Defining the customer service experience

As a Digital Service Provider in today’s highly competitive and expanding broadband market you’re facing some huge challenges in your service environment. Product commoditization is leading to falling margins on basic products, your subscribers are increasingly expecting more of you, your products are ever more complex and the digital home is becoming a competitive battleground.

UK broadband tax scrapped

UK broadband tax scrapped

There is political gaming going on ahead of the UK general election in May, with the government cancelling plans for a £0.50 per month levy on broadband as it rushes the Finance Bill through Parliament.

The time is ripe for China to focus on unified broadband

The completion of China Mobile’s long-running merger deal with fixed-line player China Tietong in December was the last piece of the jigsaw in the Chinese government’s restructuring of the country’s telecoms market. Now the government needs to figure out an orderly path for China Mobile to fully enter the broadband market.

Broadband Forum launches certification programme

Broadband Forum launches certification programme

Industry forums love launching certification programmes, and the Broadband Forum is no different. On Tuesday, at the MPLS & Ethernet World Congress in Paris, the forum announced its first ever certification programme to help drive multi-service network architectures and equipment interoperability testing.

Fixed broadband subs approach 500 mil.

Global fixed broadband subscriptions will reach half a billion in 2010

Global fixed broadband subscriptions will reach half a billion in 2010, driven by continued growth in emerging markets, according to figures released by Informa Telecoms & Media on Thursday.

2010: Predictions for the year ahead

2010: Predictions for the year ahead

The telecoms industry is beginning to see signs of economic recovery and can look forward to sustained, slow revenue growth in 2010, according to analyst research released by Informa Telecoms & Media.

BT may be allowed to increase wholesale prices to offset pension costs

BT may be allowed to increase wholesale prices to offset pension costs

The UK’s communications regulator on Tuesday opened a consultation looking at allowing incumbent telco BT to increase its wholesale charges in order to offset its enormous pension deficit.

Oxford University’s wake-up call to superfast-broadband fear-mongers

I was pleasantly awoken by my clock radio this morning to hear an Oxford University academic go “off-message”, as PR people and government spin doctors call it.

LTE will meet the promise of global mobile broadband

Published by Nokia Siemens Networks

Broadband has become a ‘must have’ for both businesses and consumers. At the same time, the way in which consumers and businesses use communications services is evolving, with wireless delivery of broadband services offering a new level of flexibility and “go anywhere” connectivity.

Broadband in Central Asia and the Caucasus: It’s a political world

Although there are some significant variations and investment in new networks, fixed broadband penetration in Central Asia and the Caucasus remains low. One factor holding back development has been political. Many of these countries are dictatorships or at best deeply flawed democracies. The question is whether such regimes want citizens to have access to broadband and the window onto the world it can provide.

Verizon to cut 8,000 more jobs as profits slide

Verizon to cut 8,000 jobs in wireline

US carrier Verizon is to slash a further 8,000 positions in the face of falling profits and pressures in the fixed line market.

UK broadband slower than advertised

UK broadband slower than advertised

UK communications watchdog Ofcom published the results of its research into fixed line broadband speeds in the UK on Tuesday, and it makes disappointing reading.

The only way isn’t up when it comes to tomorrow’s broadband

At Informa Telecoms & Media, we don’t often use charts, graphs or diagrams to illustrate our thought pieces, but sometimes a picture can paint a thousand words, as the old saying goes.

Ofcom puts UK on fibre diet

Ofcom clears the way for super fast broadband

UK communications regulator Ofcom cleared the way for investment in super fast broadband on Tuesday. The main thrust of Ofcom’s latest initiative is the support of plans to upgrade the UK’s ageing copper access network to fibre, giving incumbent telco BT something of a boost. With BT upgrading its nationwide network to fibre as part [...]

UK joins call for better broadband

UK communications regulator Ofcom published proposals on Tuesday, encouraging further investment in super fast broadband for UK homes and businesses. Ofcom said that next generation broadband networks, based on fibre rather than copper, will be required to meet demand for high definition content and take consumer access speeds up from around 8Mbps to around 100Mbps. [...]

Rural broadband overtakes urban connectivity in UK

Rural areas of the UK are better connected to broadband than their urban neighbours, according to a report published by communications regulator Ofcom. Across the UK as a whole, 59 per cent of households in rural areas now have broadband compared to 57 per cent of urban areas. When broadband was first introduced in the [...]