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Trust games

A network should last for decades and will require many revisions and upgrades in its lifetime

Years of consolidation have drastically altered the appearance of the vendor community. The wise money says there’s more to come. So as a CTO , how do you choose which company will provide, install, or even run your greatest asset—the network?

Maxis and Redtone sign LTE netshare deal in Malaysia

Malaysian telcos Maxis and Redtone have signed a 4G network sharing deal

Malaysian network operators Maxis Berhad and Redtone have entered into an infrastructure and spectrum sharing agreement as part of a plan to roll out LTE services across the country.

Keeping the edge

Mock Pak Lum, chief technology officer, StarHub

In the highly competitive Singaporean market, Mock Pak Lum, who has been CTO of Starhub for ten months, has to keep the operator on the edge in terms of network capabilities.

A long term view


Yves Bellego, Director of Technology Strategy for Orange Group comes from a background in managing the firm’s extensive spectrum portfolio – something that gives him a skill set well suited to looking after the technical side of network operations in Europe.

Going the distance


Andrei Ushatskiy, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for leading Russian carrier MTS, is tasked with balancing a network strategy for one of the world’s biggest geographic regions as well as several satellite markets.

Network Sharing: Improving the medium so the message is not lost

Without an adequate medium of delivery, there is no message

Way back in 1996, at the dawn of the digital revolution, Microsoft founder Bill Gates declared in an article that “Content is King.” Gates drew a parallel to television, saying that “The television revolution that began half a century ago spawned a number of industries, including the manufacturing of TV sets, but the long-term winners were those who used the medium to deliver information and entertainment.” This statement has proved prophetic.

All along the cell towers

Alan Harper, CEO, Eaton Towers

We first spoke with Alan Harper, CEO of Eaton Towers prior to AfricaCom 2010, shortly after the company secured its first African customer—Vodafone Ghana. Almost a year down the line, we caught up with him again to discuss how Eaton, and the business of tower sharing, is developing.

Operators collaborate on m-wallet venture

Can the UK operators collaborate on an open system?

The UK’s three biggest operators on Thursday launched a standalone m-commerce joint venture designed to provide a single contact for advertisers, marketing partners, retailers and banks to create m-commerce products and services. Cashing in on the m-wallet phenomenon, the will target companies and organisations that provide anything from credit, debit and loyalty cards to membership cards and transport tickets, allowing them to create secure mobile versions of their products.

Arun with a view

Ericsson's Arun Bhikshesvaran

With experience of a number of LTE deployments in one of the world’s most advanced markets, Ericsson’s VP for strategy and market development in the US, Arun Bhikshesvaran, shares his thoughts on key strategic and technical issues surrounding rollout of the new technology.

Deutsche Telekom and France Telecom agree joint procurement venture

France Telecom and Deutsche Telekom have announced a joint procurement initiative

Deutsche Telekom and France Telecom/Orange have put months of rumours to rest with an announcement that they will combine procurement activities in an effort to save €400-900m over the next three years. The non-binding agreement, which will form the basis for contracts to be signed in the coming weeks, is an extension of the “smart industry” partnership announced by the pair in February this year.

AT&T, Verizon to be forced to share data networks with rivals

AT&T and Verizon will be forced to share their data networks with competitors

Under rules approved by America’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC), AT&T and Verizon will be required to share their data networks with smaller operators. Network sharing arrangements for voice calls are already mandatory; prior to yesterday’s ruling, network sharing for mobile data was arranged on a voluntary basis.

Håkan Eriksson – Part 3


In the last of three instalments, Ericsson CTO Håkan Eriksson talks to about the transition to IPv6 and the growth of mobile broadband.

Håkan Eriksson – Part 2


In the second of three instalments, Ericsson CTO Håkan Eriksson talks to about the Internet of Things, the interview was filmed in the Ericsson Hall at Mobile World Congress 2011.