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Moving to the all-IP era

Mark Windle, Head of Marketing at operator solution provider OpenCloud, speaks about the challenges and opportunities presented by the move to an all-IP world. He explains that operators will need to go beyond just standard VoLTE if they want to differentiate their offering and that having the right infrastructure in place will be crucial to maintaining competitiveness in the all-IP era.

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Driving revenues over wifi: Devicescape

David Fraser, CEO of Devicescape talks to at MWC2014 about the opportunities for network operators to drive revenues over wifi networks. Devicescape operators a global, curated wifi network over which operators can push their services.


Subscriber-centric business: Tecnotree

Ilkka Aura, Chief Commercial Officer, Tecnotree, talks to at MWC 2014 about changing the operator architecture from a network-centric business model to a subscriber-centric business model.


Connecting the Internet of Things: Jasper Wireless

Cindy Patterson, Chief Revenue Officer at Jasper Wireless, talks to at MWC2014 about the challenges facing enterprises and operators in the Internet of Things. Patterson talks about the General Motors’ usage of M2M connectivity in order to improve road safety.


Backhauling small cells: Intracom Telecom

John Tenidis, Manager, Wireless Systems & Solutions, Intracom Telecom, talks to at MWC2014 about the challenges mobile operators face when deploying small cell backhaul.


Making the most of the core: Oracle

Doug Suriano, CTO of Tekelec, part of Oracle Communications, talks to at MWC2014 about innovative data plans operators can offer to customers.


Optimising streaming media: Kontron

Sven Freudenfeld, Cloud Telecom Business Development at Kontron, talks to at MWC2014 about using graphics engines to do video transcoding and deliver rich content to end users in a more cost effective manner.


Putting VAS into SaaS: Callup

Alon Roth, CEO of Callup, talks to about rolling out Value Added Services (VAS) as a cloud-based SaaS.


Service diversity & sponsored data: Openet

Chris Hoover, VP Marketing at Openet, talks to at MWC2014 about service diversity among operators based on context.


Disruption and differentiation in branding: Lumata

Adhish Kulkarni, Chief Marketing Officer at Lumata, talks to at MWC 2014 about mobile branding and advertising.


VoLTE is here: Mavenir Systems

Ian Pattison, International CTO for Mavenir Systems, talks to at MWC 2014 about the rise of VoLTE and IMS-based IP networks.


Qualcomm Atheros: Power up

Purva Rajkotia, Director, Product Management, at Qualcomm Atheros spoke to at Broadband World Forum, about powerline technology and the HomePlug AV2 standard QCA7500.


CSG International: Waking the sleeping lion

George Fraser, VP – EMEA, at BSS provider CSG International, talks to about the huge pressures of cost management in terms of service deployment.


Econet Solar: Harnessing the power of the sun

Luc Tanoh, Chief Executive Officer, Econet Solar, talks to about a business model operators can adopt, which uses solar energy to charge mobile devices to keep users connected and also improve their quality of life.


Mahindra Comviva: Local content key to regional growth

Atul Madan, Senior Vice President & Head MLS & PACS, Mahindra Comviva, talks to about rising content consumption in Africa.


Intersec: Getting to know your customers

Yann Chevalier, Chief Executive Officer of leading software editor Intersec, talks to about deriving value from Big Data to improve Customer Knowledge.


HAUD Systems: Reclaiming revenue from grey routes

Claire Cassar, Chief Executive Officer, HAUD Systems, talks to about revenue leakage and the use of profiling techniques as a means to recover significant losses.


O3b Networks: Fibre in the sky

Omar Trujillo, VP – Africa & Latin America, at satellite operator O3b Networks, talks to about the importance of low latency satellite connections to deliver a ‘fibre in the sky’ experience.


Transmode: Fibre seeing strong adoption

Sten Nordell, Chief Technical Officer at Transmode, talks to at Broadband World Forum 2013, about the
marrying of optical and ethernet taking place on a much broader level in most networks Transmode deploys in today.


MRV: Making the network smarter

David Stehlin, Chief Executive Officer at MRV, talks about the converging network and how operators can use service delivery software to the make network smarter and offer critical new services such as cloud computing, data centre interconnect, mobile backhaul and business ethernet services.


Alliander: Peter Molengraaf, CEO speaks at the 13th Annual Broadband World Forum 2013

Alliander: Peter Molengraaf, CEO speaks at the 13th Annual Broadband World Forum 2013