Pakistan reaches 2 million broadband users

Pakistan now has 2mn broadband users

There were two million broadband users in Pakistan by the end of April 2012, according to recent figures from the country’s telecoms regulator.

Kroes’ plans to boost European fibre investment stirs controversy

Neelie Kroes, European Commissioner for the Digital Agenda

The European Digital technology commissioner Neelie Kroes has outlined details of the policies she will put in place to ensure that investments continue to be made in broadband infrastructure in Europe. In her speech in Brussels Kroes said: “I want all industry players to receive the signal loud and clear – that they can invest profitably in the future connectivity of Europe, and compete on the basis of their investment.”

Public access small cells to overtake macro says report

Small cells will soon outnumber macro base stations, a new report suggests

Public access small cells will outnumber macro cells by Q4 2012, according to a report from Informa Telecoms & Media.

O2 UK: “We will run out of spectrum by 2014”

Telefonica is bringing small cell open wifi networks to London in time for the Olympics

Mobile operator O2 UK has revealed that it expects to run out of spectrum on its macro cell layer around 2014. Speaking at a round table briefing hosted by the Small Cells Forum, Telefonica UK’s chief radio engineer Robert Joyce said that, “As we see it, with the increasing demand from tablets and smartphones the macro cell will not be able to cope. We can take the macro cell grid to eight times its current capacity and then we’ll run out of spectrum.”

What’s We-Government? Just Tweet the EU


Trending on Twitter isn’t a traditional political goal. Nor is having a Facebook page with thousands of friends. But that’s exactly the point. The European Commission’s Digital Agenda for Europe doesn’t want old school methods to talk to citizens or to broadcast its views. Instead, it wants to involve every European in critical decisions that will help stimulate Europe’s digital economy – knowing that these decisions are tightly linked to the European Union’s entire future.

Mobile operators key to hitting European Digital Agenda targets

Neelie Kroes, European Commissioner for the Digital Agenda

The European Digital Agenda targets of having broadband access of a minimum of 30Mbps across Europe by 2020 are attainable, a report by Analysys Mason has claimed. The European Digital Agenda targets set out by European Digital Commissioner Neelie Kroes in a 2010 report, are achievable mainly through the efforts of mobile operators, according to the report.

CEO Gbanga “The player’s experience is affected by the speeds of different network technologies”

Matthias Sala, CEO of gaming app Gbanga will be attending the Broadband World Forum 2012

Matthias Sala is the CEO of Gbanga, a location aware gaming experience for smartphones. He will attending the Broadband World Forum 2012 as part of a panel discussing “The Ascendance of the App – Uncovering the Successes and Opportunities for Growth.” We catch up with him to discuss he views on how improved mobile broadband will enhance applications such as Gbanga.

Verizon raises the broadband bar with 300Mbps fibre

Verizon is bringing 300Mbps downloads speeds to US homes with fibre-to-the-premises

Verizon, the US broadband service provider, has launched a new Fibre-to-the Premises package called FiOS Quantum that delivers download speeds of up to 300MBps and 65Mbps for uploads. The company said that the service is the fastest internet service currently available to residential customers in the US. By contrast, speeds from cable providers such as Comcast currently top out at 105Mbps.

Ian Livingstone: “The move to multiplayer online is unstoppable”


According to recent figures, the video game industry is a big deal, bringing in $65m in 2011 – more than the DVD, movies and music industries combined, and it is set to reach over $90bn in value by 2015. A man who was there right at the beginning of it all, and a keynote speaker on Day Two of the Broadband World Forum 2012, is Ian Livingstone, a name that will have great resonance for those gamers of a certain age.

Africa sets itself 80 per cent broadband target by 2020

Dina Pule, South Africa’s deputy minister of communications

African ministers have set a target of delivering broadband to 80 per cent of the continent’s citizens by 2020. Dina Pule, South Africa’s deputy minister of communications told the delegates of the inaugural ICT Indaba conference, which took place on 4th-7th June in South Africa, that a framework had been created that would position Africa on a trajectory of sustained development through the deployment of broadband connectivity.

