Vonage wins right to sign up more users

Embattled internet telephony player, Vonage, bought itself some more time on Tuesday, when an appeals court granted a permanent stay on an injunction that would have barred it from signing up new customers. Late Tuesday, the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington D.C. issued Vonage a permanent stay, overturning a previous [...]

Fon signs up Time Warner

Open wifi champion, Fon, said Monday that it had struck a deal with US cable broadband provider, Time Warner, to allow subscribers to access growing wifi network. The partnership specifically allows Time Warner Cable subscribers to become Fon community members and create Fon access points via their home or business broadband connection. Spanish-based Fon said [...]

BT restructures further

UK incumbent telco, BT, on Tuesday announced a restructuring operation designed to accelerate the company’s transformation into a networked IT services company. Under the restructuring, Andy Green will move from being chief executive of BT Global Services to become CEO of Group Strategy and Operations. Green will head up two new business units that will [...]

Carphone Warehouse to take on US

UK mobile phone retailer the Carphone Warehouse said Tuesday that it will launch a business in the US following a five month trial with electronics store partner, Best Buy. The retailer said it will expand the concept of Best Buy Mobile on a commercial scale, with 150-200 stores to be opened over the next 18 [...]

Germany fails to calm strike

Reports have emerged that the German government stepped in to try to resolve the strike launched by around 15,000 workers at German carrier Deutsche Telekom. It is understood the government, which is also Deutsche Telekom’s largest shareholder, sent finance minister Peer Steinbrueck to meet with the heads of the German carrier and workers’ union Ver.di [...]

Bulldog bitten by 2005 data theft

It was revealed this week that “unspecified information” about 100,000 subscribers to UK ISP Bulldog was stolen in 2005. Bulldog was sold to UK internet provider Pipex for £12m late last year. It belonged to Cable & Wireless when the security breach took place and as the company had 118,000 customers when it changed hands [...]

Ex-Qwest chief faces jail

Like Levis 501s and Coca-Cola, it seems insider trading will never truly go out of fashion. For some, like former Qwest CEO Joe Nacchio, the temptation to off load shares in a sinking ship is simply too great. A jury in federal court in Denver found Nacchio guilty on 19 out of 42 counts of [...]

Vonage still wooing customers

Despite being on the verge of bankruptcy and having the threat of disconnection hanging over it like the sword of Damocles, Vonage is valiantly trying to sign up more subscribers and fast. A reader forwarded us an email advertisement on Wednesday, offering existing US subscribers the option to save an additional 20 per cent, [...]

Vonage considering sale?

Despite a very real fear of disconnection and bankruptcy, shares were actually up at beleaguered VoIP firm Vonage on Tuesday night. The reasons for the increase are less than clear cut but one of the more outlandish rumours is that Vonage is in discussions with a buyer and that buyer may be Sprint Nextel. Shares [...]

BT intros mobile office

UK telco BT this week launched a mobile office offering for small to medium enterprises. The Office Anywhere service, which is based around HTC’s S620 smartphone, embraces VoIP by offering free hour long internet calls to UK landlines and capped calls to UK mobiles and international landlines from BT Openzone wifi hotspots and from home [...]

Skype worm on the loose

Virus experts at Finnish firm F-Secure issued a warning on Monday over a worm that spreads via the instant messaging function in VoIP software Skype. The W32/Pykse.A worm spreads by sending a message with a malware link to all online friends in Skype’s contact list by exploiting the Skype API. Sneakily, the worm will also [...]

UK flagging in broadband race

The Broadband Stakeholder Group (BSG), the government’s advisory body on broadband and digital convergence, said Monday that the UK faces being left behind in terms of next generation broadband. The warning comes as the group releases a report which concludes that uncertainties surrounding investment in next generation broadband must be resolved within two years, or [...]

Only BT left in running for Pipex

UK incumbent telco BT is understood to be the only interested party left in the running for ISP Pipex, after Carphone Warehouse reportedly dropped out of the bidding. The UK broadband provider put itself up for sale last month. Pipex has 570,000 broadband customers. Speculation on BT’s interest in the service provider has been floating [...]

Big banks confirm TI interest

Two of Italy’s largest banks, Intesa Sanpaolo and merchant bank Mediobanca, on Tuesday confirmed reports they were in talks with other investors regarding the acquisition of a stake in Olimpia, Telecom Italia’s largest shareholder. The appearance of the banks is seen as a move to counter interest by US operator AT&T and Mexican partner, America [...]

BT cuts broadband prices

UK telco BT confirmed plans to reduce wholesale broadband prices on Monday. The cuts will come into force on May 1, starting with BT Wholesale’s most highly used product – BT IPstream – which will benefit from a 9 per cent reduction in the monthly rental charge, from £8.40 per line per month to £7.63. [...]

Xbox to get IM

Microsoft has expanded the communications options for Xbox 360 users by making Windows Live Messenger available on the games console. Consumer can now instant message each other across the Xbox 360, Windows-based PCs and Windows Mobile device platforms, opening up a community of more than 260 million active accounts, the Redmond Giant said. Beginning the [...]

Vonage wins temporary reprieve

Internet telephony player Vonage won itself some breathing space on Friday night, just hours after a US court ordered it to stop signing up new customers. On Friday afternoon, the US District Court in Alexandria said it would enter injunction against Vonage on April 12 in connection with certain Verizon technology on which it was [...]

DT must allow NGN access

The German communications regulator has ruled that Deutsche Telekom must allow rival operators access to its next generation network infrastructure. This week, Bundesnetzagentur, said that rival companies would be able to use Telekom’s new cabling ducts to lay fibre for their own customers. Deutsche Telekom had been fighting to protect the rollout of its Eur3bn [...]

Vonage buys breathing space

Embattled internet telephony player Vonage may have given itself some breathing space by signing up a rival VoIP operator to carry its traffic. According to a form filed by VoIP, Inc. with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the US-based VoIP operator has signed a deal to “provide certain network services to Vonage for their domestic [...]

Half of UK’s adults have broadband

More than half the UK’s adult population has a broadband connection at home, according to media and communications watchdog, Ofcom. In its Digital Progress Report on the broadband market, released Monday, Ofcom said that in the seven years since its mass market introduction, broadband has become one of the fastest growing communications technologies. The report [...]