Ciena unveils e-commerce style NFV service delivery platform

Ciena aiming to make service selection and delivery a smooth process for enterprise.

Network infrastructure vendor Ciena has announced a new NFV software solution aimed at simplifying the network management interface. The solution, called Agility Matrix, is a virtual services software platform which Ciena claims will modernise the acquisition, distribution, consumption and payment of virtualized network functions (VNF).

Ericsson to offer Ciena optical technology

Ciena and Ericsson have signed a global agreement

Ericsson has signed a global deal with network specialist Ciena that will see the Swedish vendor integrate Ciena’s technologies into its own offerings, with the two firms collaborating on future technological development.

2014: The year ahead

Vendors and operators in the telecoms industry are sharing their thoughts and predictions about what 2014 may hold

With 2013 coming to a close, vendors and operators in the telecoms industry are sharing their thoughts and predictions about what 2014 may hold. We look at some of the forecasts being made.

The key to agile and intelligent service delivery in the cloud era

Ciena logo

In order for operators and service providers to realise their full potential in the cloud era, where data volumes are ramping up exponentially, the need to maximise return on investment while working to differentiate services has never been more apparent.

Tata brings 100G from New York to London

The submarine cable brings 100G to London and New York

Carrier services firm Tata Communications, which is part of the India-based Tata conglomerate, this week upgraded its trans-Atlantic TGN-Atlantic (TGN-A) subsea cable to run 100Gbps between New York and London.

Built for speed: Differentiating the Ethernet service experience


Ethernet services have become largely mainstream, with well-established standards and strong global acceptance.
However, continued expansion introduces new challenges that must be addressed by enhancing overall service experience. Speed is the key success factor, with the critical components of service delivery, service agility, and service assurance working in concert to sustain market differentiation.

Ciena cloud networking: Data center without walls


This paper is the first in a series describing Ciena’s vision for the future of cloud networking, and the solutions that turn that vision into reality for both IT providers and IT users. A Data Center Without Walls is the combination of geographically distributed data centers able to function as an efficient shared resource pool to address any magnitude of workload demand from anywhere across that geography with assured service performance.

BT selects Ciena as key 21CN vendor

BT's 21C network will be based on fibre

UK incumbent BT has chosen US firm Ciena as a key vendor of equipment for its 21st Century Network (21CN).

MTS Allstream selects Ciena for 100Gbps upgrade

Canadian telco MTS Allstream has deployed optical technology from US firm Ciena in order to upgrade its national optical fibre transmission network to support 100Gbps data transport.

Maximizing LTE Benefits Using True Carrier Ethernet Backhaul


This new report details technological specifics that make Carrier Ethernet ideal for lowering LTE backhaul CAPEX and OPEX. “Backhaul providers can interconnect multiple sites over a single, reliable, and cost-effective network to provide guaranteed, scalable services that are compatible with their growing suite of IP and Ethernet applications.

Ciena wins Nortel’s optical and carrier Ethernet units

Did Ciena win Nortel’s optical unit?

It looks like carrier network specialist Ciena will emerge as the winner of Nortel’s optical networking and carrier Ethernet assets, following an extended auction that took place over the weekend.

May I interest you in the parts of my body?

Canadian vendor Nortel continued its impersonation of the cow in Douglas Adams’ Restaurant at the End of the Universe this week, offering up for consumption various bits and pieces of its anatomy with a pacific smile and a batting of its long eyelashes.

Ciena set to pick up Nortel’s optical and carrier Ethernet business

Ciena set to pick up Nortel’s optical and carrier Ethernet business

Carrier network specialist Ciena has forged an agreement with Nortel to acquire the exiting Canadian firm’s optical networking and carrier Ethernet assets for $390m in cash and ten million shares of Ciena common stock estimated to be worth a further $131m.

CEWC Key Theme Viewpoint – Automation in the Packet World

Carrier Ethernet World Congress

Is control plane technology ready for IP & Ethernet?

Hear how Ciena are opening up new options for operators with their upcoming portfolio of control plane based products including the CN 4200 and the CoreDirector Family and Ethernet and OTN functionality.

The evolution of Carrier Ethernet

The evolution of Carrier Ethernet

Carrier Ethernet is no longer the new kid on the block. Its many virtues, from flexibility and scalability to lower operational costs and greater simplicity and interoperability, are now well understood and widely attractive to carriers and, more importantly, their customers.