Google integrates AdMob into AdWords

Google has integrated AdMob into its AdWords platform

Web and advertising giant Google has finally integrated its AdMob mobile technology into the AdWords system, two years after the AdMob acquisition.

Safety in numbers

Two of Google’s greatest rivals, Nokia and Yahoo, joined forces in late May

Was it one in the eye for Google when Nokia struck a global deal with Yahoo? Not quite, if only because the search giant refuses to stand still long enough to take a hit.

Apple tightens grip on mobile advertising; but has it gone too far?

Apple has banned AdMob from its iAds platform

It has emerged that US watchdog the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is launching an official probe into Apple’s practices regarding mobile advertising on the iPhone, to establish whether the Californian firm is unfairly exploiting its power.

Magic iPad shifts 300,000 units in first weekend

Magic iPad shifts 300,000 units in first weekend

Apple’s latest market disruptor, the iPad, launched in the US on April 3 and promptly sold over 300,000 units in the first weekend.

Smartphones now account for half of AdMob traffic

Smartphones now account for half of AdMob traffic

Although the share of feature phone traffic in AdMob’s network declined from 58 percent to 35 percent year-over-year, absolute traffic from feature phones still grew 31 percent. Mobile Internet devices experienced the strongest growth of the three categories, increasing to account for 17 percent of traffic in AdMob’s network in February 2010.

Opera buys mobile advertising platform

Opera buys mobile advertising platform AdMarvel

It certainly looks like a good time to be in the mobile advertising business – companies are being snapped up like hot cakes. On Wednesday, mobile browser king Opera acquired AdMarvel for a reported $8m in cash and the promise of a further $15m if targets are met.

Apple and Google getting in each other’s way

US companies Apple and Google have edged closer toward a head-to-head clash in the mobile industry with their respective announcements of mobile-ad-network purchases and Google’s handset launch this week. Mobile advertising has been put firmly back on the agenda, and the stage has been set for a fierce battle between the two California-based giants for dominance in the smartphone and mobile Web markets.

iPhone a winner for mobile advertising

iPhone a winner for mobile advertising

The iPhone’s screen still appears to be the most prominent real estate for mobile advertising according to figures released this week.

Google’s wake-up call: We don’t have SMS advertising capability

The mobile industry is buzzing about Internet giant Google’s proposed $750m, all-stock acquisition of mobile advertising network AdMob, which was announced November 9. It is a huge deal, and seemingly an acknowledgement by Google that it has not been able to sufficiently develop its own mobile advertising capabilities internally, even though it has been offering mobile display search advertisements for some time.

Mobbing up

Google was flexing its financial muscle again this week, dipping into its beer money to buy mobile advertising network Admob for $750m. Admob serves display ads on mobile sites and in applications – a complement to Google’s mobile search ad offering – and the acquisition represents further fortification of Google’s mobile garrison.

Google strengthens mobile advertising play with AdMob acquisition

Google strengthens mobile advertising play with AdMob acquisition

Web giant Google upped its game in the mobile space and strengthened its presence in advertising this week with the acquisition of mobile advertising player AdMob for $750m.

One year on, in-app advertising going strong

In-app advertising going strong

Californian gadget shop Apple will celebrate the first anniversary of the opening of its App Store on Saturday, July 11, and the party’s still going strong.

Google targets in-app advertising

Google targets in-app advertising

While mobile advertising has so far proven something of a slow burn, the rise of the app store in 2009 is expected to bring in-application advertising to the forefront of the industry.