China Telecom teams with Alcatel-Lucent for broadband expansion

Alcatel-Lucent has been given the nod from China Telecom to provide it with a 100Gbps capable network

Alcatel-Lucent, the France headquartered telecoms vendor, has been chosen by China Telecom to significantly expand the Chinese company’s broadband network in a deal worth US$123.95m.

UK users not getting advertised broadband speeds

Many UK users are not getting the broadband speeds they are paying for

Broadband users in the UK are getting short-changed when it comes to their internet speeds, a survey has found. A survey by UK newspaper the Guardian online with 3,000 respondents indicated that there is a significant shortfall between the maximum speeds customers are promised and the speeds they actually receive.

Dutch take European lead with net neutrality

The Netherlands is the first European country to adopt a net neutrality law

The Dutch senate has passed a net neutrality law that makes it illegal for ISPs in the country to filter the internet. The laws, which were passed unanimously earlier this week, means that all traffic must be treated equally and may not be blocked or throttled. The Netherlands is the first European country to adopt such a law, and the second country in the world to do so after Chile.
The move ensures that end users have

Deutsche Telekom liable as EU slams Slovak Telecom

The EU has accused Slovak Telekom of abusing its market position in the country

The European Commission has sent Slovak Telekom an anti-trust complaint over allegations that it has abused its market position. The EU regulator accused the local incumbent in Slovakia of stymieing competition by failing to open up its network to rivals and charging “unfair wholesale prices”.

Europe dominates fast broadband survey

Europe dominates the global broadband top 10 connectivity chart, but South Korea leads

Countries in Europe enjoy the fastest average broadband connectivity globally, according to a report from global content delivery network Akamai. Details of the report, which is scheduled to appear later this week and revealed by GigaOm, defines a high-speed broadband connection as one that connected to the Akamai network in excess of 5Mbps.

Swindon’s offices to gain LTE boost courtesy of UK Broadband

Swindon will be the location for the first commercial LTE network in the UK

The borough of Swindon is to become the first area in the UK to be covered by a live commercial LTE network courtesy of the 4G network wholesaler UK Broadband. The service will be aimed predominantly at public sector and businesses via a fixed-wireless services, but local residents will be able to take advantage of the network through retail partnerships via Mifi type devices, which it said would be available from September.

Orange looks to revitalise video conferencing

Orange has introduced a new cloud-based Telepresence service

Orange Business Services, the France Telecom owned brand, has announced the latest attempt to revitalise video conferencing, saying that conditions were now right for the technology to succeed. At a press event that connected London, Paris and Beijing through its cloud-based video conferencing solution Telepresence Pass, the chief executive for Orange Business Services, Vivek Badrinath, said that a crucial difference of over previous iterations of the technology was that it was cloud-based enabling it to be fully managed by Orange.

Vodafone lends support to Australia NBN, defends Huawei

VHA has said it will enter the fixed line market in Australia thanks to the NBN

Vodafone Hutchinson Australia has said that the NBN fibre to the premises project is vital to support mobile connectivity, the Register has reported. At an open public hearing of the Joint Committee on the National Broadband Network Matthew Lobb, Vodafone’s general manager of public policy, told the committee that the argument that “because consumers love mobile tech they don’t like wires the NBN is not important” was misleading and that “getting fixed line right is absolutely crucial for mobile networks.”

Biznet Networks president: “To deliver an affordable broadband service for the market is really the challenge.”

Adi Kusma is president of Biznet Networks, Indonesia

Adi Kusma is president of Biznet Networks, one the leading telecoms providers in Indonesia. He is appearing on Day One of the Broadband ip&TV Asia 2012 conference, taking place on the 15th-16th May 2012, KL Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. speaks to him about the major developments and challenges in the region.

Indonesian regulator: “By 2015 half of the population will be connected to the internet”

Heru Sutadi is Commissioner at the Indonesian Telecom Regulatory Authority

Heru Sutadi is Commissioner at the Indonesian Telecom Regulatory Authority. He is speaking on Day One of the Broadband Asia 2012 conference on the 15th-16th May 2012, KL Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Ahead of the upcoming conference talks to him about the challenges facing service providers and operators in rolling out broadband in the country.