AT&T to face down net neutrality with per-megabyte pricing

AT&T Mobility’s consideration of usage-based pricing for its mobile broadband network lays the groundwork for billing changes that could be induced if regulators force it to comply with any net-neutrality rules.

May I interest you in the parts of my body?

Canadian vendor Nortel continued its impersonation of the cow in Douglas Adams’ Restaurant at the End of the Universe this week, offering up for consumption various bits and pieces of its anatomy with a pacific smile and a batting of its long eyelashes.

Kindle opens new chapter, goes global

Kindle opens new chapter, goes global

Online retailer Amazon went some way towards validating the Kindle e-book reader’s nascent business model this week, when it announced plans to launch the device in 100 countries outside the US.

AT&T allows cellular VoIP apps on iPhone

AT&T will allow iPhone apps to run VoIP over cellular

US mobile operator AT&T Wireless must be feeling the need to be more open. Not only has it recently enabled MMS on its network, but this week it allowed previously outlawed VoIP apps to run on the iPhone.

Moto’s Karma is mid range chameleon

Moto's Karma is mid range chameleon

Here’s something you don’t see very often – a new handset announcement from Motorola. Chasing the social networking bandwagon a little later than everyone else, the Moto Karma QA1 is a more consumer focused BlackBerry-style device.

iPhone 3.0 software hits handsets

iPhone 3.0 software hits handsets

Apple will make version 3.0 of its iPhone software available to download later on Wednesday, finally giving iPhone owners access to such cutting edge functionality as MMS and copy and paste.

AT&T confirms LTE rollout for 2011, upgrades to HSPA

AT&T confirms LTE rollout for 2011

US carrier AT&T has announced plans to upgrade its 3G network with High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) 7.2, as it paves the way for a roll out of LTE in 2011.

Verizon Wireless netbook flags sky-high US mobile broadband prices

Verizon Wireless is the latest US mobile operator to move into mobile broadband netbooks, following AT&T Mobility, but its sky-high prices don’t match the penny-pinching ethos of the netbook segment. In fact the Verizon deal costs $583 more than a similar deal in the UK, and highlights that the US has some of the highest mobile broadband prices in the world.

Spare ribs

Spare ribs, that’s what the Informer needs after all of the ones he was born with exploded from excessive laughter this week, which featured, nestled at its centre, April Fool’s Day. One of the great George W. Bushisms runs: “There’s an old saying in Texas: ‘Fool me once… shame on… shame on you. Fool me… you can’t get fooled again.” And that’s kind of how the Informer felt as March went out like a lamb.

Executive interview series: LTE

In our exclusive series of interviews some of the top CTOs in the industry discuss the technical benefits of LTE, its flexibility in terms of available spectrum and which spectrum they need to make a success of the technology.

Brought to you by Ericsson.

Kristin S. Rinne, Senior VP, Architecture & Planning, AT&T

Executive interview series: LTE

Kristin S. Rinne, Senior VP, Architecture & Planning, AT&T

O2 gives iPhone away on 24 month contract

iPhone free on O2 24 month contract

In the UK, iPhone carrier O2 has made the gadget more affordable to cash strapped consumers by launching a 24 month contract option, which will allow customers to get the handset for free in return for signing two years of their life away to O2. On the 24 month tariff the 8GB iPhone 3G weighs in at £34.26 per month and the 16GB device costs £44.05 per month

Our house

Here in the UK we’ve this week been turned into a nation of peeping toms, with the arrival of Google’s street view mapping application. Although, it seems that people are only really interested in looking at places they’ve looked at thousands of times before.

I am not a number… I am a free man!

In the future, the Informer believes, people will not need to leave their houses to find a perfect mate. This is because every single detail of everybody’s lives, loves, needs, skills, quirks, deficiencies, hatreds, peccadilloes, insecurities, joys, dreams, secrets and genetic predispositions will be held on a central database by Google. The would-be web Omnipotent won’t simply use this infinite repository to hunt for matches, it will actually run simulations of entire relationships.

3G a let-down in the US

The four major 3G operators in the US are failing to deliver the speeds that customers expect. These not altogether surprising findings come from analyst firm Gartner, which says that while most 3G providers in the US typically market speeds as high as 1.8Mbps, the actual speeds are generally between 300Kbps and 700bps. That is [...]

AT&T profits up in fourth quarter

US carrier AT&T managed to generate a 7.7 per cent increase in net income for 2008, racking up $12.87bn. But the operator had as rough a fourth quarter as the rest of the industry with profits sinking 23.3 per cent year on year to $2.4bn. Revenues for both the fourth quarter and full year were [...]

AT&T sheds 12,000 jobs

US carrier AT&T announced a headcount reduction of around 12,000 jobs, or about 4 per cent of the company’s total workforce, on Thursday. The planned reduction is part of the company’s streamlining process, brought about as a result of the economic turbulence and a business mix shifting more to wireless. The operator said the moves [...]

Warrantless wiretapping case kicks off in US

On Tuesday afternoon the Bush administration will go to federal court to defend a law allowing retrospective immunity to communications operators alleged to have spied on their customers and passed information to national security services without a warrant. The country’s largest operators, Verizon, Sprint and AT&T have all been hit with lawsuits following the exposure [...]

iPhone subsidies hit AT&T profits

US carrier AT&T said Wednesday that iPhone 3G subsidies had taken a $900m chunk out of its pre-tax third quarter profits. Given that the device is selling like hot cakes – Apple shifted 6.9 million units in the last quarter – AT&T warned that earnings dilution associated with the iPhone 3G is likely to run [...]

Huawei handsets off the market

In a week of financial turmoil it will come as little surprise to learn that Chinese mega-vendor Huawei has decided to postpone the sale of a stake in its handset unit. Back in May, when the firm hired Morgan Stanley to organise the sale of a business worth an estimated $3.5bn, local reports claimed network [...]