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VoLTE less battery efficient than 2G report finds

VoLTE uses twice the power of 2G a test has found

Calls conducted on VoIP over LTE (VoLTE) consume twice as much power as those over a 2G CDMA network an investigation has found.

Battery life complaints causing operator headaches

Unrepresentative data on battery life is leading to operator customer service departments fielding four times as many calls on the issue than in 2008

Smartphone manufacturers are leaving customers disappointed by not quoting battery performance in a way that reflects day-to-day use, according to a study published today. Customer experience specialist WDS analysed the battery life of 50 of the top smartphones launched over the past year and compared them alongside two million technical support calls taken on behalf of global mobile network operators and handset manufacturers.

First Mirasol-enabled device on sale in South Korea

Kyobo's Mirasol-enabled e-reader

An E-reader launched by South Korea’s largest book retailer, Kyobo, has become the first device featuring a Qualcomm-produced colour Mirasol screen to go on sale. Mirasol display technology, developed by wholly owned subsidiary Qualcomm MEMS, offers significant reductions in screen power consumption, as well as improved visibility in daylight.