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Astellia: Monetising the LTE network

Bertrand Mizzi, Director Strategic Marketing Innovation at Astellia, talks to at LTE World Summit 2013 about the technical challenges operators have to overcome when rolling out VoLTE and SON.

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Moving to the all-IP era

Mark Windle, Head of Marketing at operator solution provider OpenCloud, speaks about the challenges and opportunities presented by the move to an all-IP world. He explains that operators will need to go beyond just standard VoLTE if they want to differentiate their offering and that having the right infrastructure in place will be crucial to maintaining competitiveness in the all-IP era.


Ilkka Aura, Chief Commercial Officer at Tecnotree

Ilkka Aura, Chief Commercial Officer at telecom IT solutions provider Tecnotree, speaks about how Communication Service Providers can prepare themselves for the explosion of digital services. He also discusses the role that Business Support Systems play in the transformation to digital marketplaces , and how Tecnotree can help in the transition.


Brian Jurutka, Senior Vice President, Telecoms, comScore

Brian Jurutka, Senior Vice President, Telecoms at comScore, talks to TV at TM World Forum 2014 about comScore’s role in helping companies understand and monetise digital consumer relationships. Specific to mobile operators, he believes one of their biggest challenges lies in competing with OTT players in an environment where operator’s activities are usually more heavily regulated than the OTT companies they’re trying to compete with.


Mark Slinger, Head of Product at Systems Mechanics

Mark Slinger, Head of Product at Systems Mechanics, talks to at TM Forum Live! 2014 about how operators can reduce their tools and infrastructure footprint by using one consolidated real-time, big data platform capable of capturing data to any scale, from any source or type and visualising a correlated picture in one place.