Deutsche Telekom continues to lose narrowband subs

Deutsche Telekom reported that net profit for the third quarter fell 20.4 per cent year on year as the operator haemorrhaged yet more traditional fixed line customers. Profits dropped to Eur1.9bn (£1.3bn) from Eur2.4bn a year ago, while revenues increased just 2.8 per cent to Eur15.4bn. The number of narrowband lines at the company fell [...]

BT unbundles 1 million lines

BT’s local loop unbundling unit, Openreach, said Wednesday that it has achieved the milestone of handing over 1 million lines to its competitors. Openreach said that on average it is currently fulfilling almost 30,000 LLU (Local Loop Unbundling) orders per week, with more than 20 operators now providing unbundled services from more than 1,000 local [...]

Pirelli chief quits as Italian drama continues

Carlo Buora, the chief of Italian tyre company Pirelli resigned from all roles in the group late on Monday to focus on the ongoing controversy at Telecom Italia. A statement from the tyre giant said Buora had quit his roles as Pirelli’s managing director and general manager “to concentrate on his commitment in Telecom Italia, [...]

Carphone, Pipex slapped for silent calls

UK communications regulator Ofcom rapped the knuckles of Carphone Warehouse and Pipex on Friday, for causing annoyance, inconvenience or anxiety through ‘silent calling’. Silent calls occur when the automated calling systems typically used by call centres for telemarketing, market research and debt collection, generate more calls than the available call centre agents can manage. So [...]

Vodafone Italia and TI square up for a fight

Vodafone’s Italian arm is suing Italy’s largest telecoms firm, Telecom Italia (TI) for allegedly stalling negotiations on an innovative new fixed-line offer. Vodafone Italia said in a statement that TI had ceased negotiations to open up its fixed-line network which Vodafone needs to provide its customers with a new service. Vodafone’s new service allows customers [...]

AT&T, BellSouth deal stalls for a third time

The US Federal Communications Commission on Thursday delayed, for the third time, a vote on AT&T’s purchase of BellSouth. The deal is the subject of a fierce clash between Republicans and Democrats with the former’s FCC Chairman Kevin Martin struggling to find a compromise with his Democratic opponents. Thus far, he has failed. The parties [...]

BT slapped over “free calls” ad

BT had its wrists slapped by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) on Wednesday for misleading consumers with a “free calls” claim. Carphone Warehouse blew the whistle on the UK incumbent over three national press ads that promised “Free UK Evening and Weekend calls over the internet” as part of BT’s new Total Broadband package with [...]

AT&T intros another IPTV service

US carrier AT&T launched its Homezone service on Wednesday, going toe to toe with the country’s cable TV providers. The Homezone bundle combines Yahoo! broadband, AT&T’s DISH satellite television and wireless home networking services in a single device. The offering is available across the company’s broadband footprint as of today. The package delivers IPTV video [...]

Sistema wants a piece of DT

Russian investment house Sistema is reportedly seeking to take a slice of German carrier, Deutsche Telekom, in exchange for the Russian company’s telecoms portfolio. According to a report in the Financial Times on Wednesday, Sistema has suggested the full integration of its telecoms division into Deutsche Telekom, in return for a ten to 20 per [...]

Is Orange’s ‘Unique’ compelling?

Orange is set to become the first UK mobile operator to launch an FMC service when it introduces its so-called Unique product on November 1. There are doubts, however, about whether the initial offering will be compelling enough to generate significant take-up. Unique phone will enable Orange’s customers, for a monthly fee, to make unlimited [...]

EU regulation under attack

The GSM Association’s European mobile operator focus group, GSM Europe, mounted an attack on the EU’s regulatory framework review on Monday, following the completion of round one last week. The aim of the EU regulatory framework has been to progressively reduce ex-ante regulation in a number of market segments as competition in the market develops. [...]

Orange intros broadband only package

Orange set out to target fixed line broadband users on Friday with the launch of its Broadband Unlimited package. reckons the blurb is a little misleading as it proposes “unlimited wireless broadband” but as far as we can tell, what you get is an up to 8Mbps ADSL connection and a Livebox wireless router. [...]

BT buys Counterpane security

BT said Wednesday that it has acquired security firm Counterpane, started up by well known cryptographer and security guru Bruce Schneier, for an undisclosed sum. The California-based firm provides managed networked security services to around 550 networks worldwide including multinational and Fortune 100 customers. Post acquisition, Schneier will continue in his role as CTO and [...]

France Telecom revenues struggling

France Telecom on Thursday reported that revenues for the third quarter were up just 1.2 per cent year on year on a comparable basis to Eur13bn (£8.7bn) and largely boosted by the acquisition of Spanish mobile operator Amena. Revenues at the Personal Communications [mobile] division accounted for the lion’s share of sales, rising 5 per [...]

UK crying out for hellish speed

A new survey of British consumers suggests there is an unfulfilled demand for more bandwidth to the home, and it’s not just the Orange subscribers chafing at the birt. Apparently, it is the rise of user-generated content that increases the demand for video and sound over the internet. Broadband is normally 2Mbits/s downlink via either [...]

Orange UK broadband outage is fixed

The broadband outage that hit Orange in the UK on Monday has been fixed and customers have been restored to “full service” according to the company. The firm lost connection to between 60,000 and 100,000 of its customers at 4pm (GMT) on Monday afternoon after what the company described as a “network equipment failure”. A [...]

Orange UK suffers ‘major’ broadband outage

Broadband users with Orange in the UK have suffered what the firm described as a “major” national outage Tuesday. Blaming a “third party network failure”, Orange has confirmed the blackout is “affecting large parts of country” in a recorded message on its tech support line. The Orange press office has issued a statement but refused [...]

Carphone snaps up AOL UK

UK mobile retailer Carphone Warehouse announced the acquisition of AOL’s internet access business in the UK for £370m on Wednesday. Under the agreement, Carphone will acquire AOL’s 2.1 million internet access customers in the UK as well as the unit’s supporting management and infrastructure. AOL will deliver a co-branded portal, content and other audience services [...]

Belgacom tackles wifi shortcomings

Content and service providers are routinely using broadband pipes to deliver digital voice, video and data services to the home. But despite their increasing popularity, home wifi networks are on the verge of meltdown, struggling to keep pace with ever increasing amounts of multimedia content. Less than two weeks ago, predicted that consumers would [...]

Switzerland considers VoIP-tapping tech

The Swiss Department of Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (UVEK) is investigating potential technologies that could be used to tap internet telephony calls. A small Swiss security firm called ERA IT has been named as the firm developing what is effectively a Trojan that could be used to listen into VoIP communications. The software would [...]