India’s Bharti moves into Bangladesh

India’s Bharti moves into Bangladesh

Indian operator Bharti Airtel said Tuesday it has agreed to acquire at 70 per cent stake in Bangladeshi service provider Warid Telecom backed by an investment totalling $1bn.

Land of challenges and opportunities

Land of challenges and opportunities

The prospect of consolidation among African and Middle Eastern operators has provided much fuel for the industry rumour mill in 2009, but the apparent collapse of talks involving the disposal of Zain Africa as well as those between Bharti and MTN has not diminished the appetite for expansion.

It’s not you it’s me. Actually, that’s not true. It’s you.

A marriage that had the potential to be one of the most influential matches in the industry has been called off, with the parents of the bride-to-be clearly unimpressed by the quality of her suitor. Indian carrier Bharti Airtel’s attempts to woo African regional specialist MTN have come to nought, with the South African government, MTN’s biggest shareholder, understood to have put the kybosh on the whole affair.

Bharti, MTN call off merger talks

Bharti and MTN have called off merger discussions once again

Merger talks between emerging markets giants Bharti and MTN have been called off once again, after the two firms failed to convince the South African government – MTN’s biggest shareholder – on the benefits of the deal.

Confusion reigns over M&A in the Middle East and Africa

Progress on the region’s big M&A deals – the prospective sale of Zain Africa or a stake in Zain; and the cash and share-swap deal between Bharti and MTN – appears to have stalled. There has been such confusion in the past few days over the possible sale of a large stake in Zain to an Indo-Malaysian consortium that it is at risk of descending into a debacle.

MTN, Bharti extend merger talks

MTN, Bharti extend merger talks

Merger talks between India’s largest carrier, Bharti Airtel, and pan-MEA operator MTN have been extended by an extra month, suggesting an agreement may be in the pipeline.

MTN, Bharti resume merger talks

Bharti and MTN re-establish discussions

Merger talks between India’s largest carrier, Bharti Airtel, and pan-MEA operator MTN have been restarted a year after they were last abandoned. The news comes in the wake of the carriers each announcing that they have broken the 100 million subscriber barrier.

Spare ribs

Spare ribs, that’s what the Informer needs after all of the ones he was born with exploded from excessive laughter this week, which featured, nestled at its centre, April Fool’s Day. One of the great George W. Bushisms runs: “There’s an old saying in Texas: ‘Fool me once… shame on… shame on you. Fool me… you can’t get fooled again.” And that’s kind of how the Informer felt as March went out like a lamb.

3GSM Asia: Asian ops plan IM rollout

The GSM Association’s personal Instant Messaging (IM) campaign has scored further success in Asia, with mobile operators in Malaysia and Singapore planning the development and launch of interoperable IM services. Launched at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona last February, the initiative aims to make instant messaging on mobile networks as ubiquitous and popular as [...]