ARM launches platform for IoT acceleration

ARM plans to connect the IoT

ARM, the silicon designer responsible for much of the world’s mobile processors, has launched the ARM mbed IoT Device Platform. It will provide a free operating system to help simplify the creation of IoT products for chip manufacturers and the broader IoT ecosystem.

ST-Ericsson looking to split up

ST and Ericsson are going their separate ways

Troubled chip vendor ST-Ericsson is to lose one of its parents, as the company looks for a way to turn its fortunes around.

European manufacturer STMicroelectronics said it has taken the decision to exit ST-Ericsson and is currently in negotiations on exit options.

Windows 8 winning support from mobile chipset designers

A variety of chips will be made available for Microsoft Windows 8

US chipset manufacturer Qualcomm has confirmed full support for Microsoft Windows 8 PCs and smartphones based on its next generation Snapdragon family of processors. The move is of interest as it marks the arrival of an OS designed to span both the PC and mobile device form factors and Qualcomm’s foray into the same area.

Marvell announces first ‘world’ modem chip for LTE

Marvell said that the PXA1801 is the world's first global LTE modem chip

Chip maker Marvell has announced what it says is the world’s first single-chip solution for LTE and has aimed it at a wide variety of internet enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops , set-top-boxes, TVs and automotive applications.

New network processor from Alcatel-Lucent zips along at 400 Gbps

Alcatel-Lucent has introduced its new FP3 network processor chip, capable of supporting transmission speeds of 400 Gbps

Infineon close to sale of wireless unit

Intel is thought to be interested in Infineon's wireless unit

German chipset manufacturer Infineon has confirmed that it is close to reaching a deal over the sale of its Wireless Solutions division, for which Intel is thought to be the best match.

Qualcomm invests in wafer thin lens firm

Anteryon designs and produces wafer thin lenses

San Diego-based chip manufacturer Qualcomm on Monday announced an investment in Dutch micro optics firm Anteryon. Based in Eindhoven, Anteryon designs and produces micro-optics and refractive-optics, enabling wafer-based production and integration of optics for miniature camera and laser projection modules.