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Cisco Global IT Impact Survey – Increase your IT Business Impact


Cisco surveyed 1300 IT professionals across 13 countries to understand IT’s role as a business enabler. The results of the Cisco Global IT Impact Survey provides Insight into IT’s role as a business enabler. assesses the extent network investments keep pace with business demands and looks at IT’s likelihood to adopt new technologies that can [...]

Cisco Global Cloud Index: What Service Providers must know about Cloud market trends


The Cisco ® Global Cloud Index is an ongoing effort to forecast the growth of global data center and cloud-based IP traffic. The forecast includes trends associated with data center virtualization and cloud computing. This white paper presents the details of the study and the methodology behind it. Highlights from this research include the following [...]

Architecture options for in-building wireless deployments

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Download this strategic white paper so you can select the right architecture that balances your requirements for coverage and capacity.

Self-Optimizing Networks: Removing Risk and Adding Value


To stay competitive and remain profitable, service providers over the past decade have concentrated on driving a lean, efficient organization. However, with “the fat” taken out of the business, service providers have been left with few options for responding to the incredible growth in mobile data traffic and the increasing complexity of network technologies.

How to Select the Right Remote Support Tool


Today’s customer support and IT service organizations are charged with supporting ever-more complex environments that include multiple channels of communication to a seemingly limitless number of devices and systems—all while keeping support costs down. To meet these conflicting demands, service organizations are turning to remote support solutions.

Five Tips For Improving Customer Experience – Starting With The Support Desk


Within today’s competitive environment, where customers are more empowered than ever, organizations are looking to differentiate themselves from the competition and reduce customer churn through improvements in customer satisfaction.

Marketing and Selling to Operators – the new rules


The way operators identify, shortlist and select technology vendors has changed. This free report, based on interviews with senior operator technology buyers, reveals how and what vendors can do about it.

The Rising Financial Impact of Customer Service


The role of customer service is one that is valued and well understood by many organizations. However, making the leap from correlating customer service activities with overall performance results to investing in strategies that deliver top-notch results is increasingly becoming a key differentiator.

Improving Engagement with Multi Channel Service – Research by Aberdeen Group


The role of customer service is one that is valued and well understood by many organizations. However, making the leap from correlating customer service activities with overall performance results to investing in strategies that deliver top-notch results is increasingly becoming a key differentiator.

From Hardware Manufacturer to Service Provider White Paper


This white paper is for manufacturers of mobile phones, tablets, automotive vehicles, consumer electronics and other wirelessly connected devices (in the paper, described as “mobile devices”) that are interested in using their hardware products as platforms from which to deliver value-added services.

Cloud 2.0: Securing Trust to Survive the ‘One-In-Five’ CSP Shake-Out


The Cloud market is on the verge of the next wave of market penetration, yet it’s likely that only one in five Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) in today’s marketplace will still be around by 2017, as vendors fail or are swallowed up by aggressive competitors. So what do CSPs need to do to survive and prosper?

OTA Updating Simplified – Using SaaS to Update Android Devices

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Ensuring that smartphones and tablets can be updated is one of the most important features of mobile devices today because successful updates directly correlate with the daily performance of the device and a positive user experience.

Microwave Technology Innovations – Whitepaper June 2013

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Microwave (MW) technologies lead the backhaul evolution toward next-generation mobile networks. While primarily considered as macro-cell backhaul solution, in the upcoming 4G mobile network landscape, MW technologies also extend to the small-cell layer, hence proposing a unified backhaul approach. Two, very significant innovations are introduced

IP Video: The Big Picture


In December 2012 we carried out a survey of over 200 industry profesionals into the experiences of providers and potential providers of IP Video services. This report presents the results of the survey and builds a picture we’ve built of what is actually happening in the world of video services and you’ll gain an understanding of the range and scope of IP video services and the business models underpinning them.

Driving mobile customer experience white paper


Customer Experience Management is certainly one of the biggest current buzz words in the mobile arena. A lot has been said and written around CEM but still there is no unique industry consensus about what CEM actually includes.

Key Strategies To Unleash Roaming Profits Through Signaling


Armed with smartphones and tablets, consumers are demanding constant connectivity and consistently high quality of service, anytime and anywhere, at home and abroad. As a result, roaming traffic is expected to grow rapidly. Will your roaming profits grow as well?

Grey Routes and Revenue Leakages – Are you protected?


This paper is the fourth in the series of us outlining the potential threats faced through bulk SMS delivery to a mobile network. Revenue assurance is essentially seeking to curb such revenue leakages to ensure products and services provided by operators are adequately billed and revenues are collected in a timely manner from subscribers and wholesale partners alike.

Rethinking backhaul


Any modern communications network is a complex architectural arrangement. By 2013 it’s likely that a mobile network operator will have 2G, 3G and LTE operations running in parallel, with support infrastructure such as backhaul that has been updated and augmented over the years. As networks mature, they also evolve—the trend right now is to alleviate RAN congestion with smaller cells, increasing network density but also putting extra burden on the backhaul infrastructure. In order to keep pace, backhaul implementations also need to evolve.

The Need for Speed: The growth of 100G optical fiber


In October 2012, Intelligence surveyed more than 290 industry players worldwide—including more than 120 network operators, as well as regulators, content providers and software developers—in order to capture the industry’s views on this vital technological development.

SMS Abuse: Fraud, Spam and Revenue Leakages – A perspective for Africa


This paper is the third in the series of outlining the potential threats Africa is facing with SMS spam. With Africa being the second largest mobile market in the world, second only to Asia, it is deemed to be the fastest growing mobile market today with 735 million mobile subscribers expected at the end of 2012, leaving a golden opportunity for messaging abuse attracting the likes of spammers, fraudsters and illegitimate users, resulting in revenue leakages and disputes for mobile network operators.