India’s revised spectrum auction labelled a “shambles”

India's EGoM has proposed to cut reserve prices for CDMA spectrum by up to 50 per cent

A consultant involved in previous spectrum auctions in India has labelled India’s spectrum policy “a complete shambles”.

Is time is running out for the Combinatorial Clock Auction format?

Is the clock ticking?

Earlier this month, I attended the Spectrum Management Forum 2012 in Munich and was interested to hear several presenters criticise the Combinatorial Clock Auction (CCA) format. The CCA format which has clock and supplementary rounds where bidders bid on indivisible packages of spectrum and where prices paid are determined by a second price rule has in the last few years found increasing favour by many governments for spectrum auctions. Under the second price rule, the price a winner of a particular package pays for its spectrum is determined entirely by competitors’ bids.

Apple limits support for European LTE bands

The page on Apple's website outlining the iPhone 5's LTE band compatibility

Only one of the three spectrum bands supported by the European version of Apple’s iPhone 5 is a European LTE band; a decision described by one industry consultancy as “really odd”.