Operators’ BSS Strategies: Turning BSS agility into business ability


Operators’ BSS Strategies: Turning BSS agility into business ability The pace of innovation has increased by an order of magnitude and will continue to accelerate for the foreseeable future. Yet operators bear the burden of legacy systems in their BSS environments that may apply limitations to their agility. During March 2014, Intelligence surveyed over [...]

OTT/Telco partnerships face cultural and technical challenges


Although the telecoms industry remains largely enthusiastic about the prospect of operators partnering with Over The Top service providers, several challenges still threaten to derail such partnerships, the Intelligence Industry Survey 2014 has revealed.

WeDo scores RA deal with Zain


Portuguese business assurance software provider WeDo Technologies has announced a deal with Zain that will see the Middle Eastern mobile operator deploy WeDo’s revenue assurance product, Raid, in Kuwait, Jordan and Iraq.

Small cells and satellite – Making rural coverage pay


In the densely populated urban areas of many markets, mature and emerging, cellular telephony has reached or is nearing saturation. Competition in these metropolitan markets is fierce and mobile operators are now intent on expanding their reach into remote and rural areas in a bid to drive further growth in subscriptions and revenues.

Systems integration: from tax to benefit, the importance of the right-sized systems integrator

kapsch march 2013

This white paper describes the current drivers and demand for telecoms equipment systems integration, and outlines the options for selecting a suitable systems integrator partner. Intelligence Industry Survey 2013


In December 2012 Intelligence launched the first Annual Industry Survey, answered by almost 2,000 industry professionals, including 600 operator respondents.

A third of operators underprepared for LTE

More than 60 per cent of operator respondents to the Intelligence Survey 2013 said that their firm was prepared or very well prepared to manage the challenges and risks inherent in the transition to LTE. However, more than 31 per cent said that they were less prepared than they should be.

MNOs favour price over legacy relationship in vendor selection


Price remains by far the biggest influencer on operators’ selection of network vendors, more important even than technical performance of the equipment purchased, according to data from the Intelligence Industry Survey 2013.

The Need for Speed: The growth of 100G optical fiber


In October 2012, Intelligence surveyed more than 290 industry players worldwide—including more than 120 network operators, as well as regulators, content providers and software developers—in order to capture the industry’s views on this vital technological development.

The Future of Mobile Data Billing


Over 200 mobile operators surveyed: Almost 90% believe the availability of real-time data in their post paid billing systems is essential to future data charging models but only 22% have the capability today. Intelligence carried out research to examine how mobile data billing needs to change in the next 24 months. With responses from [...]